Meet Petra

Don’t we always try to find an excuse to blame for how we feel? In the last couple of years, I blamed my weight gain on the fact that I quit smoking. It’s been 2 years. Without a doubt was my quitting the nicotine one of the best things I have done for myself. I’ve blamed my job and constantly being in the car for my weight gain – despite the fact that I did exercise.

I like running but running on the pavement is hard on the knees and much less exciting than running on the trails. On the trails, you should pay attention to the roots, the turns, the possible snake. I love that because it isn’t just running but you are moving your body with each turn, lifting the legs high up over the root system, hurdle over the falling trees.

The biggest challenge? Running uphill on those trails. When I started a month ago, I there was no way I was running uphill and I would walk some of the parts. I ran 3 or 4 days a week and then I upped my game and am now running 5-6 days a week with a stretch, strength and cardio combo workout either right before or right after.

I have become comfortable with one set of trails and yesterday sought out a new trail. I now have a new goal, mastering the uphill on this trail. My calf muscles were screaming and I ended up walking parts of it. I am realizing, however, that I am finding my health one goal at a time.

It started with giving up cigarettes, by changing my diet and learning to love foods that make me not feel so sluggish. Each goal is a progression of the previous one.

What helps you get up the hill?


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