Fear of Change is asking you to play bigger

Fear of the unknown is the fear of change because we just don’t know what is ahead when we make a decision that is pushing us out of our comfort zone.

We are always deciding about the unknown. The moment you get in your car, you are heading into the unknown but you go with intention and a willingness to put yourself out there to reap some reward, be it connection or heading to a job.

When I committed to going into business for myself, I had a small idea of how it would push me and get really clear on what I really wanted.

When I committed to my son receiving his liver transplant, I had no idea of the outcome. I needed to give trust into the unknown and believe that the change we were embracing was for the best interest for his life.

Heading into the unknown and embracing the change is scary and maybe even the scariest thing you’ll ever do but ask yourself, what are you missing out on if you don’t embrace the change?

What if you are being called to something bigger than where you are right now?

How scary that feels but I am willing to bet that there is also a level of excitement for you.

Stepping into the unknown and embracing change is the willingness to go a step farther than you have ever before. It is embracing the vision you hold for your life and that no matter how scary it feels, you are willing to be present in each moment.

Change can only happen when you are ready to step into the person you already are deep down.

If you are willing to use your voice to make an impact.

And yes, it feels vulnerable and scary and OMG what will people think?

Every time I share my story I have this moment of “Holy crap people will judge me” and “who the heck do I think I am” but I also know I am here to make an impact, to bring forth the change and lead by example.

Sometimes my son’s transplant journey was a cake walk in comparison to speaking my truth. It requires digging deep into who you are and decide to either keep playing it safe or finally stepping into who you are meant to be and create the life you want.

What will you do today to step into the unknown?


About Petra

Petra is a coach and mentor for creatives, rebels and dreamers who are ready to find the courage to forge their own path because life is too short to feed the fear. She's the founder of the Rebel Soul Connection, a community for creatives, rebels, and dreamers to take action with tools, resources, support, and accountability.

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