Last month, I attended a 3-day workshop with Rhonda Britten and it was everything I thought it would be and then some.

I first learned about Rhonda Britten on the show “Starting Over” and have been smitten with her and the life coaching profession.

The weekend was hard work but also amazing and freeing in so many ways. Knowing how I function and why I do things has always been part of my own personal journey.

The better I understand myself, the better I can serve others. 

But most importantly, I can show up in this world as myself, no longer worrying about what people will think about me whether they like me or agree with my musings.

And at the core of being authentic in this world, I believe 100% that self-awareness is critical to our own success and to the ability to create the kind of life we want.

What I learned during those 3 days is that you don’t have to break up with fear but you can acknowledge that it exists, and yes live fearlessly.

Being afraid is good because it keeps us safe and protected and yet at the same time it can literally stop us from taking action and doing the things we want to do.

There is truth in the fact that in some areas of our lives we don’t have fear because we can do the things with ease and not question ourselves our doubt anything about it.

This is more challenging in other areas. The areas that have as nervous and shaking because they call us from a place deep within and beg of ourselves to become uncomfortable so we can push ourselves and grow into the person we already area.

But fear is that little voice when we begin to dream about how we want to live and be that tells us, we will lose friends or we will be going after a new career. Change externally is hard but more challenging work when we are willing to do the internal work.

When we step into the person that we already are, we are weeding out the ones that support us and help us grow from the ones that want to keep us safe but drain our energies because they themselves haven’t recognized the fear that holds them back.

Wherever you are on your journey, give yourself permission to dream and get excited about all the things that could amazingly become your reality. It isn’t about the money ever, it is about feeling and being who we are 100% and recognizing how we want to feel in each given moment.

Yes, money gives us nice things and allows us to cover our basic needs but the life we want to create is based on the feelings we want to harness – that is the true secret of recognizing that you don’t have to break up with fear ever but it also doesn’t need to hold you back creating the life you want.

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