Do not quit your dreams

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balanceDo not quit! Don’t ever give up. Keep working on your dream.

You will have highs and lows and hallelujahs and there will be a point where you are going to hit that sweet spot.

Success – whatever it means to you – does not work in linear fashion. It’s more like the ocean where the waves are too big and the undertow is too strong, pulling you under each wave as it comes towards you. You are struggling to stay on top of the wave, to be successfully swimming with it, and yes you will without a shadow of a doubt have those moments.

You are struggling to stay on top of the wave, to be successfully swimming with it, and yes you will without a shadow of a doubt have those moments.

The challenge is that when the undertow pulls you into the water, to keep being determined and to keep going.

Sometimes that means not going after idea alone but to surround us with the net of people that can listen to us, give us feedback and pull us up from under when they see us struggling.

Have an idea… do it … make it happen… go all in and freaking refuse to listen to your fears or all those negative ninnies.

And yes, you will come across people who tell you that it’s not safe and that it’s crazy to make that idea happen.

  • Why would you write a book that may be controversial?
  • Why would you quit your job to do what you love?
  • Why would you leave the comfort of your home to travel the world?

And there will be many more questions like this that people very close to you think you are crazy and just damn lost your mind.

  • What will people think?
  • Who the hell cares? Is this your life or theirs?
  • Do you live to please others? Or do you live to follow your ideas and passions?

Someone once told me that I can’t have the cake and eat it too. I was dreaming too big and it just couldn’t happen.

Here I am now, having the cake and eating it too because it is what I wanted.

I am not here to please people.

I am here to help them move forward and follow their own inner guidance of ideas and dreams.

Your ideas and dreams are yours alone and no one has the right to tell you otherwise!


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