This week’s coloring page is for the Creative in all of us. We know we are creative but find it difficult to own that because it feels foreign and strange – but truly we all are creative.

Years ago, when I started my first business, I had the hardest time calling myself an artist and then again when I published my first book, I found it tough to call myself an author.

But in the end, this is who and what I am


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And if you like to start using daily affirmations in your morning ritual, here is just one way you can start:

  1. I sit quietly and take a few breaths.
  2. I ask what I need to know in this moment.
  3. The first thought that comes to mind is what I go with because I believe that when we start second guessing, we create it to what we want it to be rather than really looking at what is coming up and requires us to do some work.
  4. Then I journal about why this came up. I explore past experiences where I may have felt the negative aspect of what I am trying to affirm right now.

This has been super helpful to me in acknowledging areas in my past that needed some healing, forgiving and even rewriting parts of what I tell myself about the situation. I am not rewriting the situation in itself, just my feelings around it.

In using affirmations this way, I allow myself to dive in deeper to get at the root of where I may be lacking confidence and yes even feel the need to empower myself.

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