In choosing your battles wisely, you choose freedom

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I believe when we choose our battles, we choose freedom.

And by choosing freedom we allow growth.

Over the weekend, we did a day trip to the beach. It was an adventure as we hit standstill traffic on the way down, but by choosing a detour, we embraced the freedom we had.

It took us an extra hour to get there and I was feeling anxious for having been in the car longer than intended. And when we arrived, there was again that feeling of freedom.

We embraced the beach, the water, and the sand but didn’t calculate in that the waves would be more powerful. We attempted to get my boy into the water because really, I was genuinely wanting him to have fun, but he was struggling.

We managed to stay an hour before realizing that perhaps we should just pack up and go home. Having an extra needs kiddo is quite unpredictable sometimes but he was frustrated and pretty much spent with all the sand in all the places. He was unable to enjoy doing something he loved.

And we chose our battle. We could have insisted on staying but at what cost? And so, by deciding to go home, we chose freedom.

So, we packed our things and headed home.

It’s very easy to justify staying when you spent a few hours on the road getting to your destination, but instead embracing that sometimes things don’t go as planned and that we can not only choose our battles but truly be present to our needs, is by far a better choice.

My partner asked me if I thought the day was a bust, and yes perhaps part of me was a little frustrated because for me swimming in the ocean is healing.

But truly it wasn’t a bust because I allowed myself to be present and to be the kind of mom I want to be.

I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the “ruin” of things that we don’t look at the greatness of things.

Choose your battles and in the end, you are choosing freedom.


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