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So I had this idea! I draw and doodle a lot and have since my youngest was hospitalized in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit because well, that was one of the few creative things I could do.

I love creating my coloring books, to infuse positivity and help you feel good about yourself. This kind of transformation takes time, but coloring does have amazing power:

Not only can it help you to relax your mind when you are feeling stressed and albeit temporarily switch off your brain. But in turn, it connects you to your inner source and boosts your creativity.

Sometimes sitting down unplugging with a coloring page you come up with new and amazing ideas to solve a problem. Or maybe you’ve been doing too much of something and now you need some time to care for yourself.

As it currently stands, I have added over 150 coloring pages and will be adding more within the next coming days. Some that I did during the time my son was hospitalized.

In addition, there will be new coloring pages every month.

But this isn’t just about coloring pages.

There are planners too!

Planners for daily actions, money planners, goal planners and yearly planners, ready for you to print them out and create a plan of action. And more importantly, personalize them with your favorite colors.

So in addition to the coloring pages, I will be adding planners and lists every month.

So you can expect 4-6 new coloring pages and planners every month.

And the crazy cool part is you can get everything in my coloring page and planner library at a very low investment.

So why don’t you head on over to Create your Colorful Life and see what it’s all about and I hope to see you on the inside!

Life is an adventure, destination unknown

Life is an adventure, destination unknown

I’ve been longing for the days where we get in the car and just drive. We used to do this when our kids we younger. But then life happened and we went through some changes that required us to show each other who we were. And it wasn’t always pretty but when our relationship became more solid, our everyday living felt amazing, I wanted more than just be in our four walls.

And for the first time in a long time, we got in the car and drove with no destination in mind.

We knew going east wasn’t interesting to us as that is the Atlantic Coastline and North didn’t really seem appealing either.

The options we had were west or south and the then I heard “Go West Young Man”. I recalled it from a song somewhere but couldn’t place it and still can’t. My partner told me it’s from Horace Greeley (it’s true, I looked it up!).

And off went in the car, filling up the tank driving on Route 151 heading towards the Blue Ridge and Skyline Drive. It wasn’t west enough and off to the Interstate we went. We fueled ourselves with breakfast and heading down 81 South.

It was amazingly sunny and a beautiful drive and before long there were less and fewer people on the road. There was lots of laughter and admiration for the fields and mountains on the horizon.

Within a matter of a few hours we crossed the State Line and found ourselves here:

We stopped at the visitor’s center and looked through all the brochures to see what may spike our interests and a few minutes later we were back in the car, continuing to head west.

“Let’s keep on driving and see what may peek our interest”

And so, we kept on heading west until we arrived in Beckley, WV and after maneuvering this unfamiliar territory, we switched seats because I get utter anxiety driving in unfamiliar places. Not sure where we may see some note and sight worthy things, I plugged into my trusted friend Google and saw the Tamarack information.

I remembered it vaguely from years ago when I had been in Beckley before many

We walked around and admired the craftsmanship and amazing imagination featured by many artists fueling our own creativity.

And just like that we got back in the car and headed home.

But not until we had ourselves a proper dinner somewhere and since we are both ridiculous in choosing food, we expressed what we didn’t want. And then he said:
Well, there is that German restaurant but I think it’s out of the way” but I again reached out to my friend google and was excited that it was literally on our way home.

German food for dinner and for the win!

And just like before when we visit Edelweiss, it didn’t disappoint – and if you know me I am quite the critic when it comes to German food.

But it was amazing as if I cooked it myself or I was back home!

My dinner choice was the Rinder Rouladen!

And this is more than just about unplugging from social media, your everyday life and all the other things one must do.

Getting in the car without a destination really is about the adventure and to embrace the unknown and the ability to handle this life and business the same kind of way.

And just like this sign sometimes there is only one way out. You could visit but not head east and only west.

We joked how this kind of felt like Hotel California where you could come and never leave.

The entire day I was reminding myself to be present because truly we are both always so wrapped around our work that when the evening comes we are both just wanting to chill. But it’s in those moments we do get to live carefreely, to relax and forget about the everyday stresses we may have in our lives.

It’s about exploring the world around us and to remember life is too damn short to not embrace this adventure.

If you’ve never just gotten in the car without a destination, I encourage you to get over your fear and embrace all that you could discover on your adventure!

Behind the Scenes of Creating 365 Days of Becoming

Behind the Scenes of Creating 365 Days of Becoming

So I just released 365 Days of Becoming and thought it would be helpful to give you a glimpse of what it took to put this beast of a Journal/Coloring book together.

Because it is a monster of 365 coloring pages and 365 journal pages.

How I came up with the idea!

I had a thought that it would be amazing to create something that helps you step into your power with two of the tools that have been super helpful to me: coloring and writing.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to create something for every single day of the year.

And voila, the idea was born. Now I didn’t have a name yet, only that I knew if would have a lot of coloring pages and writing pages.

Getting to work

I started doodling and initially thought it would only take me about 15 days to create all of the pages. Yep, I am a little bit ambitious but I realized really quickly that I needed more time.

I encountered days where I had other things pop up, I just didn’t feel like doodling and for someone who preaches about self-care, I needed to manage my energy.

So, I extended the deadline and found my energy to be on par.

I finished all of the pages in 25 days. Scanned and edited them in another 3 days.

And then it came down to laying it out, creating a spreadsheet to not duplicate any pages and creating the feel I wanted to create with this monster of a book.

From there it was just a matter of getting the proof ready and correct to the printing standards it needed. This took another 5 days.


The Lessons Learned:

Deadlines are awesome and I kinda live by them but giving yourself enough time is key or you will burn out on the project/goal. If I am ever going to undertake another project like this, I am giving myself a much longer deadline.

Familiarize yourself with all the printing needs from I spend way more time editing and going back and forth to get it to proper printing quality than necessary. There bigger the book, the bigger the gutter and the margins need to be in retrospect.

Take enough days off so I am not burning out on the project. Again this was a big undertaking and 30 days was pushing it and I still had to extend the deadline. Also, there are still other things that need to happen in life and in business and it’s important I don’t neglect them.

Get your copy of 365 Days of becoming! 

Riding the Wave of Creativity

Riding the Wave of Creativity

creativityAnytime I get an idea, in most cases, I immediately follow it with action. There is something I learned about myself, and that is that when I let it sit for too long, the inspiration is gone and I lose interest fast.

There are plenty of unfinished projects in my studio I could show you because I hesitated or simply just stopped instead of following it through.

But I fully believe that ideas and dreams come to us because we are meant for them. Let me sound a bit cliché for a moment “it’s part of the destiny”.

So, the next time you notice an idea and you can’t wait to take action, start. Don’t hesitate!

This is the moment to seize the idea and just run with it because the moment you hesitate all the doubts and fears will make their appearance. And you will literally have killed the idea before you even took action.

But what if for just a moment you decided to take action and allow yourself to ride the wave of creativity?

Sometimes these are very fleeting moments and you owe it to yourself to show up for them.

Here’s the thing, it’s okay to not always feel inspired but when the moment comes, ride it out. Surfers don’t always have the perfect wave, but even they keep showing up to catch just the right wave.

And what if your idea is that one thing that could change your life forever? Isn’t that just the thing you may be chasing?

So, the next time that idea enters your mind, make a choice to not hesitate.

Decide that you will act, even if you don’t know how or what the result will look like.

No one can really predict the outcome and you won’t know it until you do it!

It is here: Calm yourself Colorful with 30 Mandala Style Designs

It is here: Calm yourself Colorful with 30 Mandala Style Designs

Calm yourself colorfulOops, I did it again… I created an another book in under 30 days. This time a coloring book of 30 Mandala Style Designs.

It came to me as I was planning for 2017 and is the first of a few more to come this year. And it went something like this:

Ok yay, another coloring book.

What theme should I do this time? My last two were about affirmations and calling in the be, do and have.

I became a little irritated with the idea not coming to me immediately and chose to step away – I mean when I made the plan it was still November and this wasn’t really planned until January.

And as the first week of 2017 settled in, it came to me. Mandala inspired designs. I was excited by expanding my own creativity, to tap into my own imagination and allow the shapes and symbols come to me. And once I started, I wasn’t able to stop.

Once I finished the coloring book, I couldn’t wait to start coloring them in.

Even my partner was fussing about that he wanted to color them in the moment I started creating them.

Calm yourself colorful with 30 Mandala Style Designs, perfect for relieving stress and helping you relax while creating beautiful images. Each coloring page will help you actively mediate while your responsibilities will seem to fade away and you stay in the moment of what is.

There is definitely something very calming about coloring – for me probably more about the creating. But as I am wanting to be more in the moment, to be more present, I was trying to find the way to make it happen.

Enter active meditation.

Instead of being still in the moment with your eyes closed, you are without external influences and noise, you are becoming present through coloring the pages.


Freedom, the ability to take detours

Freedom, the ability to take detours

FreedomRoad trips have this thing that allows you to feel the freedom, to embrace the adventure.

There’s something exciting when you are heading out onto the road with destination unknown and then trying to maneuver your way back at the end of the day.

Road trips are the mirror reflection of what life represents to me.

We all come to a crossroad at one point or another, literally and figuratively.

It was during one of our road trips we decided to go one way, not thinking about the fact it would take us 5 hours longer to get there, talk about taking a detour home.

And we also didn’t have the foresight to turn around and go head home on a three-hour drive.

The day had been amazing, the evening spent dinner watching the sunset and heading home the scenic route, except it was dark.

The frustration grew as we realized that this may not be the best way home.

Freedom to take detours! 

That freedom is what we crave and we at times create without thinking about it. It’s the ability to see that even though you are taking a long way home, there is goodness in this situation.

When you come to your crossroad and happen to take the detour, find that goodness.

For me, it was that I could spend a few more hours with my guys before getting back to the reality of work.

Road trips help me disengage from sitting behind the computer for too long or scroll through Facebook endlessly without getting anything done.

Taking detours, allows me to reflect where I am at the moment and where I would rather be and how can I best get back on track to head into the proper direction.

Yes, detours are annoying and frustrating when you realize that perhaps another way would have been better.

But what if for just one moment, you appreciate the detour you’ve taken, find and see the good and take a moment to reflect on where you really want to go?

I created this tote, to remember this moment and remind myself that there will always be a detour of some kind!

You can get yourself a tote, so you may always be reminded that detours are actually a beautiful part of your journey!

Pack your bag, and head into freedom!

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