It’s the end of the year as we know it

It’s the end of the year as we know it

and it’s really just the beginning… because what if you could

  • Write that book and get it published
  • Start selling your artwork
  • Start a service-based business

So I decided to bundle up a few of my courses to help you on your path!

Holiday Bundle One

  • Walk on the level of your Soul
  • Book Writing
  • Mindset on Fire

Holiday Bundle Two

  • Nurture Yourself
  • Art Entrepreneur
  • Mindset on Fire

Holiday Bundle Three

  • Create a Vision (Rebel Soul Handbook)
  • Rebel Entrepreneur
  • Mindset on Fire

Check out the Bundles below

Soul Walk

Journal yourself into Self-Awareness and embrace the soul walk

Remove Self-Doubt and Fear

Squish your fears and doubts to achieve your goals

Write your book

It’s time to write your book and get it published!

The Art Entrepreneur

Learn how to build your business and sell your art

Remove Self-Doubt and Fear

Remove Doubts and Fears so you can forge ahead

Nurture Yourself Challenge

Discover what nurtures you and embrace self-care

Create a vision with the Rebel Soul Handbook

Call in the vision of your life and set goals that are in alignement with you

Remove Self-Doubt and Fear

Eliminate those doubts and fears and take action with confidence

Build a business being your rebel self

Create a service-based business being you doing what you are called to do

These Bundles will go away on December 26th, 2017!

And then you would have to get this courses individually!

Mentoring and Coaching Services

Mentoring and Coaching Services

You want a life that feels amazing

You dream about your be, do and have goals all the time

The problem?

You don’t know how to get there nor where to begin.

And you’re ready to remove the excuses you’ve been hanging onto.

You can have the life you see in your dreams. The kind of life where you 

  • Deal with your fear head on and never let it stop you
  • Eliminate self-doubt as it serves no purpose
  • Get clear what you want in your life – the be, do’s and have’s
  • Have the support from someone who gets you 
  • Create incredible confidence forging your own path

You’re here because I know you’re ready and you know that you are one decision away from changing your life.

I know you want life to

  • be different than what it is right now
  • be less of a struggle
  • be more exciting
  • be less overwhelming
  • be more of what you see in your vision

Your life has greater meaning and you know that you need to follow your heart and soul to achieve that fulfilling experience, every day in your life.

You just see all the missed opportunities, the missed potential and the wasted time. And it’s so damn frustrating! You know it in your heart that you’re not quite giving it your all and that if you don’t do something about it, you will die a slow painful death.

But you don’t know what to do or how to do it or where the hell even to start! So you’re not taking action.

You know you’re holding yourself back from fully achieving the life you want. And most importantly, you are hiding who you are deep down, instead of expressing who you truly are.

You have constant visions and ideas that fill you with excitement and you can feel the possibilities deep down.  

But the problem is? No one will ever know the greatness if your idea, visions, and amazing talents if you do not share them with the world.  Right now, you’re stuck. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

What if I told you that you can forge your own path and bring your vision to life? 

How it works:

You decide how many sessions you want or need. Maybe you’re good with one session to get a starting point, or maybe you need a little bit longer in-depth support.

Session Options

What people are saying about me:

Petra is a kind, loving, spontaneous, and seriously funny mindset coach! She has a great sense of humor and down to earth realness. I would especially recommend her to any woman who is going through transitional challenges in her life, work and/or business or just within herself. Petra teaches women how to deeply embody their own truth and how to go beyond the limitations of their fears while stretching into their true dream calling. – Aishwarya

Petra has an amazing energy, spirit, and honesty that provided space for clarity and removing stickiness from my life. She is warm, smart and compassionate coupled with a fantastic laugh that inspires you into action and removing doubt.  – Michelle

Petra is a breakthrough coach. She opens up anything old and unneeded to you to help you jump and leap into all of who you are. She helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps. This, in turn, creates greater courage and realness that comes from within. I can’t thank her enough. I will, of course, stay in touch and connect with her should anything else come up. – Luna Lakshmi

You’re one decision away!

Session Options

New Course Release: Kindle Publishing – Create passive income

New Course Release: Kindle Publishing – Create passive income

Kindle publishing for passive income

This step-by-step guide to making with Kindle shows you EXACTLY how to get started and start seeing results quickly with Kindle. Unlike many other online money-making methods, building a Kindle empire is one of the best ways to quickly build passive income… This guide gives you everything you need to get there.

Stop thinking about your book, start writing it and then publish it! And start making sales! 

And start making sales! 

Do you wish you knew exactly what to do to write so you can create passive income?

You’ve probably wondered more than once how you can write your book, share your message while creating an extra income stream with ease.

If that’s the case, and you’re ready to learn about how to use your writing to build a business, then I think you’ll love my Kindle publishing course from someone who has a no-nonsense approach to make things happen.

When you’re facing the challenge of sharing your message and your blog doesn’t feel like it’s enough, you can still find yourself spinning your wheels and lose enthusiasm to make an impact.

That’s why I offer this kindle publishing a course for people like you, who are ready to unleash their words into the world – and create extra income.

Choosing your niche is one of the single most important steps to ensuring your eventual success. What’s important here is that you pick something that is popular and has a wide audience but not something that is highly over saturated or that means you’re going up against competition with massive budgets and massive resources.

After the course, you will 

  • Create a book in the right niche
  • Pick a niche that allows you to easily use your existing contacts to promote it
  • Think of ways to reuse content and to get maximum profit for your investment
  • Format your book using the strict guidelines provided by Amazon
  • Create a great cover, description etc. Subtly use key phrases.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

Join the Rebels Academy to take the course today!

It’s here! My New Book – Forge your own Path, One goal at a time

It’s here! My New Book – Forge your own Path, One goal at a time

You, me and everyone else in this world have a vision!

The challenge?

Falling into the abyss of doing it like everyone else because it’s what you “should” do. But what if you could create your vision, bring it to life without falling into the dark hole of conformity?

Forging your own path is a framework to read, learn and mold from. It’s part of the blueprint that you use to map out the adventure of a lifetime. It’s knowing that even the best laid out plans, sometimes fail. It’s embracing the challenges and detours along the way.

But it is not the know it all answer to solving your problems, another possible solution to forging your own path. More than anything else, it’s becoming who you are, by undoing who you think you should be. It’s defining your own rules and follow your own ideas because that next one could change your life.

I wrote, “Forge your own Path” not only because this is what I have been doing most of my life without even knowing this is what I did. You see, I tried to be the 1950’s housewife, the model employee and even the picture perfect mother.

And every fiber of my being told me it was all wrong.

Forging your own path isn’t easy, but I do believe you will agree with me when I say, it will totally be worth it!

This book emerged onto the horizon on accidental purpose. I am knee deep into my first fiction book that I am writing, and without fail, more book ideas have been inspired by it all. I struggled for awhile to write this book only to realize that I had started this book with a different title back in February. So anyway, here it is… words unleashed into the world once again!

I could really use your help. Below you will find quick and easy ways you can help spread the word about the new book Forge your own Path.

Thanks so much for your help!

Here are some things you can do to help spread the word about the new book Forge your own Path

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Tips on How a Recovering Addict Can Repair a Romantic Relationship

Tips on How a Recovering Addict Can Repair a Romantic Relationship

The entire month of September will recognize those in recovery while raising awareness about mental and substance use disorders.

After years of addiction, you haven’t just damaged your body and mind. You’ve also damaged relationships. People no longer trust you.They may still love you, but they don’t believe what you say. After all, you’ve lied to them too many times. Why should they trust you now?

And although you’re now in recovery, you can’t magically repair a romantic relationship with the wave of a wand. Your life isn’t a Hollywood movie where all problems are neatly wrapped up by the end of the story. It may take years to rebuild the trust you enjoyed before you became an addict. Read on for ways you can rebuild your relationship with the person you love.

The people closest to the addict are the ones who suffer the most. It’s terrifying to see someone you care about enslaved by drugs and alcohol. You worry when or if the addict will even come home after a night of binge drinking or taking drugs. You’re obsessed with the idea that your loved one will overdose on drugs or die in a car accident because of driving drunk or drugged. You hide your valuables and money because you know the addict will steal them in order to buy more drugs or alcohol.

But stealing and possibly dying from an overdose isn’t the only things an addict will do. Addicts exhibit countless negative behaviors. They lie, can’t keep a job, become violent, and break the law. They may be verbally abusive to the people closest to them. No wonder it’s an almost insurmountable challenge for a former addict to win back the trust from a romantic partner.

So what are you supposed to do if you’re in recovery and your partner is afraid to let you back into his or her life? The first step is to offer a sincere apology. Your partner may not be willing to accept it, but it’s important that you acknowledge your wrongdoing and say you’re deeply sorry. This is especially true if you were unfaithful to your partner. Swift River says “Infidelity is traumatizing. It causes the wronged party to question you, your relationship, and themselves.” Forgiving a partner after infidelity is extremely difficult and may completely destroy the possibility of a future together.

Some relationships may be too damaged to repair. You can’t control whether or not your romantic partner wants to stay with you after all the turmoil he or she has endured by your side. If there is still hope for your relationship, you’ll have to be patient. Recommit to your relationship, realizing that things may never be the same but they can gradually be repaired.

Reconciliation won’t happen overnight. Forgiveness takes time. Although your partner never stopped loving you, that doesn’t mean they can readily forget the past. The wounds afflicted by your addiction are still raw, and the memories of your negative behaviors are still fresh in your partner’s mind.

You probably used a professional counselor or drug rehab center to help you kick your addiction. Consider visiting a therapist or counselor to help you repair your romantic relationship as well. The counseling professional will help you and your partner each discuss your wants and needs in a relationship. This guidance will allow you to slowly build a stronger relationship with your loved one.

Addiction destroys relationships. It creates distrust, sadness, fear, and anger in the people who love you the most. As a recovering addict, it’s up to you take the first step in reforming a relationship with your romantic partner. By offering a sincere apology, demonstrating patience and realizing that forgiveness won’t happen overnight, you can gradually begin the process of winning your partner’s trust once again.

Small but Effective Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Personal Finances

Small but Effective Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Personal Finances

At the end of the month, do you habitually ask yourself where all the money has gone? You have steady, if unspectacular, income, and you don’t really spend a lot on frills. Surprisingly, it might only take a few small tweaks to improve your personal finances. Here are some tips:

Create a Budget

It’s very hard to improve your finances if you don’t know how much you’re earning and spending. One of things you learn from tracking your budget is that little expenses add up, a fact that many people choose to ignore.

Yes, budgets can direct your spending on the important items, but they can also reveal bad spending habits that are holding you back. If you find you can’t stop from spending “mad money” each month, then at least budget for it. It’s a great way to learn fiscal discipline, to take control of your financial life in order to improve it.


Personal finance software, such as Quicken and Mint, is ridiculously cheap compared to the functionality it provides. In case you are unfamiliar with these programs, they allow you to automatically record the activity in all your financial accounts, create and track budgets, let you pay bills online, and even point out unusual spending patterns. Because they are available as mobile apps, you can always know your financial status, tempering spontaneous decisions such as whether you can afford dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Making More Than the Minimum Payments on Debt

Minimum payments mean you’ll shell out maximum interest. It can take years, even decades, to pay off your credit cards if you pay only the minimum amount each month. You will improve your finances by paying down your debt, starting with your highest-interest accounts.

If you have several credit cards, first pay down the one with the highest annual percentage rate (APR), even if that means making minimum payments on your other cards. This will reduce your monthly interest expenses, and will, once you’ve repaid the balance, free up money to attack your remaining debt. If your cards all charge about the same APRs, pay down the one with the lowest balance first.

Boost Your Credit Scores

Paying down your debt by making higher-than-minimum payments will, over time, improve your credit scores. That’s important, because it allows you to replace high-APR credit sources with better, cheaper ones. If you have poor credit, you might be paying 29.9 percent on your credit cards. Raise you score to average, and you’ll likely cut your interest rate in half.

The more you improve your scores, the less interest you’ll pay, and the more access you’ll have to new credit, such as a car loan or a mortgage. Moreover, by improving your credit score you will put yourself in a better position to refinance your debt to lower interest rates. Did you know that most common types of consumer debt (ex. Credit cards, student loans, auto loans) can be refinanced to lower interest rates? You can put a dent in your debt faster, creating a positive feedback loop to a financially free life.

Beyond paying down your debt, improving your credit score requires that you make all your payments on time, avoid collections, foreclosure or bankruptcy, and remove any mistakes on your credit reports. You can order your reports from the three major credit bureaus at Annual Credit If you notice errors that hurt your credit score, you can communicate with the credit bureaus and the creditor to resolve or remove the problem, immediately sending your credit scores higher.

Pay with Cash

If you find that credit cards make it too easy to overspend, take them out of your wallet and use cash (or checks or a debit card) for your spending. Nothing concentrates the mind like staring at a low bank balance, but doing so helps you pay attention to the difference between required and discretionary spending. Besides, it’s hard to pay off your debt if you are constantly creating it anew. Using cash exclusively might seem Draconian, but it works, and it helps teach the value of a dollar.

Buy in Bulk

The big bulk stores, like Costco and Sam’s Warehouse, can save you a pretty penny on huge packages of life’s necessities: paper products, detergent, cheese, and thousands of other items. Buying in bulk saves you money and can be fun, as long as you have a place to store all those paper towels and toilet paper rolls.

Learn to Negotiate

Many people spend too much on their cell phones and cable TV contracts, because they fail to negotiate better deals. Providers would rather cut you a deal than lose you to a competitor, whereas you don’t need to be loyal to any particular provider.

You can use this asymmetry against providers by pointing to better deals in the marketplace. For example, a cable company might have a monopoly in your area, but you can choose to use a dish network instead. That’s a bargaining chip in your favor.

Cellular networks are constantly offering new and better deals, including ones in which another network buys out your contract, protecting you from departure penalties. The savings are there, it’s up to you to grab them.