Bring yourself back into Harmony

Bring yourself back into Harmony

Have you been holding your breath? Did you even notice?

Are you feeling a bit more tired?

Holding your breath often relates to survival mode or perceived danger. It also has an influence on setting goals and taking that very first step. OR when life gets a little bit too crazy and you don’t really know what is up or down.

And when you’re holding your breath, you will have a tendency to suppress thoughts and emotions that feel heavy and negative. But the thing is that in order to release the thoughts, feelings and even people that no longer are useful in your life or needed, holding your breath is spending the energy you don’t really have to give away.

Sometimes you don’t notice what you’re holding on to with dear life and so the energy becomes heavy. Connect with your senses by going outdoors for a walk, take a warm bath, listen to music or create art. It’s in that process thoughts and feelings can and will open themselves to you that are ready to be healed and let go off.

But perhaps before you begin or even during said activities, close your eyes for a moment and take three deep breath and fully be aware of the present. And then take three more breath acknowledging your inner chaos and the heaviness you’ve been feeling. Take three more breath and remember when everything as on harmony and as you exhale with each breath, release the energy that has found itself to you but is no longer serving you.

Sometimes the best thing one can do when trying to find balance again is to let go and get lost – not in the physical sense but in a “you’re so into your activity that you’ve lost space and time”.

Give yourself the opportunity to get lost so you can release the energy that’s causing you to hold your breath and then open yourself up to release it one exhale at a time!

If you feel scattered, ground yourself

If you feel scattered, ground yourself

When your days feel like too much routine or repeating themselves over and over again, like your in the movie groundhog, it may be that you are feeling spacey or scattered.

It happens to the best of us, including myself.

When you experience a disconnect, it’s a gentle reminder to ground yourself. Go outside with your feet firmly planted on the ground and feel the etheric roots that extend deeply into the earth. With each exhale, imagine the roots going deeper and each time you inhale draw on the nurturing power from mother earth.

Think about how trees are rooted and standing in balance with their branches reaching up and out as giving thanks and praise. The roots are deeply planted into the soil and give back by accommodating the needs of other plants and the animals that surround them.

See the strength in being rooted into the earth as your ground yourself, allow yourself to be reminded of your own strength. Your spark (dreams and goals) are the light you are moving towards too but not only upward but recognize that as you are grounded that you have an impact on those around you.

In contrast, not all trees are deeply rooted and supported by mother nature. Sometimes grounding yourself to remove the scatteredness is to be willing to let go of what no longer fits into your journey.

Trees that are not contributing to nature are let go to make room for new growth. As you stand outside and strengthening your roots, be willing to recognize the parts in your life that have reached the end and let them go, so you have room to bring new focus into your being.

Step into the Forest and take a deep breath!

Step into the Forest and take a deep breath!

I love being on the trails in nature surrounded by trees. As I walk or run through the forest I am in awe of nature around me, how everything grows and falls. It’s calming and brings a shift into my own being.

When I feel all over the place in my thoughts, or when I am experiencing a challenging situation I get on the trail and just allow myself to be while simultaneously observe my surroundings. It’s helped me solve problems that I haven’t been able to work through as well as receive new creative ideas for a new project or even finish a project.

When you step into nature, it automatically shifts your breathing but it helps in releasing because in that space there is a deep connection that feels magical. Every time you exhale, you have the ability to let go. It’s where you get to go into thought and consciously become objective about current situations you are facing and with a deep breath choose to release what is hanging on or even holding you back.

Make time for a nature walk and be an observer in the miracles and the collaboration between plants and animals that help serve each other live and thrive. And then step into the moment to take in the sights, sounds and smells as you walk through the forest. Nature always reminds me to get back to being in the moment, not in the past or in the future. Trees don’t worry about the storm ahead and fear the fall nor do they worry about how they got to be where they are. And yet it feels magical all the same.

Engage in active gratitude for what is, the lessons that you were given and as you walk out from your connection with nature, observe the shifts you were able to experience as you take each breath.

I took time off and had the time of my life

I took time off and had the time of my life

For the first time in 3 years into my business journey, I took time off and I had the time of my life.

It’s so easy to forget to make sure you take a timeout to help you fuel your creative juices. I know because I am definitely guilty of this on so many levels.

Many of days will you find me working, even if it’s just for 2-4 hours without taking a full day off.

This past weekend, my partner and I attended the Blue Ridge Rock Festival and a good time was had by all. Not only did we camp out and enjoyed the music, we made new friends with plans to do the next one together.

The event was only an hour away from hour home and we could have driven back and forth but just thinking about this sounded exhausting for the 3 days. And deciding to camp not only allowed us to have quality time together – and hey we didn’t kill each other – we didn’t even argue, so that’s something! But we were close to the event, merely needing to walk down to the events area but we got to spend our evenings at the fire pit having conversations with other people and like I said, make new friends.

When we returned on Monday, both of us were exhausted and by Tuesday I was ready to hit the road again but I am going to have to wait for the next one just a bit!

But something really cool came to my realization!

You see, I want to live in an RV and drive around the country seeing new and cool places and meet people and attending the festival definitely got me closer to that dream. Furthermore, however, it showed me that truly this is what I want and that it totally fits into who I am. I mean coaching and mentoring around a campfire sounds like a total blast to me.

Camp fire Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Here’s the fun part, I have given up selling my art at Farmer’s Markets and the like but as we were leaving on Monday, we stopped to talk to one of the organizers and I shared some of my work with her and she was like “You have got to come as a vendor next year”.

There is opportunity everywhere. And while I am excited about the possibility to sell my creations at the festival, I already know I don’t want to be tied down sitting at my booth for three days. And this is the cool part, my creative juices started flowing.

Because well, I can hire someone and still do demos at different intervals.

This just shows that opportunities are everywhere if you are open to them. And I have a year to plan this all out and get pieces created.

This is my second day back to full-on working and I am more inspired and excited about my life and my business than ever before. I think part of this is also because I hired my first team member and it feels amazing to let go of an aspect in my business I was not handling well.

But taking that time off gave me more creative ideas to explore and get super clear on the work that I do and not be pulled into too many directions.

And it doesn’t matter if you are self-employed or if you are working for someone else, taking time off and making space for a regular vacation where you unplug from all the things, is really good for your mind, body, and soul.

It’s a time to connect and a time to release

It’s a time to connect and a time to release

Do you sometimes wonder what in your life needs attention and where your mind overshadows all the things?

Do you wonder what is ready to burn down and what will ignite within you to go the next step?

Do you wonder what adventure is opening up for you and what message you can take with you?

Spring is always a time of rebirth and the tears you’ve shed over the past few months have cleared the path for what is ready to emerge.

It’s time to ditch the rules of society and tune into your instinctual cues and let the spirit of the wolf be your teacher. This can lead to confusion and when you feel this way, this is not the time to make decisions.

But with faith and grace, you are ready to emerge. Let by instinct, feel the sensation in your body and make space for it to connect to your mind. Together they will know what to do. Even if you are experiencing a time of confusion, use it to be still and patient. When body, soul, and mind connect and you allow the flow to move you, you will feel no resistance but know in every fiber of your being that everything is as it should be.

Connect during this time with music, art, and nature to activate your senses. Don’t be afraid of physical touch when you feel the need to be held. Connect with your inner self and allow yourself the space you need for that deep connection your soul craves.

It’s easy to seek sanctuary in places that you think are safe but you always have a place of peace within you that is your sanctuary and the time has come for you to find this place out in nature. Go find the trails, the meadows, and the mountains to seek that physical space for you.

Because this is the time to release shame so you can uncover who you really are. Look at the stories you tell yourself and find compassion for the child within you. Take time to acknowledge the stories, write a letter to yourself and ugly cry if you need to. And then rewrite this letter with compassion and understanding so you can take every opportunity to heal this shame and remember the innocent child within you.


 Want to tune into your inner Rebel and embrace what she wants you to know.

Trusting yourself takes practice – one moment at a time

Trusting yourself takes practice – one moment at a time

It’s time that you start trusting yourself and stop wondering if you’re messing it all up. Each moment, each thought and each idea is meant for you, know this and believe this.

Trusting yourself takes courage and you will want to practice this every single day. So give yourself some slack when you are being busy doing mom things and spouse things… those too are meant for you to be done and each decision you make along the way is the right decision for that moment in time.

You are so much more though than a mom or a partner. You are a creative because you are filled with ideas for the things you want to do that create the change in your life and the lives of other people.

I know you want to do more, be more and have more and trust that when you are truly ready, everything will be ready for you and here’s the truth:

All you have to do is make a decision.

No more, no less.

The moment you trust yourself and make that decision, your life will be different.

It will show up in how you prioritize your day.
It will show up in how you engage with other people.
It will show up in the actions you take consistently.

Life is a beautiful and messy journey and when you can embrace it in all it’s glory, life as you knew it will change.

Because you are making space!

Space for new experiences
Space for your ideas and dreams
Space for relationships that matter.

Decide to embrace the journey.

Decide that you are worthy enough to trust yourself.

Decide that you are to do great things.

Take a moment at all the times you have trusted yourself and made the decision to move forward.


Don’t look at the times that didn’t work out. No one has time for that kind of negativity to beat yourself up over it or wish you were further ahead.

Instead, start anew right here, right now.

Trust requires courage because you are ready to shed everything that hasn’t worked.

Remember, you’re one decision away!


P.S. Rebel Shine Bootcamp is a life-changing mindset course and community that supports you as you unleash you into this world. It’s the place and space where you will uncover your vision and learn to trust yourself with every decision you are making!

Every year can be your best year and you can start today!

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