Behind the Scenes of the Rebel Spark Collective

Behind the Scenes of the Rebel Spark Collective

For the last months or so I have been talking about the Rebel Spark Collective and thought perhaps you’d really like to know what’s on the inside.

9 times out of 10 before I invest in something I like to know what it looks like and what I can expect and even what it looks and feel like. I think it’s actually an important part of the decision-making process of investing. 

And the thing of it is, being able to sneak a peek can make it easier to understand what’s happening and you’re not disillusioned about expectations of yourself and in this case me.

So, I’ve recorded a quick video sharing with you what’s in the Rebel Spark Collective in terms of purpose, mission and what the Rebel Sparl Collective has to offer!

P.S. Any questions or feedback on what you see, leave a comment

What is it that you are waiting for?

What is it that you are waiting for?

Dreams will never become a reality if you don’t turn them into goals and take action!

And creating a life or business can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. It can also be incredibly lonely but once you make the first move, it can be exhilarating. I speak from personal experience.

There is something to be said about having people in your corner cheering you on and supporting you in your journey as you follow on spark at a time.

Here’s the thing, until you get a taste of your dream you won’t really know if it really aligns with who you and what you stand for. My dream and goal are to live in an RV in about 5-6 years when my youngest has finished school and lives independently.

But that’s not the point! My point is that I got a taste of what that would be and feel like and I am more excited than ever to make that a reality for me. I wouldn’t know this had I not gone to the Rock Festival and camped out.

So here’s the thing, having someone who understands the struggle and the challenges is kind of a cool thing to have in your corner and can be a life changer.

There is so much ability you have and you are filled with amazing potential just sitting inside of you waiting for you to ignite the spark and create a life where everything feels incredible and amazing. It takes time, work and support to achieve all that you want to be, do and have.

And this is why I am so passionate about the Rebel Spark Collective because it is the place and space where I am real with you as I keep working towards my own dreams and goals while at the same time supporting you to do the same. It’s where we have those hard and vulnerable conversations you can’t find on social media.

The Rebel Spark Collective is your go-to place for personal development and following your sparks whether they lead you to a career or the business of your dreams. It’s where you get accountability, motivation and a hell of a good time.

What I’d love to share with you is that I hear, see and experience you to be one of the clearest and most authentic voices on topics such as self-leadership, empowerment, mindset but also in general. I follow quite a few coaches, trainers and speakers and really find that you have an outstanding clarity, wisdom and beauty to name a few things – Tamara

What are you waiting for?

Join today at $4.40 for the first 30 Days (monthly or annual) or claim yourself a VIP Spot at $275!

Next scheduled connection call is September 10th at 5 pm EST.

Rebel Spark Notes are my thoughts spilled out on various topics as they related to life + business. These will show up either in written form or on video. This can be the good, the bad and the freaking OMG this is hard as fuck kind of note.

Weekly Assignments are journal prompts + actionable steps to help you go deeper into who you are and disrupt your own patterns that are keeping you stuck. I believe that if you want to succeed at anything in life, then personal development is the key to make it happen.

Get Things Done Thread a place for you to state your goal and your actions and receive regular check-ins and accountability.

Round up Emails to stay in the loop on everything that happened so that you don’t have to worry about a thing – and a gentle reminder to do the work.

Monthly Challenges that will help you in life + business to create the change in your own world that will extend to the rest of the world with ease. These will be random at it’s best. BUT here’s the thing, if you need a specific challenge to help you go to the next level, lay it on me so I can get that going for you.

Weekly Facebook Office Hours – Get your questions answered, support through a challenge or potential solutions to your problems. Nothing will be ignored. I am in the mud with you and will answer every single question.

Monthly Connection Calls for when you need a little bit of tough love because the voices in your head are too loud. This is coaching, mentoring and connecting all rolled into one. We will have some amazing conversations but also address any challenges you may be experiencing.

Facebook Community so you can share whatever is on your heart – and mind. And more importantly, connect with everyone and make those amazing connections worldwide.

The Rebel Spark Collective is my passion and life. I am putting my heart and soul into creating this for you because I want you to be able to have the life you want, desire and deserve!

I am committed to you and your success and feel called to walk through the darkness with you until you set the world on fire (figuratively not literally because that be bad!)

3 Ways you can join the Rebel Spark Collective!

  • Pay as you go every month. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – no tie or contract.
  • Annual Membership BUT you get two months free!
  • 3 Months VIP so you can have that extra support! Limited to 6 people at a time!

So let’s get this show on the road!

Join today at $4.40 for the first 30 Days (monthly or annual) or claim yourself a VIP Spot at $275!

Next scheduled connection call is September 10th at 5 pm EST.

This offer ends on September 29th, 2018 (my 44th birthday)!

September is the month I landed on Earth

September is the month I landed on Earth

My birthday is this month and I like to celebrate all month long. I kicked it off with the Blue Ridge Rock Festival (you can read the post here) and turning 44, well I only do this like once a lifetime.

I am sure there’ll be more shenanigans to be had by me and the people in my world and I am excited.

And every year in August (it’s the anniversary month for my son’s diagnosis) and then September, I am reminded how life short is and that we owe it to ourselves to make things happen.

And so I am giving away a few things that could change YOUR life.

It will change your life if you are willing to do the work and be present when things are going haywire. Because that’s how things happen, you make a change and chaos ensue. But if you stick with it all, you will come out on the other side.

The Freebies:

Rebel Shine Book: 6 of you will receive the PDF version of my latest book published in May. A guide to help you rise above from what is holding you back, so you can have the best year, every year.

Calm Yourself Colorful: Calm yourself colorful with 30 Mandala Style Designs, perfect to relieve stress and help you relax while creating beautiful images. This is for 6 of you that want to embrace mindful meditation.

Rebel Shine Bootcamp: 12 of you will walk away with the course designed to guide you to have the best year, every year!

Rebels Academy: Another 12 dreamers and creatives will receive access to this course to help you get started in your business journey.

45-Min Goal & Action Plan Session: There is you and me on a zoom call where we will hash out your goals and create an action plan for you to make it happen. I am giving away 6 of these babies.

5-Minutes to Freedom: Email coaching requires a 6 weeks commitment where you can get personal and unlimited support. This is for ONE person.

90 Days of 1:1 Coaching with Me: This is the big one, the prizes of all prizes where ONE of you will receive 90-Days of coaching with moi! The winner will be chosen at random. No more excuses of making things happen and finally step outside of your comfort zone.

Not free but…

Rebel Spark Collective: For the entire month you can experience Rebel Spark Collectives (Monthly normally $47 + Annual Membership normally $467) for 30 days for $4.40 OR get access to the 3 Months VIP for $275 (normally $397)! Go check it out here! 

The Rules:

If you want to join the giveaway, you must be signed up to the list and like my Facebook page, Petra Monaco.

Share the post I’ve pinned to the top of my professional page and explain why now!

When you write it out, you share it with the universe asking for what you want! And you are declaring to the world, you are ready for a life you’ve only been dreaming about.

The Giveaway starts today and ends on September 29th, 2018! Winners will be announced in an email and on my Facebook Page on Monday, October 1st, 2018

What are you waiting for?

Finding the spark within yourself

Finding the spark within yourself

Life is too short to live out of integrity, without your truth and following your deepest desires. When you can’t show up as you in any given situation, everything will feel like a crap shoot. And you are doing yourself and everyone around you a huge disservice. It’s time to find the spark within you!

And while it may not be something you want to do, sometimes you must let other’s down in the pursuit of being who you are, doing the things you love and having what you so deeply desire.

Standing in integrity will call in your truth and make space for you in this world – and while it may feel like you walk it alone, I promise you that you are not.

Because the moment you are living in your truth, your people will show themselves to you and before you know it, you are surrounded by the most amazing circle of people ever imagined.

Showing up fully in your truth doesn’t always mean you have to speak. Instead, allow your being to share the space by holding space.

Sometimes the world get’s filled with so many words and no one really listens because we are so busy trying to fix all the problems. However, listening and holding space doesn’t need fixing. It merely means to love the other person exactly where they are and see them. Something just being seen can mean all the difference in the world.

As I opened the doors to the Rebel Spark Collective, something became quite clear to me.

I want to walk through the mud with you and sling it around as life is crazy and chaotic and you can’t see a single thing because the storm has caused quite the undoing of things.

And I want to be there, to listen, to see you and be present when life is in that crazy spiral where you can’t see up or down because there’s so much damn mud.

And I want to be there as the mud hardens and things become clear again and you are able to find your footing on your path. I want to celebrate the ish out of you because you are absolutely freaking amazing for showing up when it would have been easier to fall into the mudslide to never be seen again.

Give yourself the support and community that will help you rise above all that gets in the way because when we join together – we all rise together.

Join the Rebel Collective and watch your life transform! 

Sometimes you have to burn it all down to create something better

Sometimes you have to burn it all down to create something better

It’s hard to re-do, recreate, re all the things but this starting over is sometimes necessary for a better way of being and doing.

Don’t be afraid to rock the boat a little and don’t give in to the voices that tell you that it’s not safe or the right thing to do.

People can’t tell you what’s right for you. Only you are going to know this.

It’s really about trusting your intuition and therefore trusting that you are on the path that serves you and your higher self – for a lack of a better word.

When you are striking the match to turn everything to ash, it’s about the undoing of what you thought was safe because your entire life you were taught that being + doing safe is the best way to do all the things.

When everything is burned down, you are making space for new things to grow. Even controlled burns of forests are done to make space for plant germination and the ability for the ground to replenish its valuable nutrients.

During the burning, you get to decide

  • who you are at your core
  • what you want in life + business
  • how you want to be in your life
  • what you want to do in life + business
  • how you are going to rebuild it all

This isn’t easy, seeing all the work you’ve already put in and then realizing that burning it all down is clearly a necessity in order to follow the inner sparks of your intuition.

The external fire is about burning down the societal constructs you’ve been fighting against, while the internal sparks are here to help you embrace the freedom from the status quo.

Even a controlled fire is wild, powerful and a huge risk to take on. It’s dramatic and emotional because everything you thought to be true is no longer your truth.

If you are ready to embrace your own fire, then I invite you to the Rebel Spark Collective. This is a space where you can feel safe in moments of vulnerability, be who you are and be seen by others while getting supported during your most challenging moments.

It’s time to burn down the systems that no longer feel good to you and do this life and/or business in a different way.


Join the Rebel Spark Collective 

On doing things differently

On doing things differently

If I am honest with myself, and you, of course, I have never liked the approach of creating packages and developing services for the work I am here to do. It feels stuffed, identical to what everyone else is doing, and incredibly boring.

Part of the amazing journey of life and business is figuring out, exactly what makes you tick, how you want to be in this world and then working through to make it happen. And it will be work without questions. All too often, that inner dismantling of what and who you thought you were is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding.

And I am on this journey every day even because I am human, not some alien force despite carrying around a card that says, resident alien.

I crave a deeper connection with people in this world through a more closer connection where I share my journey with you while at the same time offering you the support you crave.

And so here were are, in Rebel Spark Notes has been unleashed and in a matter of a week it already has taken on a life form that I couldn’t have imagined. The words, the assignments, the challenges – they are flowing with ease. It’s like I gave myself permission to operate from that deep level within my own soul.

In choosing to make the space for you so you can decide what you want and how to go about it, this feels big to me. Big because we get to work through the hard stuff together, at your pace. I fully expect for you to outgrow Rebel Spark Notes at some point and when that happens, I am going to celebrate you so freaking hard because I can then with a full heart say “My job is done here”.

I fully expect for you to outgrow Rebel Spark Notes at some point and when that happens, I am going to celebrate you so freaking hard because I can then with a full heart say “My job is done here”.

Sure, I will be sad when you leave but I am not meant to be a permanent fixture in your life. I am here to support you and guide in your journey, to help you turn the spark into a fire – so you can leave your old trail behind and keep forging ahead in your journey.

Here’s what you can expect depending on the spark you choose!

Rebel Spark Reader: 

  • Every month I will write 3-4 notes per week, perhaps more.
  • There will be weekly assignments.
  • There is a get stuff done section, where you get to tell us your goals and action plans.

Rebe Spark Partner:  

  • Every month I will write 3-4 notes per week, perhaps more.
  • There will be weekly assignment and monthly challenges.
  • There is a get stuff done section, where you get to tell us your goals and action plans.

Rebel Spark Collective:

  • Every month I will write 3-4 notes per week, perhaps more.
  • There will be weekly assignments and monthly challenges.
  • There is a get stuff done section, where you get to tell us your goals and action plans.
  • Every month, depending on the path you are on, there is an opportunity to get your questions answered in a personal video by me, at least for now.
  • Every other month, I am hosting a connection call where we will get together and hang out. This is to build those connections with one another but also I am available to help you through a challenge or something.

 You have a choice:

Stay where you are right now OR make a decision to do the work to create the change you are craving!

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