Creating More Ambitious Goals

Creating More Ambitious Goals

Has the people in your life or significant other recently pressured you to show some more initiative in your life? Are you losing touch with your buddies because they are smashing through their goals and you’re not? It might be time for some ambitious goal-crafting.

Sometimes, when everything seems to be going well, we can become dangerously content in life and it doesn’t challenge you. Maybe you’re content living a simple life. 

Maybe you feel more confident in a routine where you might not have to make many big decisions. Whatever reasons you have for what other people might call “slacking” or “stagnation,” there are some strong incentives for creating more ambitious goals.

Find Your Passion

Maybe you like where your job because it allows you enough time after work to engage in your favorite hobby. Sure, during the day your job isn’t too exciting, but the hours allow you to practice an activity that you are passionate about.

Most pass-times, from art, to music, to researching whatever you are interested in, even playing games, have opportunities that could allow you to make money doing what you love. Plus, if your day job gives you time to do what you enjoy, it should give you time to find a band and play out or find a community center that showcases or even sells local art, or a job online that lets you write about what you’re passionate about. Check out my guide to help you start blogging.

Find Something That Uses Your Experience

Some people like entry-level jobs because they don’t need to make a lot of decisions – all of the tough calls are made by someone else. Sure, you have to listen to someone else all the time, but if anything goes wrong up the ladder it’s not on you.

If you’ve been in one of these jobs long enough, you’ve probably noticed that things go wrong up the ladder all the time. Most of the time, that is because someone up the ladder got the job because of their experience somewhere else and they have shockingly little experience where it counts – where you are.

Management positions do mean more responsibility, but they also mean better pay. Also, the decisions that management struggles with might not be such a struggle for someone with real first-hand experience with the work – someone like you.

But if that doesn’t call to you and if you’re tired of where you are, doing the job you’re doing, perhaps it’s time to figure out what it is you would do for free because you’re so passionate about it that you just can’t help yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with being more ambitious in your life. Let go of the inner voice that people will judge you and judge you.

Find A Job That Pays More Than Bills

But if you like where you and you like the company you are working for, then, try talking to HR or looking more closely at the company’s hiring site the next time that a job opens up. Even middle-management positions often come with benefits like stock-options, better insurance, a retirement plan, and opportunities for travel. Many businesses with more than one location have opportunities for travel, especially for advanced positions. Sometimes it might be just to the next branch, but sometimes it can mean meetings or retreats in big cities all around the country.

Having a more advanced job or just some impressive projects or initiatives under your belt also makes it easier for you to change careers should something more exciting come along down the road. I write about forging your own path and designing the life you want quite a bit – and this includes the work you want to do.

Having a job that doesn’t feel too taxing can have its appeal, especially earlier in life, but as most people grow older, they often find that they want (or need) some more challenging or more lucrative work and that they wish that they would have taken advantage of more opportunities earlier in their careers. 

And I’ve been down the path of having a job that gave me what I needed in that moment and time. I worked retail in order to pay the bills and spend hours of my free time doing research on things that interest me.

I spend hours at a job that allowed me to do good in this world – one client at a time – and still work in my art business because I was able to use the free time I had to make that happen.

I am not one to say that everyone should be a business owner – although if that’s what you want – it’s time to set some goals – what I am saying is that you don’t have to stay where you are if you feel like you have more to give that you are currently able to show off.

Whether it’s for the challenge and fulfillment that more challenging goals can bring, or for the financial security that such goals often bring with them, consider creating some more ambitious goals sooner than later.

New Video: On Setting Goals

New Video: On Setting Goals

Every week I am coming to you unscripted but with thought and topic in mind. There will be no styling and no make-up but what you will get is me fully and unapologetically!

Today I am talking about about how to start taking action towards your dreams and goals.

The reality is you aren’t going to know all the actions steps that are going to take you to the end. And that can often lead to the struggle of getting started.

And it always starts with a goal.

It’s often that decision to actually do that thing that will reveal each action step that has to happen. Even when you don’t know it all – and do we ever? – you’ll notice that you know the step but you don’t know how to go about it.

This was true for me when I started writing my first book. I have had this dream for the longest time but I didn’t know how to go about it.

Well, I knew how to write but I didn’t know how to get it out into the world. And I was challenged because English is my second language and but what really stopped me from moving forward was the publishing aspect of my endeavor.

And here’s the thing, when you talk about your goal or dream to all the people you come across, eventually you will find someone that has the know-how and they’ll reveal that step to you.

And that’s exactly what happened to me. Now when I published my first book in 2009, I didn’t have an online business per say (I had a website for my art business that’s it) and I didn’t rely on my own ability to hang out on the search engine to find out what I needed.

But nonetheless, I met someone who shared with me on how to go about publishing my book and in a two months time, it was done.

New Video: Not taking Action

New Video: Not taking Action

Every week I am coming to you unscripted but with thought and topic in mind. There will be no styling and no make-up but what you will get is me fully and unapologetically!

Today I am sharing with you what not taking action can mean and where it can hold you back.

I share my personal story of getting on an airplane at the age of 18 and not looking back but it was that one single action that ended changing my life completely.

Sure I could have returned home but that one action leads to another and another. Life is about experiences and taking actions even if you don’t know what happens in the end.

The thing is you don’t have to do a thing. You can stay exactly where you are with the life you currently have but are you having fun?

Life is about experiences and sometimes you have to through spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks… yes I am talking about trial and error. You can’t know what to act on if you don’t go on an adventure and explore what excites you or even makes you tick.

Sure sometimes not doing anything may just be the thing you need to do but if you’re feeling frustrated with life, your job or your relationships, just maybe it’s time to do something about it.

And if you don’t know what you want to do then check out my free guide. The woman who had a spark in her soul will help you uncover what lights you up and can help you create a life that’s less boring.

You only have this one life to live so let’s make it a good one with doing the things you’ve always been dreaming about!

So let’s do this!

Taking Action is the way forward.. that’s it

Taking Action is the way forward.. that’s it

It’s so easy to say, isn’t it?

Taking action and voila your life is moving in the direction that you want.

But really that is only part of it and perhaps the easiest part.

First, you have to know what you want. I mean if you don’t know what you want to be, do and have, how are you ever going to take the first step. It’s like going into the forest, stumbling over fallen trees and ultimately end up lost because you didn’t even see the path you should take.

Secondly, you really have to know why you want to be, do and have something. Sure you could walk into the forest without purpose and while the sights and smells are amazing, if you don’t know the reason behind going into the forest, then what is the point?

And this may be the most important one, you have to rebel through the fear. You have to embrace the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs and be willing to look at the dark side of it all. I am not all love and light, in fact, I believe that if you don’t look on the other side, you don’t even know what needs to change, why you act/react in a certain way in the first place and acknowledge that in order to move forward you are in fact in control and in charge.

For many years, I made excuses. I could give you a list of reasons why I didn’t take action. This list looked something like this:

  • I grew up in foster care and well foster kids aren’t successful.
  • I was too promiscuous during my teenage years.
  • I had a baby at 17 without really knowing how to be a parent.
  • I’m an immigrant and I can’t make the kind of living I want here
  • I don’t know how to make this life I want to happen
  • I am not smart, good or savvy enough to pull it all (dreams, goals, etc)

And truly those are just excuses and I had to really look at the dark side. No growing up in foster care was not my fault, but repeating the story of rejecting and abandonment and using it as a reason, totally up to me. I had to rewrite the story, change my beliefs and really see the value and the lessons on my own journey.

And here I am today believing that whatever I want to do I can do. That I am good enough and more importantly worthy of all the be, do and have dreams and goals that are mulling in my head, heart, and soul.

Ultimately all of this required me to be absolutely clear on what I wanted to be, do and have, work on myself and my mindset and tap into why I wanted any of it.

It’s not easy work, but shoot it’s so worth it.

And I want to help.

I want to help you have the clarity you desire.

I want to help you get unstuck.

I want to help you discover your why … your motivation.

I want to help you take action!

And here’s how we can do this starting now by discovering what is getting in the way of actually finishing what you’ve already started!


2019 Rebel Spark Goal Book

2019 Rebel Spark Goal Book

The 2019 Rebel Spark Goal Book is now available and yes, if you were aware of the workbook from last year, I created a smidgen of change.

This is how ideas and creative works for me. I start with an idea and then over time, it evolves until it feels right and I’ve been in a transition this last year to really narrow down my work and have all of my content reflect all parts of me.

But back to the workbook 🙂

This year’s Rebel Spark Goal book comes with:

  • Reflection
  • Thank you 2018
  • Flower of Life
  • 2019 Vision
  • Be, Do and Have Goals
  • Quartley Goals
  • Monthly planning Pages supported by Inspired living pages and hashing out goal pages.
  • Problem-solving mind map and a blank mind maps
  • Blank pages

The goal book has 97 pages to help you and support you in reflecting on this past year and give thanks to the good and the lessons.

The flower of life helps you give some thought of where you are and where you would like to be that you will incorporate into your vision.

Once your vision is complete you can use your intuition to decide on your goals for the year.

The monthly planning pages are here to help you note the dates of actions and deadlines for each goal, while the goal pyramid and goal worksheet are here to guide you on the action steps that you will want to take to achieve your goal.

I’ve included a problem-solving mind map this year because it’s not fun being overwhelmed and frustrated but you can solve them by weighing all the options. This can be great working in partnership with a friend or accountability partner.

And last but not least, the pages are meant for you to personalize them by coloring them in and adding your own doodles and sketches as you feel fit. The coloring is helpful for active meditation i.e. think about how you want to feel and then color in a page and tune in on what’s need it to make it happen.

Get your copy here

There are always things that don’t make sense but yet you keep on traveling

There are always things that don’t make sense but yet you keep on traveling

Life isn’t supposed to make sense all the time. Life is a journey and when you travel along the path, you will see things and wonder and question it. 

There are always things that don’t make sense but yet you keep on traveling. 

But it’s hard, isn’t it? So incredibly challenging when you try to understand why something is happening or how it even got to this point.

Sometimes when you try too hard to make sense of something, in order to find the closure, you’re only going to confuse yourself even more. 

The painful experiences and memories that haunt you don’t always make sense as you wonder why did this happen to me? What did I do to cause this? 

It’s so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in all of that. And yet, sometimes things happen for no rhyme or reason but you have the opportunity to look and see who emerged because of those experiences. 

But in the moments when nothing makes sense to you at all, you will want to give yourself the space to say goodbye and let it all go. You can’t change your life by always trying to figure out what it all means. 

Take some time and think about the events that don’t make sense. And then take some more time and write out what you appreciate about those moments. And then make the space to see what you have learned because of them. 

Even when it was painful. Even when you want to just yell and scream about them. And in the end, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve made it through them despite whatever challenges may have stood in the way. 

You can’t let go without compassion towards yourself. Give yourself that. When you feel compassion and love for yourself you have the ability to unfold the hands around your heart and let go. 


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