The 5-Day Goal Challenge is Back!

The 5-Day Goal Challenge is Back!

There is goal setting and there is goal setting. But just spewing out a goal without a why or any meaning behind it, will falter and never come to fruition.

This goal challenge is based on a process that I use every single year and then every single month to stay focused and motivated and achieve the things I’ve set out to do.

One of the overwhelming events that can happen when you set goals is that well you don’t know where to begin and either spin your wheels in frustration or quit altogether. This challenge will help you break down your goals into smaller steps so that you can feel confident in achieving them.

And I will also share the importance of scheduling them because fact, is if it doesn’t get written down, then it won’t happen because odds are you will forget to do that thing you said you were going to do!

And of course when you have your goals figured out and the break down has occurred and you’ve scheduled them you still going to think, how it’s all going to work out. Have no fear, the Petra is here to help you through it and also the how to handle any fears and doubts that may come your way!

Each day you’ll receive an email with a worksheet to help you through that day’s objective. Here’s what you’ll learn and do:

  • Day One: Goals, Goals, Goals But before you get there, you have to find out what your vision is
  • Day Two: Break it down. I’ll show you how to break down the goals to reduce overwhelm
  • Day Three: The Schedule. If it doesn’t get scheduled it doesn’t happen
  • Day Four: Making all the pieces fit. How to make it all work with where you are now
  • Day Five: Mindset. Last but not least, we’ll focus on our mindset and some of the fears and doubts.

How to Focus on the positive

How to Focus on the positive

I am not going to sit here and say that focusing on the positive is easy because honestly, it’s not. In fact, it’s really freaking hard when you are in a shit storm and you can’t see your way out of it. And yet, I know that if you dig deep and get some perspective, the good is available to you!

Often times, when we think about our lives changing, we automatically consider the negatives that come with that. However, even in times of turbulence or stress, some good things can also come from having your world shaken up. Taking time to focus on the positive and finding the good in change is yet another strategy that can help you to better deal with uncertainty. And another truth bomb right here: life always changes and nothing stays the same and in a flash or with one decision the life you knew is different. Guaranteed!

But there are definitely a few things you can do to support you through challenging times and yes focus on the positive!

Discover Your Strengths

With change comes adaptability. We need to adapt in order to roll with the punches. You’ll soon discover some of your greatest strengths as you figure out how to handle the twisted life has thrown your way. Perhaps you’re more creative than you realized, coming up with some neat ideas to raise quick cash. Maybe you’re a good networker and can rally people to your side during those times when you just can’t do it all alone. Change can really bring out the best in us.

Become More Resilient

Another quality you may not have realized you possessed is resiliency. A resilient person gets back up when life knocks them down. Often, we have no choice but to keep going and not give up. Adversity can truly show you your potential to bounce back. In my own journey, I have had parents tell me they don’t know if they could be strong like me or even people in general. I am pretty much a master of adversity but I am telling you that when you are left without a choice, you will dig into your heels.

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Learn Something New

While it’s great to lean on your friends in times of trouble, there are also those cases in which changes require you to learn something completely new to you. This type of personal development is invaluable. Gaining new skills or discovering unknown personality traits is almost always a blessing. Instead of looking at a particular situation as a problem, it can help to view it as a learning opportunity.

Speaking of personal development, ask yourself, what can you learn from this experience? How can and will it help you?

There is wisdom in your answers!

Gain Self-Confidence

All of the above byproducts of change can lead to a tremendous boost in self-confidence for you. When you handle a big change like a boss, you can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Discovering just how strong, resilient, smart, innovative and creative you can bring a shot of feel-good chemicals like none other. And if you are struggling to find that bit of self-confidence, make a list of all the things you’ve achieved already.


Reinvent Your Life

Finally, change sometimes requires us to completely reinvent our lives. Out with the old, in with the new. There are just some life events that are so big that they will never leave you the same. And that can be okay. In fact, it can be absolutely amazing in some cases. When something happens that causes you to do a complete life turnaround without your consent, it can leave you feeling powerless. Turn that feeling around by considering the ways you can adapt to this bombshell and make it work to your advantage. Maybe a job loss can be the catalyst you needed to learn about that industry you’ve been obsessed with for years. Perhaps a breakup will force you to reevaluate the types of relationships you’ve chosen until now. Unexpected change is often the kick in the pants we actually needed to live a more authentic life.

Be the phoenix rising!

While all of these things may not apply to your situation, I hope you can at least see what reframing the idea of change can do for your outlook. By altering the way you look at your circumstances, you can move forward in a more positive and healthier way.

Having clarity of where to go, what to do and who you are in the process is only one step of the equation.

Get the confidence training to empower yourself!

My March Goals 2018

My March Goals 2018

If you know me, then you will know I am a dreamer first and then a doer and I leap without a net.

A huge part of my mission is to support you and guide you to leap into action at a pace that pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone just enough to expand for you to believe into possibilities. And so this space of mine will be taking a slightly different approach moving forward!

You will see my monthly goals on the first of every month and then a review of a sort on the last day of the month, with blog posts in-between – topics unknown.

My Monthly Goals…Why do I set them? Why do I share them here?

  • Setting goals helps me remain focused and stay accountable to what I said I was going to do.
  • I hope that it may inspire you to set goals for yourself but more importantly, motivates you to action!

I have a specific approach that I use that I will be outlining here just a bit! My life is so much more than just goal setting because everything I do is fueled by my intuition and with activities that feel good.

Inspired Living

My Intention for the month is connection. Connection to my inner self and people in my network.
Affirmation/Mantra is I am deeply connected to my souls’ purpose
Books to read: Rising Strong by Brene Brown for personal development. One Fiction Novel for downtime.
How I will honor myself: To always listen to my body to give it what it needs and nourish my soul through art.
What will I do for fun: Working on my knitting project, play soccer with my team
I am grateful for: For the connections in my life that share a similar vision
I am excited about: Writing my next book and sharing the message of embracing your inner rebel
I want to feel: Connected to my soul’s purpose and like-minded people
What excites me right now? A new project that is in the early stages of development

March Goals

1. Complete the first draft of my manuscript for my book

This book has been in the works since December and got slightly derailed because I decided to throw the Rebel Shine Summit together. So now it’s time to refocus on my book and complete the manuscript. Deadline is March 31st!

2. Release a new challenge – to be announced Friday, March 2nd, 2018

I’ve been blogging since 2005 and officially have all of my posts from over the years on this blog of mine here. Getting started can be overwhelming and I will be releasing a challenge for you to take action and move forward. I know you’re being called to share your message!

3. Create a new course for the Rebel’s Academy 

I already have a course that helps you get your website online in the Academy. But I am updating and revamping it this month to go more in-depth about creating a website that feels good and developing the content that connects your message and reaches your people.

A look back on the month of February 2018: The Rebel Shine Summit

4. Finish the rest of the Modules for the Rebel Shine Inner Circle Bootcamp

There are already modules within the space but I still need to complete 6 more modules, bringing it to a total of 12 lessons with text and video as well as action guides!

5. Run 3 days a week + 1 Soccer Game

When you work from home, it’s easy to fall into a rut of not working out and doing the things you know you ought to be doing for your body. The Soccer game attendance is easier than the motivation for me to go run and I am done with the excuses!


Coloring Page community Membership6. Finish Adding new coloring pages to the Create your Colorful Life Community

I decided in February to transfer the Coloring Page Community to a new platform and it’s been an undertaking. I only have another 100 pages to add bringing the total to about 240 with 15 more pages to be released every single month. I am also thinking to create a “Build your own Planner” course within the membership with the pages I have already designed, so you can pick and choose what you want in your own planner!

7. Go to New York for Freedom Hackers Presents: Publicity For Bigger Impact

I am excited about this trip! I am part of Kimra Luna’s BTBY Community and have been dying to attend one of her events for years now and haven’t really had a chance yet. I am looking forward to connecting with people I have met “online” but actually meet them in person. I am also looking forward to the train ride!

8. Work on my knitting project for an hour or so per evening

I’ll be honest, this is an area in my life I have been neglecting and I am feeling called to work less on my computer and more on other activities. It’s so easy for me to get sucked into all the doing in my business (the behind the scenes thingies) and not take enough time to disconnect.

9. Spend at least one day a week somewhere else other than my office

And since I work from home in my own office space, I am in need of a change of scenery. Spring being right around the corner is a huge influence on this but I am being called to find other places to work, you know coffee shops and things.

Road Trip: Destination Unknown10. Go on a road trip: Destination unknown

With springtime being just about here, the tree frogs told us so, I am itching to get in my car and hit the road. One of the things we love to do is to get in the car with a full tank a gas and see where it will lead us. We don’t determine ahead of time where we will go as we enjoy the adventure along the way.

If you are looking for guidance on setting goals, I have a 3-months Goal Setting Course called The 90-Day Journey!

What are your March Goals?


Share in the Comments below!

New Course Release for the Rebels Academy: Nurture yourself

New Course Release for the Rebels Academy: Nurture yourself

NurtureAre you stretched too thin with too many obligations in your week?

Do you find it challenging to make time for yourself?

Do you even know what would nurture you?

I released the Nurture Yourself Challenge in the Rebels Academy aka Rebel Soul Connection.

28 days of exploration and trying new things to help you figure out what activities nurture your soul and give you the much-needed downtime from the hustle and bustle.

The goal is that you find about 3-5 things that not only light you up but truly nurture your spirit, and incorporate them into your long-term self-care regimen.

Sometimes in the chaos of life when you there are more demands in the day than you can manage, it’s challenging to find time for yourself.

In this challenge, you will spend 10-30 minutes a day, trying something different. You may already be familiar with some of the activities and that’s okay but this is about the experience and nurturing yourself more than anything else.

  • What would it mean to you to take a little time for yourself every day?
  • How refreshed would you feel?
  • How relaxed could you go into the day?

Something I learned over the years is that if I don’t take care of myself, who will? If I don’t prioritize myself and give me that respect, how can I expect other people to respect and honor me?

And I want you to ask yourself the same questions!
And the end of the 28-day Challenge, I hope that you have found a few things that you know will work for you to help you nourish and nurture yourself.

There is no right or wrong way to engage in self-care and there whatever practice works for someone else, it may not work for you.

Join the Rebels Academy today and start taking the Nurture Yourself Challenge!

The 90-Day Goal Journey

The 90-Day Goal Journey

There was a time in my life, I would always say “one day I will” and “someday this will be true” but eventually I realized that I was only lying to myself and those I shared my dreams with because I didn’t take action. 

I struggled to turn my ideas into reality while juggling work, motherhood, cultivation friendships and I got so sick and tired of not achieving my goals. I got even more tired of my excuses and the frustration and overwhelm that existed in my life. 

Does this sound familiar? 

I decided to get clear of what I wanted to achieve in my lifetime and map out how I would get there. This meant that I would decide what I would do for a living, how I would show up every day and only do the things that really light me up. 

It meant that I would tune out the outside noise and really start focusing on my own dreams and goals, even if I hit some detours along the way. 

And this is where the 90-Day Journey comes in! 

The 90 Day Journey Planner

You’ll begin by mapping out your vision for your own lifetime and chunk them down into manageable road trips and step-by-step into actionable tasks that will not only help you to stay on task but manage your time and increase your productivity. 

But why 90-Days? 

Well, in short, you are able to review your progress and handle any detours that may come up along the way, which will help you achieve your goals in shorter sports for long-term effect. 

Plus you are building your confidence a little at a time because you have a clear vision of where you are headed and celebrate achievements more often. And who doesn’t like to celebrate their own success?? 

What can you expect? 

You will have video recordings to help you understand the planning system

A downloadable and printable planner ready to roll, 90-days at a time. 

And after 90 days? You’ll print it out again and again… rinse, repeat … success! 

A 147-Page Printable Planner + Video Training Course

Your Road Map to help you define where you’re headed and how you are going to get there

Roadside Success Tool Kit to help you stay on top of your game and achieve your goals 

90-Day Planner to be plan for your journey, weekly & daily planner sheets, meal planning, and a monthly review to make sure you’re staying the course


  • A confident you training
  • Problem Solving training
  • Facebook Group to support  

Don’t forget, with the 90-Day Journey Handbook & Planner, you can print out the planner over and over again. All for one small investment!


Are you trying to keep yourself too separated?

Are you trying to keep yourself too separated?

Are you trying to keep yourself too separated?I started my first business in 2005 and have had a few that I either lost interest, simply because they didn’t give me the fulfillment I need every single day.

The challenge over the years became that I was creating all of these different things and kept them separate from my life depended on it.


Because conformity taught me that we can’t be and do all that we wanted and that we had to choose one thing.

And here I was trying to show that you can have the cake and eat it too but it became incredibly difficult to manage. What I hoped would be a piece of cake because a clusterfuck that I struggled to maintain some kind of sanity around.

And for someone who is preaching about forging your own path and doing all things your way, I was in completely out of alignment with my message and how I showed up every single day.

And here I am today with a new layout for my website because I can squish all that I love in one place and I no longer have to come up with content for a gazillion things, but rather just in once place sharing wisdom about life, business, art and whatever else I may want to talk about.

Why would this matter to you?

Since I decided to make changes in my business before the website change, I have been trying to figure out how I can best show you that you absolutely can have the life that you want, do the things that you love and you don’t have to sacrifice a single thing about you.

I am able to show you that all you need is clarity on what you want and where you want to go and then allow the pieces to fall into place.

This life… it’s a journey.

And as I am turning a year older tomorrow, I know that this past year has been about undoing and becoming in more than one way. And sometimes we can’t see that until someone points this out.

So how do you bring all the pieces together?

You write it out of course!

Write about in terms of one year, 5 years and even 25 years from now.

What does your perfect day look like? Who are you with? What have you been up to that brings you the most joy? What do you do for fun? What does that look like? What does that feel like? What passions have you been pursuing, either full-time or part-time?

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote December 2016:

The date is December 31st, 2017 and I am so grateful and happy that our home feels so amazing and warm and cozy. I love that I wake up to my partner every morning and that we are literally achieving our goals to freedom to live on the road.

All of our debt is paid off and my partner is driving around town in his new truck. My Kia Soul is paid off and continues to bring me joy when I am driving it around town.

Our kids and animals are the epitomai of health and life truly is feeling awesome these days.

Our garden this year has produced so much goodness of zucchini, tomato, eggplant, oregano, basil and green peppers. I truly enjoyed working in my garden grow our own food.

I am so grateful and happy that I get to support amazing women in the Rebel Soul Connection helping them achieve their goals in life and that I have been able to grow my own support network in the process. It feels really amazing to have people in your life that not only listen to you but cheer you on as well.

I am so grateful and happy that I have written my first fiction novel and that I enjoyed the process so much that I cannot wait to write more books in the upcoming year following.

My artwork is selling with ease and it doesn’t take much effort to share my work and people love how I bring value to their life, showing them that anything is truly possible.

And here’s what happened during this year:

  • I opened up the Rebel Soul Connection
  • I grew our own vegetables
  • Started playing soccer as a way to exercise
  • Became a podcaster
  • Started writing my fiction book (to be released in December)
  • Started writing a self-help book (to be released in October)
  • Merged all of my blogs and became a lifestyle blogger of sorts
  • I share my coloring pages, artwork, and wisdom in one spot
  • Made progress in our remodel starting with the kitchen
  • Decluttered and purged through the house
  • My partner has a new truck
  • Teaming up with local hospital to share my coloring pages with parents

This is the power of writing it all down and having some clear goals on who you want to be, what you want to have and what you want to do.

Some of these I had no idea how they would unfold nor how they would come into our lives, but they did nonetheless.

And you can have the same undoing and becoming for yourself if you are willing to take a chance with yourself.

Get the Rebel Soul Handbook today!