Calling all ambitious women (Free training inside)!

Calling all ambitious women (Free training inside)!


I am so excited to be featured on the Your Achiever Mindset Summit with 24 other experts in the fields of leadership, confidence, productivity, and spirituality!

Join us and you’ll learn how to identify what’s holding you back, break free from your self-imposed limits, and be a more confident and assertive woman in order to achieve your goals! It’s not too late to catch all the interviews all you have to do is:

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My interview drops today so be sure to give it a listen as I talk about how to set your be, do and have goals!

Your Achiever Mindset Summit for ambitious women
The new year is at our door and I know that you want to play bigger in 2018, so I wanted to make sure to share this opportunity with you.

You might have seen an email go out about this powerful interview series I am participating in: Your Achiever Mindset: How to Free Yourself From Limits, Increase Productivity and Make Your Goals Your Reality, hosted by Geneviève Pépin. This series is specifically designed to provide you with tools, techniques, and inspiration to set your energy and mindset right, in order to reach your next level and become unstoppable.

Isn’t it what we all want when starting a new year?

Women from around the globe have already joined the movement and I am sending the invitation to you, one more time, so you don’t miss that chance!

The good news is that it is not too late to enjoy all the 25 interviews for FREE! Join now here and get ready to learn:

  • Powerful techniques to develop your leadership and charisma.
  • The science behind a thriving mindset and getting what you want.
  • How to overcome your blocks and clear your way to freedom.
  • The power you already have and how to tap into it.
  • Practical tips and tricks to help you focus on what really matters and get things done.
  • And lots of free gifts!

All interviews will be available for a replay period starting December 22nd – save your spot today here


7 Steps to Release Stories and Belief Patterns and Embrace Life

7 Steps to Release Stories and Belief Patterns and Embrace Life

It wasn’t until 2008 that I realized the stories I kept hanging onto were dictating the outcome of my life.

I didn’t know that hanging onto the belief systems would keep me struggling!

So what changed?

My son, during his recovery from transplant surgery, yelled out one night in a whisper:

Save me, mommy, save me.

He was 5 years old, fighting for his life after unpredictable complications. As things stabilized I started to reflect on my life. And I had the second scariest thought in my life:

I needed to walk on the level of my soul.

This meant letting go of all the stories and belief patterns that I so carefully packaged up and stored within me. I allowed all of the thoughts and beliefs I had about myself be the dictator of my being.

  • I don’t fit it
  • I’m too different
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I don’t deserve the life I wanted

And I found plenty of reasons why all of this was accurate.

If you are looking for validation of why your old stories, thought patterns, and belief systems are true, have no doubt, you will find them!

In the core of my being, I believed that I wasn’t worthy of the goodness I craved no matter how hard I worked, how kind I was and the norms that I followed.

in the storm of my son’s recovery, I knew I needed to step out of the shadows of the stories that I told myself. And it was difficult recognizing just how much I clung to everything I thought to be true. It was like my life depended on the stories, thoughts, and beliefs.

So how did I – and how can you release what is holding you back?

  1. Create a timeline of events to help you paint a picture of your life, the events that shaped you, which are neither good or bad.
  2. Write out how each event impacted your life and the messages you’ve carried forward.
  3. Become a detective on how every decision you ever made was influenced by those events.
  4. Recognize that you are NOT the events and messages no the stories that came out of those.
  5. Write a list of everything you have learned because of the events. Add all the reasons why you are a better human because of those events.
  6. Write about each event again and see how you allowed those stories, belief patterns and thoughts to be accurate.
  7. Choose to release all the crud that has held you back and decide to create new stories, thoughts and belief patterns.

You can choose what you believe.
You can choose how to act or react.
You can choose the thoughts you want to think.

It’s how I literally went from being a foster kid reject to being a foster kid success.

Through the release, I was able to let go of

  • The struggle
  • The frustrations
  • The pain

I embraced who I am by feeing into my life and allowed myself to choose ease, action, and okayness.

And isn’t it time that you choose what feels good to you?
Isn’t it time that you release whatever is holding you back?


you’re one decision away!



P.S. It’s time to release the need to have a challenging life and time to embrace you. If you’re ready and your soul is ready, then join me in Rebel Shine.

Where Mindset meets Strategy meets Guidance on how owning your own power and unleash yourself is the recipe for Creative Rebels and Passionate who are done living in a box and have the support of a community.

Soul Approved: How to unleash yourself to have an awesome life

Soul Approved: How to unleash yourself to have an awesome life

If there is one thing I know all too well, it’s the feeling of the box getting smaller and the air is getting tighter. It’s becoming unmanageable to move and breathe within your space that you call life.

And it all comes from being chained to a life you think you are supposed to create because it’s what you should do.

  • You should do this for a living because it’s the safe way
  • You should act and behave this way or that way because it’s the nice way
  • You should put yourself first because everyone else is more important

But are not feeling like you’re suffocating and unable to move in the direction you want to go?

Yes, you have the option to stay chained in the conformity of your box where it feels cozy and safe – but at what cost?

Do you really want to look back at your life and say

  • I wish I did __________
  • I’m sad I didn’t _______
  • I regret not to ________

You’re tired and wonder what the heck this life is all about.

And the truth (it might hurt a little)

You’ve been chained to someone else’s idea of a life!

And the time has come for you to break free!

It’s time to unleash yourself!

The time has come that you stop

  • Being afraid of failure
  • Believing you’re not good enough
  • Talk yourself out of the things you want to do
  • Keeping your thoughts to yourself
  • Living a life designed by someone else

Deep down you know that you

  • Have incredible ideas
  • Have a voice that matters
  • Have to step out of the comfort zone

It isn’t enough to just exist anymore because you know there’s so much more to life than live in a box of shoulds.

No doubt unleashing yourself will be uncomfortable – all growing pains are – as you start being the person you’ve been all along but too afraid to share you with the world.

Your life can change at a moments notice.

Anytime you get in the car, you *could* get into an accident and yet here you still getting in the car every day.

So why not face your fears and do what you to want to do and start being true to yourself?

What do you have to lose?


Because you aren’t going to be further ahead if you fail but you are going to be wiser through the lessons that emerge through your willingness to put yourself first for a change.

Life is a journey and you will die one day – this is a fact!

So why not make this the best journey you can imagine by finally breaking free from the chains of conformity and embrace who you are?

When you’re ready to have an awesome life, it’s time to break those chains!

Remember, you’re one decision away!


P.S. If you’re ready to unleash yourself and you want to rise above from your shoulds, then join me in Rebel Shine!

Where Mindset meets Strategy meets Guidance on how owning your own power and unleash yourself is the recipe for Creative Rebels and Passionate who are done living in a box and have the support of a community.

How to own your own power and be unstoppable

How to own your own power and be unstoppable

You are a powerful being and you probably don’t even recognize it.

You’ve been conditioned to think that being powerful is wrong and that it’s fueled by masculine energy and riddled with control.

But what if for just a moment you challenged the definition of owning your power?

What if it’s more about knowing who you are and what you want?

Think about it for a moment, where in your life did you give your power away?

  • All the times you’ve said yes when you meant no
  • Any time you’ve put others before you
  • The time you didn’t share a thought or an opinion

I bet that you had a lot of memories flood into your brain and felt yourself nodding along and then you also grinches because deep down you wanted to say no, put yourself first and share that thought of yours.

You can own your power, but you have to make that decision.

You don’t have to live the life you *think you should live* you can live the life you want to.

And I can hear all of your objections flying at me like a locust invasion.

You don’t truly believe you have a choice.

But you do!

Be honest with yourself for a moment!

You’ve been holding back because of fear.

Fear of

  • saying no and not being liked
  • putting yourself first and considered selfish
  • speaking your truth and hurting people’s feelings
  • failure because what if it doesn’t work out
  • success because what if everything you want comes true

I’m willing to bet that you know what you want but haven’t given yourself permission to make it happen.

I am also willing to bet that the moment you decide to own your own power, life will feel amazing and you will feel unstoppable.

What if owning your power means saying no to the struggle?

What if it means that you will have time for the things you want to do?

What if you are only surrounding yourself with people that support you?

A big part of owning your own power is knowing who you are, what you want and that your thoughts/opinions matter.

And it’s also about putting yourself first, saying no when it feels like a no and listening to your intuition.

Owning your own power is not about controlling every part of your life or the people in it.

It’s confidently saying that you will go after what you want and that you know without a doubt

You got this

Isn’t it time that you start choosing you?

Choose yourself to go after your dreams

Choose yourself to do what you love

Choose yourself to surround yourself with goodness

Choose yourself to feel worthy

Choose yourself to value yourself

Remember, you’re one decision away!



P.S. If you’re ready to own your power and you want to rise above from whatever is holding you back, I made this for you.

Where Mindset meets Strategy meets Guidance on how owning your own power and unleash yourself is the recipe for Creative Rebels and Passionate who are done living in a box and have the support of a community.

Want to remove the pain? Follow your heart!

Want to remove the pain? Follow your heart!

I’ve gone and done it again and totally restructured my life and therefore my businesses. And that’s just it, life and business are never straightforward or linear, it is whatever you make of it though.

The rules of business say that you need to niche down but what if being a multi-passionate introverted empath is exactly your niche?

What if you, just the way you are, is totally part of your niche and your tribe?

What if building a product and a service based business is your thing?

And here’s the thing, I didn’t want to just be a coach. I know some amazing coaches and have been referred to being one as well but once again it felt like I needed to squish myself into this box that I would never fit into.   I want to show and tell, to teach, to motivate you into action and ok a small part even inspires you – without sacrificing what I stood for, belief in and mostly myself.

I want to show and tell, to teach, to motivate you into action and ok a small part even inspires you – without sacrificing what I stood for, belief in and mostly myself.

But first I needed to figure out what the heck that all meant for my own life and my own business. It needed to forge my own path and that meant giving myself permission to dream and it got me thinking that you may be facing a similar situation right now. So, ask yourself the question:

What if you couldn’t fail, what would you do every day in your life?

For me, the answer was: all the things.

Well, all the things at the same time, that wasn’t going to happen. But developing time management skills, focusing on what did matter to me and tuning out the noise that was going to be the key for me.

Until I gave myself permission to forge my own path and stopped listening to all the people, I was floundering around wondering what the heck I was going to do every single day. And let me tell you, that time of my life sucked donkey balls.

I was bored out of my freaking mind.

And now you get the reap the benefits of my struggles and frustrations.

I am sharing with you exactly how I started changing my life and embodied all of my passions. I designed a life where I get to create and serve without sacrificing myself in the process.

It’s time that you create the life you want and forge your own path.

There’s a lot of noise already and a lot of content filled with fluff, and that’s just not how I roll.

I respect your time and want to deliver the information you need in a way that makes sense – and well is straight to the point.

This is what lights me up, seeing people making decisions to follow their dreams and passions.

And if you’re ready to build a business on the side or full-time, be it product or service based:

Four Publishing Options Worth Exploring When your Book is Finished

Four Publishing Options Worth Exploring When your Book is Finished


I think the writing of the book is the easy part. Whether you have a body of work ready to repurpose (such as a blog you’ve maintained for several years) or a ghostwriter at the ready, or you just really like to write, getting your book on paper is simple.

Publishing and selling it is another matter altogether and you have four options available when it comes to publishing your book, and each one has its pros and cons.

PDF Ebook. Probably the simplest method to publish a book, all that’s required with an ebook is to click “Save as…” in your Word document and choose “PDF.” Then you can sell the resulting file on your own website, list it on ClickBank or E-Junkie, or upload it to a number of other ebook marketplaces online.

Ebooks don’t quite have the authority that printed books carry, but if you’re on a budget and don’t have the skills to format your book for print, then this can be a viable option to get you off the ground. It’s also a great way to share your book with advance readers to get those all-important testimonials.

The only time I use this method is for my guides and handbooks since I want you to be able to print them. And I may use this option by sharing a chapter of a book but probably not something you’d find in my own shop.

Kindle. The darling of the self-publishing world, Amazon’s Kindle marketplace makes it easy for you to publish your book. In fact, with just a few minutes of formatting, and other several minutes spent on their step-by-step uploading system, you can have your book on their virtual shelves in less than an hour.

With its incredible popularity and the ability to offer “free days” during which anyone can download your book at no cost, Kindle is a great way to build a buzz quickly.

I’m an avid Kindle user or is that reader? From fiction to nonfiction books I can be found with my nose on the kindle screen. Technology has its upside.

Print on Demand. The best choice for self-published authors is a relatively new technology that allows for a single book to be printed on demand. Until just a few years ago, if you chose to self-publish, you’d likely have to shell out for hundreds if not thousands of copies up front, leaving you with a garage full of books to sell on your own.

Print on demand is different. Buyer’s order your book from sellers such as Amazon (whose Create Space arm is itself a print on demand enterprise) and the book is printed and shipped the next day. This makes it easy and cost-effective for everyone to become a published author.

Traditional Publisher. The most difficult and time-consuming option, getting published with a traditional print publisher will also get you the most audience and press. The drawbacks are many, though. To start, it’s extremely difficult to get a traditional publishing house to take on a new author. If you do manage to get the attention of a publisher, your royalties (the amount you earn from your book) will be very small—maybe as little as 8% of the net cost. Finally, the length of time it takes from manuscript submission to final publication can be years.

All that said, a book with a traditional publishing insignia on the spine does carry a bit more weight when it comes to press opportunities than does a self-published book.

My challenge always with traditional publishing has been that it was holding me back because I couldn’t figure out my way in, though I know if I dedicate my time and research, anything can happen. And my message has always been don’t allow anything to stop you from forging your own path or write that book of course. 

Many new authors initially choose the ebook format and then move to Kindle and print on demand. Given enough buzz and sales, traditional publication becomes easier to attain as well. The important thing is to get your book written, and then publish where you’re most comfortable. The rest will come naturally.

So don’t allow yourself to be stopped in sharing your message, instead choose the path that makes the most sense to you!

Check out my Book Writing Course!

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