How to create your ideal week so you can embody success

As a multi-passionate individual with a few businesses, planning is important so I know what to do when, where and what. And I can’t really stand doing the same thing repeatedly, it dries up my creativity in massive ways. One of the things I have found that works well for… Continue reading »

How to use the Create your Colorful 2017 Workbook


I wanted to take some time and review my workbook with you. I am already head over heels into planning my own colorful 2017 and couldn’t be more excited about the things to come. It is time to dream and to dream big. It’s time to call in the vision… Continue reading »

4 Books that I have influenced my business and life


After I graduated college in 2010, I stopped reading books for fun and personal development. I mean 7 years of textbooks material about accounting, organizational behavior, and then mental health might burn you out on reading too. But I digress, reading is good and when done with purpose and intention… Continue reading »