New Book Release: Rebel Shine – The guide to have your best year, every year

New Book Release: Rebel Shine – The guide to have your best year, every year

I just released my new book Rebel Shine and I am thrilled. Not only because I finished it but because people are already leaping into action and stop waiting for the right moment. One message I received:

Hey! Congrats on the book 👏 I bought it and started reading and I got this crazy idea (from your story)…

and this is why I wrote this book.

Not only to help you get a vision of where you want to go in your life but do it in such a way that every, year truly is the best year.

Rebel Shine is more than just a book, however. It’s really a guide to help you rise above from what is holding you back, so you can have the best year, every year. What would it mean to you to have a clear vision of the direction for your life and the dreams waiting to be unleashed?

It’s time that you own your own power and release the stories and belief patterns that have held you back until now. It’s time to tap into your imagination and embrace self-care while embodying an attitude of gratitude. Opportunities will emerge as you elevate your life and embrace vulnerability.

If your purchase the kindle version, each chapter is followed by questions for you to answer. And each chapter builds upon the other.

If you by the paperback version, there is space for you to write in the book directly as you move through each chapter.

I really believe that when we have a clear vision of the path we are wanting to take, we can move through our lives with a bit more ease.

I didn’t want to focus on a long-term vision so much, although that can play a key role. But I know that anything and everything can change at a moments notice and that is why Rebel Shine is focused on just one year at a time.

This book can apply to your life or your business or even a combination of both. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life and what is currently going on, what does matter is your willingness to embrace your inner Rebel and make those small or radical changes just waiting on you to decide that this moment right here, is THE moment.

And in the words of Meatloaf “what’s it going to be?”

A challenge for change – You won’t know until you act

A challenge for change – You won’t know until you act

Last months I attended an author event. It was the first time I had entered a writing competition and pushed myself into the lion’s den of being judged.

I didn’t know the outcome because winners weren’t announced until the night of the event. I’ve been writing aka blogging or books for over 10 years now but never once had I considered entering a competition. It’s not really my scene because I want to not care what people think about my writing or what I do. Ever.

Because the moment I start caring what other people think in terms of my writing or the work that I do, I create a space to shrink and play it small. And yet, if I don’t push those boundaries, how will I grow?

And so I wrote a 500-word essay and entered the competition. I found myself among some incredible human beings.

Challenge into Change is a forum for real-life stories about women overcoming personal struggles to find growth and healing. We invite you to submit a piece of writing of 500 words or less about a woman (yourself or someone you know) surmounting a difficult situation in her life. Both prose and poetry are welcome. Winners will receive cash awards; all entrants will have the chance to be published in our Challenge into Change book and will be honored at a ceremony at the 2018 Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. – Women’s Initiative

And what a humbling experience to hear and read the stories of over 80 authors who have had some incredibly challenging experiences in their own lives. We are truly never alone and the only time we find ourselves alone is when we don’t share our stories.

I didn’t win and yet I did all at the same time.

I won because I put myself out there and I won because of the comments from the judges about my story.

These comments sum up who I am as a human and as a writer. In fact, the point that got me is that through my writing they were indeed able to see everything about me.

But I am not going to sit here and say that I wasn’t disappointed. There was a small part of me that was bummed out about not winning. And that reminds me that I am human after all and that sometimes can mean the world.

I wouldn’t have known the outcome or this experience:

If I didn’t write the essay
If I didn’t submit the essay
If I didn’t go to the event

If you want to change your life then you gotta push those boundaries of your comfort zone a little at a time!

Working from home was the best decision I’ve ever made

Working from home was the best decision I’ve ever made

I’ve had what feels like a gazillion jobs over the years but the reality is that it’s only ever been 8 or 9, and I struggled with not being able to stick with ONE job. But something I’ve realized over the years, some of us aren’t wired that way.

Some of us cannot be tied down to a job like that because we get bored.

Some of us have a little bit of an issue with authority.

Some of us would prefer to wake up when we wake and mosy on over to our desk or couch to get to work.

I am that kind of a person.

But more than anything else I am a mom and this is the one “job” I’ve held the longest (go me!). I’ve always enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom if you will. I’ve also always been a doer, I can’t just sit on the couch, watch TV and eat bonbons.

And over the years I’ve explored different ideas, followed opportunities and then I became a special-needs mom, which meant (to me) that I had to find something that I could do from home so I could be present when my kids needed me.

And here we are today!

And I also know lot’s of my friends have gone down a similar path and maybe you are ready to figure out how to create a living being at home with your kiddos, or while drinking coffee sitting on your deck.

We all had different reasons for starting down this path.

  • Escape corporate and find more satisfying work
  • Find jobs that allowed us to work from anywhere so we could travel more
  • Discover flexibility so we could be there for our families when they needed us
  • Identify any skills (other than cleaning and laundry) that could provide some disposable income.

Whatever the reason that brought us here, now we’re looking for work + life balance and how to be more focused on our work so we can spend more time with our family that we dreamed of.

If it sounds tough, I have something to make it easier for you.


What if I told you someone had already put together a carefully vetted package to get you up to speed on finding real work-at-home opportunities (AND making your work + life balance better once you’re working from home)?

Well, you can stop looking! It’s here…And I gotta tell you, that I wished something like this existed 15 years ago when I started to venture into being in business for myself. But there’s always something to learn and I am excited that this bundle exists to help people like you and me, become the CEO of our lives.

You really are only one decision away to a completely different life.

  • Create simple work routines to fit your family’s schedule.
  • Master the art of squeezing more work into the time you have.
  • Identify your marketable skills and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Turn your business & entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.
  • Learn legal and accounting best practices to keep you worry-free.
  • Develop clear work and home life boundaries, so you can plan your days for success.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit their website, take a quick look at all the goodness that comes in this package, then click the “Get my copy now!” button to go through their simple and secure 3-step checkout process.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a login to their online access portal, where you’ll begin downloading your eBooks, signing up for your eCourses, and redeeming your free bonus offers.
  3. Use their Getting Started Guide to pick the topic you want to tackle first and achieve your work-at-home dreams!

You deserve to do the work you love. You shouldn’t have to wait any longer to finally find the work freedom you’ve been looking for, or the work + life balance you’ve been waiting to achieve. Because seriously, some of us really have to forge our own path. And just think you can show other people what IS possible!

How I created my life and business

How I created my life and business

There are so many people in this world telling you how to create a life or run your business or what how to fit in with society.

Somewhere deep down I always knew that I am not meant to just exist but to really figure out what lights me up and how I can make an impact in this world that encourages you to create a life with purpose and passion.

Today I want to give you a glimpse of how I arrived at a place where I get to do whatever I want, every single day.

It’s not been easy that’s for sure. As a person who grew up in foster care, there were always limits placed based on someone else’s view of foster kids or limits I placed upon myself based on someone else’s story. In hindsight, everything I experienced in the foster care and afterward, guided me and moved me in this direction.

Nothing became more clear about my life and my purpose when the day came and I became a special needs mom to a medically fragile child and I was smacked into the soul foundation that life is too short and that I am in charge of how my life is going to unfold.

In 2007, I started to act instead of just talking about all the things I wanted to do one day.

I started writing and publishing books to share my message.
I went to college to become a therapist to help families at risk.
I started a brick and mortar business supporting artists in the community.
I made art that called me, learning and perfecting my skills.
I worked as a therapist until I was ready for 100% entrepreneurship.
I created active and passive income streams.
I created a web design and virtual assistant business.
I created coloring books to cement positive feelings from within.

And when I first became a full-time entrepreneur I followed what the experts said, but in truth, it left me frustrated and annoyed because it didn’t feel good. And after a year I had about enough of the bullshit that was my business and decided to get some clarity and what I wanted my life to look and feel like.

And that is where I found my personal mission and secret to make my vision a reality.

I simply wrote it out.

In 3, 5 or 10 years, what did I want my life to look and feel like, and the emphasis is on what I wanted it to feel like.

I decided to no longer feed the shoulds or have to’s and simply just be in each moment and follow the ideas and actions that felt good. Those feelings feel like an energetic party on the insight.

I tuned into how I wanted to serve the creatives and multi-passionate without sacrificing my energy and myself in the process. I created the Rebel’s Academy to help you build a business the same way I am making all of my ideas flow. You can have a service or product based business or a combination of both. It’s doable and I am loving every minute of it.

But just having the Academy wasn’t enough because it’s just one part of the whole picture. I created coloring books, I wrote books and tuned into what I wanted to do every single day that would support my overarching goal but also give me 100% satisfaction.

And that’s how the Rebel Shine Bootcamp came into play. It begins with the vision and then each following module and lesson to support that vision so you can have the best year every year.

Here’s the thing, you can have a service-based business that does not require 1:1 coaching calls. I am still very much involved in helping you build a business or create a life that feels amazing. And I am able to do it through the membership platform as well as through private community Facebook Group.

I get sad every time someone makes excuses for why they can’t do what they want to do and making all the pieces fit for them. You can start now and you can start small. There is no right or wrong way, there’s only YOUR way.

Every year I write a new vision for what I want my next year to look and feel like and based on that visions I develop my goals and the things I want to do during that year. It’s my foundation and literally allows me to “do whatever I want every single day”.

So if you are struggling and feeling frustrated, write out a vision.

Write it out for 10 years, 5 years and then 1 year.

Ask yourself who you want to be, how you want to feel and who is part of your life.
Write about the things you are doing from the time you wake up until you go to bed.
Write about the things you want to achieve and celebrate in your life.

Get into the nitty-gritty of your feelings. How do you want to feel when you do all the things. How will it look like when you follow your passions and live in your purpose?

And if you want some help with planning, masterminding, co-working and accountability, check out Rebel Kickstart! 

Money Bootcamp and my journey with mindset

Money Bootcamp and my journey with mindset

Do you ever wonder why you are stuck in life exactly where you are right now? What is that missing piece that will help you level up?

It’s mindset.

But more specifically it’s your money mindset.

I have always believed there is a way to make things happen and that life really doesn’t have to be so much of a struggle.

I’ve always known it relates to the story we tell ourselves and the impact of our experiences that have imprinted themselves into our person.

What I didn’t realize is that some of those stories are directly related to money too. Here I was thinking all of these years that if I change my thoughts, I will change my life.

And yes, for the most part, it is true. But it is so much more than that, and this is wat the Money Bootcamp is all about.

It’s like you are becoming an architect of all the stories and transform yourself into this amazing archeologist with this super cool finds, although sometimes those finds can be heart-shattering.

But in order to be, do and have our deepest desires to be fulfilled, we need to dig deep to unearth the roots of all things.

I started my journey by reading Denise Duffield-Thomas book “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” and it was eye-opening. One moment what was a true reality, my father being an alcoholic, became a money memory of how I wasn’t worth more than a bottle of beer.

I joined the boot camp because I wanted to unearth it all and truly learn how to step into my own power, to rewrite those stories and it was a hard one for sure.

And I keep going back to take the boot camp again and again because there is always more dirt to uncover.

And Denise Duffield-Thomas has decided to once again run this boot camp live.

If you are ready to be and feel lucky and done being stuck, then this boot camp is totally for you!

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business.

Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances. She is an award-winning speaker, author, and entrepreneur who helps women transform their Economy-Class money mindset into a First-Class life.

And now Denise Duffield-Thomas has JUST opened the doors the incredible 2018 LIVE round of Money Bootcamp.  

In case you haven’t heard yet, Money Bootcamp is THE money mindset program for women who want to transform their money stories and finally earn the income they deserve.

This is a game-changing experience that is about much more than just money. Yes, when you join Money Bootcamp you’ll gain the tools, mentorship, and community to drastically increase your income.

What’s really great about Bootcamp, though, is that Denise’s mission is to empower women to step into their roles as the leaders they’re meant to be — in their lives and businesses.

This program will touch every aspect of your life in a positive way — and Denise has thousands of happy Bootcampers who are living proof of that.

If I were you, I would NOT miss this opportunity to join Denise and a global community of thousands of brilliant women united in sisterhood and a desire for greater abundance (for themselves and the world), for the next 6 weeks in her 2018 Live Money Bootcamp.

Join now! 

These 5 strategies could make ALL the difference in your business

These 5 strategies could make ALL the difference in your business

I don’t recommend a lot of things, but there is a must-attend event I want you to know about.

My friend Denise Duffield-Thomas is holding a free live online class this Tuesday, April 17 at 6PM Eastern — and I REALLY want you to be there.

There are three reasons why.

First of all, Denise Duffield-Thomas will totally transform your money life for the better.

That’s no exaggeration. She’s widely regarded as the go-to money mindset mentor for women entrepreneurs who want to ditch their old money stories and habits and start succeeding financially — while having an easier lifestyle AND a bigger impact on the world.

In only a few short years, Denise has created a multi-million dollar enterprise from scratch (while raising a young family!). She’s an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, and has influenced the lives of tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs through her books, programs, and other transformational materials.

Secondly, this is not your ordinary webinar.

Denise’s down-to-earth style is incredibly refreshing, especially considering she runs a 7-figure business and has a huge online following. One of the things I love about Denise is that she lays everything out in a very transparent, easy-to-understand way. Plus, she really walks her talk and walks alongside those she teaches.

Third (and most important), what you’ll learn could be the difference between success and failure in your business.

I’m not saying that to freak you out or be overly dramatic. You may have noticed, however, that not everyone is successful in business. One of the key factors that Denise has identified (and built her work around) is that your money mindset can absolutely determine whether you’ll be one of the ones who “makes it” in business or not.

That’s why she’s created this live event, where she’ll unpack her “Top 5 Strategies To Upgrade Your Money Mindset.”

Reserve your seat right here (it’s happening this Tuesday, April 17 at 6PM Eastern time).

I had to share this special event with you because I suspect that, like many other women in business, you want both financial success AND to make a difference on the planet.

And Denise’s message is pretty clear: when you’re doing well financially, then you can help more people. It’s not just about the money (though her strategies will definitely help you make more of it!) but about stepping into your role as a wealthy, empowered leader in your business and life.

This message is so timely for where we are as a society right now, and it’ll apply directly to you in your business, too (whether you’re already successful and want to get to the next level, or are struggling with overworking and underearning).

Click here to reserve your spot in this game-changing live webinar.

You’ll discover the 5 strategies entrepreneurs like you can use to upgrade your money mindset — AND you’ll learn how you can get Denise’s help along your money journey, and join a movement of thousands of women as we change the way we think and feel about money – forever.

Go ahead and register for the webinar even if you can’t join live, because there will be a replay (but you can only get it if you register!).
Get Denise’s “Top 5 Strategies To Upgrade Your Money Mindset” by registering here.  



P.S. Denise will soon open registration for Money Bootcamp Live 2018. I highly recommend it and I’ll send you more info soon. But for now, register for this webinar – it will be awesome. Here’s my link to reserve your spot!