#12MinRVConvos with Engel Jones

#12MinRVConvos with Engel Jones

I am a huge fan of meeting my online friends and connections in real life and when I heard that Engel Jones was taking his 12-Minute Conversation on the road, I could not pass it up.

I met Engel online a few years ago when he set a goal of getting in the Guinness World Records after having the most conversations in a short period of time. I love people in my world that set crazy goals and then work hard to make them happen. And even though his request was denied he still ended up with 1509 Conversations in 3 months. Now that’s dedication and commitment to a single goal. I can only imagine how amazing this experience was for him.

I am thrilled to be part of his journey because this time around he is taking his #12minRVconvo on the road. He is traveling from June until September, meeting previous podcast guest in real life. Check out his map click here – and of course, I couldn’t pass up being part of this amazing journey once again.

So on Sunday, June 17th I drove out to Richmond to meet up with Engel and his team. And I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by what he remembered and took in during our last conversation.

Engel Jones and Petra Monaco

Most of the time, people either remember or connect with the story of becoming a mom to a transplant recipient. But nope, not this guy. He remembered that I grew up in foster care and that is where our conversation went because there is so much value in that. I believe that when we start loving our story despite the heartache and downright painful moments, we can allow our Soul to breathe again.

If you want to be inspired and start believing of what is possible, follow Engel Jones

And since this is about connecting with people, I got to meet Anthony Hayes who advocates for Mental Health, Mindset & Misunderstanding. Let’s break the stigma of mental illness & learn from it. Topics: Mindset, Mental Health, Habits, Inspiration. Go check him out too!

Engel Jones and Anthony Hayes

How to get things done that are important to you

How to get things done that are important to you

I know what it feels like to have these ideas and dreams and struggle to get started. Figuring out what is important and how to get things done can be challenging.

I have 3 kids, am a multi-passionate and run 3 businesses. It wasn’t until I discovered how to create focus and time management skills that suited me that I began making an impact in my life and in my businesses.

But just how to do you identify what is important to you? How to narrow down what your steps are to move towards your goal?

At the end of each month, I sit down and get clear on the goals that I want to achieve. I start with the main goal and then break it down into smaller goals. The smaller goals are the action steps that support the main goal.

This will look like this:

  • Main Goal
    • Smaller goal
    • Smaller goal
    • Smaller goal

You can create as many smaller goals as you need that will support your main goal. And once you have identified what will help you achieve the main goal, it is time to create action steps for each goal.

  • Smaller goal
    • Action step
    • Action step
    • Action step

The one thing I learned that may be helpful to you is that goals and action steps change. It’s important to allow for flexibility and recognize when something becomes less important.

Here’s the thing to remember, all those smaller goals and action steps support your main goal, and you can work them into your schedule. Start with the one that seems most important or pressing to get done, and add it to your daily planner.

Then look at all the other steps and tasks you need to get done and rank them by priority and fit them into your schedule accordingly. Some tasks will take less time than others. Some smaller goals you can get done in one day while other’s need to be spread out over a week or months.

Rebels Guide to Goals

Check out the Rebels Guide to Achieve Your Goals! 






Dream Life Creation Marathon

Dream Life Creation Marathon

Join {Dream Life Creation Marathon}

A live online summit with 36 speakers, who will bring value and inspiration to everyone trying to make their dreams come true. They will give you guidance, tools, and techniques you can use to start immediately, to enjoy the journey and to make it your own.

Friday, June 22 – Sunday, June 24
Each day from 10 am UK (5 am EST) to 10 pm UK (5 pm EST)
with a training streamed live every hour!

I am excited to be part of this amazing event that my friend Alenka is putting together. I will be sharing on how to embrace your inner Rebel and how you can get started right away.

But this Dream Life Creation Marathon is so much more than that.

Dream Life Creation Marathon

It can be hard to know what you want from your life or wonder if your dreams are too big. And maybe you are struggling with some fears and doubts to help you make your dreams come true.

All too often we create our own stress due to overwhelming feelings and thoughts, especially when there’s information overload because you either don’t know where to begin or know how to keep going.

When you join the Dream Life Creation Marathon, you will have a clear picture of your dreams and goals and receive the steps and tools to make them happen. You will develop your own blueprint that feels amazing and motivates you to keep going and believe in possibilities.

It can be challenging to know who to turn to for help, but during this event, you will absolutely make new friends that support you along the way.

We know life gets in a way and you might miss a training or two! We got you covered! Get access to download or stream ALL 36 (over 18 Hours) Training Sessions after the event is over (and keep it forever). And we added some great BONUSES too!


  • Downloadable VIDEO and AUDIO of all 36 sessions
  • BONUS 1: PDF Transcripts of each session
  • BONUS 2: Handouts/Workbook of each session from our expert speakers

So don’t wait to sign up – Join Today! 

Cut Through the Bullshit

Cut Through the Bullshit

How many excuses a day are you making to avoid

  • healing
  • taking action
  • confrontation
  • setting boundaries
  • being uncomfortable

If I had a guess, I’d say a lot, like all day long.

I know because I have been there. I avoided looking at the stories I told myself, keeping me in the shadows. I didn’t take action on my dreams, because who the heck was I? I hated confrontation, and I am still not a huge fan of it but understand it’s the necessity. I didn’t know boundaries were a thing that could support and protect me. And I freaking hated being uncomfortable so I just didn’t face my reality.

I lived like this for 34 years of my life. I look back and can see where my inner Rebel nudged me, giving me little pushes to do the work I needed to do. It wasn’t until I was facing the possibility of losing my son. I have had miscarriages but this was so inherently different. He was 4 and he was alive. It’s his journey that made me realize the bullshit I was feeding myself.

Up until this time on one August day in 2007, I found all the reasons of why I can’t do the things I wanted to do, albeit always believing life can and will be better if I just keep going.

  • Foster kids don’t become successful.
  • Single Parents will always struggle.
  • Abuse and Rape Survivors never have healthy relationships.
  • Special needs moms will always fear the worst.

And I can probably keep going being a woman and an immigrant. But those themes I just mentioned are the ones most prevalent in my life.

Foster kids can be successful at anything and everything, just like their peers. In fact, I believe that foster kids make amazing entrepreneurs. We know how to survive in chaos, we understand risks in ways I can’t describe and we adapt to unknown situations.

Single parents don’t always struggle. Single parenting is hard as shit, don’t get me wrong. I raised 3 boys by myself, and even though I am in a committed relationship, I am still the one responsible for all the decisions to be made. And since each child has a different personality and different needs, a cake walk it wasn’t or isn’t.

And don’t let me get started on blended family living and the clashes that can happen within that space. But having friends and a partner that supports you can make all the difference. And just like foster kids, single parents are incredible with managing time, budget, work and their household.

I have been in a committed relationship for the last 12 years, not without dealing with some really shitty times and even left, and yet it’s my longest relationship I’ve ever had. But in my own healing journey, we were able to heal parts of us together. It meant cutting out the bullshit, stop looking at who we were and instead look at who we are now. It meant to communicate and yes even set boundaries within our relationship.

The more you know yourself, the way you think, act and react, the better you can communicate that with your partner. And when you do that, you are making space for intimacy and open the door for the partner to do the same. Now mind you, it’s not my job (or your job) to heal and fix our partners. We can only heal ourselves and be a mirror to those in our lives.

My abuse and trauma still longers but I am aware most of the time. There are sometimes, I am not and it becomes apparent in my mood and my own attitude. But it’s those moments I get to be reflective and remove the bullshit I may have been feeding myself.

And if anything in my life taught me to cut out the bullshit, it is without question becoming a special needs parent. I watched my son fight for his life more than I’d like to think about, but it’s his spirit and his tenacity that have helped me along my journey. He takes each day as it comes, no more no less. There are no stories about the past he is feeding himself and only dreams he talks about for the future. He doesn’t question any of it, he’s quite matter of fact about his dreams will happen.

And he has plenty of reasons to make excuses. But he doesn’t.

I get tired of hearing excuses of why you can’t do something. It makes my heart sad and every now and then I want to shake up awake and tell you that you absolutely can have the life you want. All you have to do is cut through the bullshit and see it for what it is. Your ego trying to keep you playing small.

If you are ready, and only if, join me for my 2-hour live group coaching class where we look at your excuses and remove them while deciding on your first step.

May Review and June Goals

May Review and June Goals

May continued to be about refining my systems and organizing my business and life. And the most amazing thing is that I am done with it. And what’s even better is that it has actually reduced my work hours tremendously. There is something to be said about having a strategy an systems in place.

But other amazing things happened in the process and I am going to update success below.

  1. Rebel Shine Book –  I actually published in! One day I stood on my porch and saw the final product emerge and boom done!
  2. Exercise – Running & Soccer – Soccer season is currently on hold until after the 4th of June and so I have been pushing myself to run a bit more.
  3. Create at least one or two new pieces of art – that really didn’t happen. I have so much finished items floating around my studio that I decided to update the pictures instead and get my inventory wall organized.
  4. Support my clients as needed – this has been going really well. I have set aside specific days to just focus on my VA clients and it’s been a dream to support them on their own journey.
  5. Things not planned but achieved! Something that happened right after I published my book is that I created guides – you can find them here. I was inspired and acted and now you can have a quick guide to write your book, set goals, start a business or a blog.
  6. I went to a soccer game to watch for fun. The town I live in now has its own team and I am excited to be supporting them by showing up. And I love a good soccer game.
  7. I accepted an opportunity to speak on productivity and time management for a local entrepreneur group.

Which now leads me to goals for June and I actually had to think about them for a bit because I don’t have anything BIG planned right this moment as I am settling into a new way of working and being.

With that said here are some of the things I know that are going down!

My friend Alenka from Dream Life Creation is putting on a marathon of training in June and I am excited to be part of her inspired idea! Every day is filled with 12 speakers and it’s a three-day event. Be sure to get on my VIP list to stay informed about the event.

And as I mentioned above I accepted an opportunity to speak on productivity and time management, so I’ll be hashing out the details for this as well. I don’t know the date yet, but if you are local to me, check out the events page to stay updated.

Every month, I am offering a Cut the Bullshit LIVE Group Coaching call where you can show up and get the guidance you need to remove any excuses. Again this will be listed on the events page.

I have some art pieces I need to finish up and take them to the Gallery so that’s definitely on the list.

And then, I am developing a podcast and while I already have a name for it, I still need to hash out the details. Again it might be a great idea for you to be part of my VIP list so you can stay up-to-date with my shenanigans.

I feel like there is still a lot of room to do things but I am in the space of more being present than always fueling always doing mode that I find myself to be in quite often. I don’t know where this will lead but I am open to the experience.

Brainstorming and Action Plan Email Session

Brainstorming and Action Plan Email Session

Every day there are a gazillion ideas floating in my head. Some of those excite the heck out of me and other’s feeling a bit meh. And then there are the times that I absolutely love the idea but I get stuck on my next move.

As a matter of fact, this happened with my book Rebel Shine. I had an idea and even the content to support the idea but I was stuck on how to make the concept meet the vision I had for it.

I talked to my trusted accountability partners bouncing off ideas and getting feedback. And of course, ultimately it was up to me to decide which way to proceed with the book. And in the end, I ended up taking a different path to finalizing the book.

But it was because I let it sit and then one day Boom it solved itself. But here’s the thing, I did reach out for feedback.

So let me ask you how many times have you:

been stuck with creative blocks?
been at a loss for ideas?
wished you had your own brainstorming buddy at your beck and call?

There is no doubt in my mind that when you have someone in your back pocket to help you overcome whatever is getting in the way, you a can achieve your goal and go the next step.

If you need to get unstuck, I got you.
If you need ideas (and like, now), I got you.
If you need inspiration, I got you.

There’s really nothing worse to me than being stuck or feel like you’ve run out of ideas to feel the flow of inspiration. So, allow me to be your secret weapon and a direct line solving the creative idea and inspiration challenge you are experiencing.

And if you need a weekly or monthly action plan you can use this service as well. Just be clear in your email to me!

Here is how it’s going to work.

You pay the investment of $33 and then you’ll be redirected to a page where you tell me all about one specific project or challenge you are facing. I will answer your email with a detailed response, a list of ideas, and whatever else comes to my mind so you can bust through whatever is holding you back.

Don’t allow on small thing stand in your way to do great things!