2018 Genius Blogger Toolkit Q&A

2018 Genius Blogger Toolkit Q&A

People raved about last year’s Toolkit, and I personally think the 2018 version is even better!

But since this is a really unique concept and not everyone even really understands what a “bundle” is, I wanted to answer some of the great questions I’ve been asked about this bundle and how it all works.

Q1: Is this one big course? Or a bunch of different products?

A1: This bundle is a collection of 15 eBooks, 41 eCourses & videos, 9 printables & workbooks, 10 templates & stock photo packages and 2 membership sites. Inside this bundle, you will find tons of resources with step-by-step instructions to get started, how to grow your email list, the best ways to monetize your blog, and so much more. It’s basically all your favorite bloggers’ products together in one collection – all for $97.

Q2: What am I going to do with so many resources?

A2: There is no way on earth each of these eBooks / eCourses is relevant to where you are right now. Some of them will have a lot of appeals, and some won’t. But in most cases, it only takes 3 or 4 eBooks or eCourses that you’re going to use for you to start saving money. Not to mention, there are 22 resources alone that are worth as much or more than the cost of the bundle itself. So, even though you won’t use every resource in the bundle, it would still be really hard to not save a ton of money anyway.

Q3: How do I know I’m actually getting good quality products and not just a bunch of “throw-away” eBooks?

A3: The Ultimate Bundles team spends months reviewing potential contributors, approaches only the best for inclusion, and then only accepts the top products that they think will have the most appeal out of those. Many of these are even full-length eCourses with video tutorials or even access to a private Facebook group! They are highly selective and it shows in the final curated collection.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2018

Q4: OK, but what if I buy it and don’t like it?

A4: Although Ultimate Bundles has an extremely low return rate at less than 1/4 of the industry standard, there are some people who it doesn’t work for. That’s why they offer a 100% happiness guarantee refund policy for 30 days. If you don’t love it, just email customerservice@ultimatebundles.com to ask for a full refund.

Q5: Can I just wait and purchase it some other time? Isn’t this “limited time only” just a sales gimmick?

A5: You’re right, sometimes that’s used as a sales gimmick. However, because of the unique nature of this sale (Ultimate Bundles does not have the perpetual right to sell the eBooks and eCourses in the bundle) and in order to honor their contracts with these product creators, the sale will truly end on Monday, October 15th. Sometimes, popular bundles are brought back for a 2-day flash sale, but it’s not guaranteed!

Q6: This sounds like a scam. Can you prove it’s not?

A6: I know it seems too good to be true. Pay $97 for $5,867.88 in resources? Doesn’t that mean someone’s losing big time? Or the prices are inflated?

I totally get your concerns. I’ve been an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles for years and I can tell you that I offer these bundles to my readers because they’re a great value. Even though a blogger may be including their product in a bundle that costs less than their product, product creators get exposure to new potential readers, which can pay off in big ways later. And when you buy a bundle through your favorite blogger (hopefully me!), you’ll support them, too! Plus, the bundle is offered for such a short time that they can go back quickly to selling their product at full price.

In short, it’s a great deal for everyone. Ultimate Bundles is a reputable company, so if you try the bundle and don’t like it within 30 days, just ask their friendly, helpful customer happiness team for a refund.

I hope that fully answers your questions!!

In my opinion, you really don’t want to pass up a deal this good. But I’ll leave that up to you. Just don’t wait too long, because the sale ends tonight!


Learn more about the Bundle or get your own! 

A free blogging eBook to inspire you

A free blogging eBook to inspire you

Have you ever wished you could sit down with a few of your favorite bloggers and ask them, point blank, what strategies are working for them right now?

My friends at Ultimate Bundles reached out to some of the smartest bloggers they knew and asked these experts specific, no-nonsense questions to discover the secrets to their success.

Questions like:

What strategies helped you attract readers to your blog?
How do you make money from your blog?
What strategies do you use to improve your writing skills and publish awesome content?
What strategies have you learned for running your blog on a busy schedule?
What would you say to someone who is just starting out in blogging and feeling overwhelmed?
In this book, you’ll find the answers!

With over 77 pages of blogging wisdom, this eBook gives you the chance to learn from the best without spending a dime.

A free blogging eBook to inspire you

I took time off and had the time of my life

I took time off and had the time of my life

For the first time in 3 years into my business journey, I took time off and I had the time of my life.

It’s so easy to forget to make sure you take a timeout to help you fuel your creative juices. I know because I am definitely guilty of this on so many levels.

Many of days will you find me working, even if it’s just for 2-4 hours without taking a full day off.

This past weekend, my partner and I attended the Blue Ridge Rock Festival and a good time was had by all. Not only did we camp out and enjoyed the music, we made new friends with plans to do the next one together.

The event was only an hour away from hour home and we could have driven back and forth but just thinking about this sounded exhausting for the 3 days. And deciding to camp not only allowed us to have quality time together – and hey we didn’t kill each other – we didn’t even argue, so that’s something! But we were close to the event, merely needing to walk down to the events area but we got to spend our evenings at the fire pit having conversations with other people and like I said, make new friends.

When we returned on Monday, both of us were exhausted and by Tuesday I was ready to hit the road again but I am going to have to wait for the next one just a bit!

But something really cool came to my realization!

You see, I want to live in an RV and drive around the country seeing new and cool places and meet people and attending the festival definitely got me closer to that dream. Furthermore, however, it showed me that truly this is what I want and that it totally fits into who I am. I mean coaching and mentoring around a campfire sounds like a total blast to me.

Camp fire Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Here’s the fun part, I have given up selling my art at Farmer’s Markets and the like but as we were leaving on Monday, we stopped to talk to one of the organizers and I shared some of my work with her and she was like “You have got to come as a vendor next year”.

There is opportunity everywhere. And while I am excited about the possibility to sell my creations at the festival, I already know I don’t want to be tied down sitting at my booth for three days. And this is the cool part, my creative juices started flowing.

Because well, I can hire someone and still do demos at different intervals.

This just shows that opportunities are everywhere if you are open to them. And I have a year to plan this all out and get pieces created.

This is my second day back to full-on working and I am more inspired and excited about my life and my business than ever before. I think part of this is also because I hired my first team member and it feels amazing to let go of an aspect in my business I was not handling well.

But taking that time off gave me more creative ideas to explore and get super clear on the work that I do and not be pulled into too many directions.

And it doesn’t matter if you are self-employed or if you are working for someone else, taking time off and making space for a regular vacation where you unplug from all the things, is really good for your mind, body, and soul.

#12MinRVConvos with Engel Jones

#12MinRVConvos with Engel Jones

I am a huge fan of meeting my online friends and connections in real life and when I heard that Engel Jones was taking his 12-Minute Conversation on the road, I could not pass it up.

I met Engel online a few years ago when he set a goal of getting in the Guinness World Records after having the most conversations in a short period of time. I love people in my world that set crazy goals and then work hard to make them happen. And even though his request was denied he still ended up with 1509 Conversations in 3 months. Now that’s dedication and commitment to a single goal. I can only imagine how amazing this experience was for him.

I am thrilled to be part of his journey because this time around he is taking his #12minRVconvo on the road. He is traveling from June until September, meeting previous podcast guest in real life. Check out his map click here – and of course, I couldn’t pass up being part of this amazing journey once again.

So on Sunday, June 17th I drove out to Richmond to meet up with Engel and his team. And I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by what he remembered and took in during our last conversation.

Engel Jones and Petra Monaco

Most of the time, people either remember or connect with the story of becoming a mom to a transplant recipient. But nope, not this guy. He remembered that I grew up in foster care and that is where our conversation went because there is so much value in that. I believe that when we start loving our story despite the heartache and downright painful moments, we can allow our Soul to breathe again.

If you want to be inspired and start believing of what is possible, follow Engel Jones

And since this is about connecting with people, I got to meet Anthony Hayes who advocates for Mental Health, Mindset & Misunderstanding. Let’s break the stigma of mental illness & learn from it. Topics: Mindset, Mental Health, Habits, Inspiration. Go check him out too!

Engel Jones and Anthony Hayes

Working from home was the best decision I’ve ever made

Working from home was the best decision I’ve ever made

I’ve had what feels like a gazillion jobs over the years but the reality is that it’s only ever been 8 or 9, and I struggled with not being able to stick with ONE job. But something I’ve realized over the years, some of us aren’t wired that way.

Some of us cannot be tied down to a job like that because we get bored.

Some of us have a little bit of an issue with authority.

Some of us would prefer to wake up when we wake and mosy on over to our desk or couch to get to work.

I am that kind of a person.

But more than anything else I am a mom and this is the one “job” I’ve held the longest (go me!). I’ve always enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom if you will. I’ve also always been a doer, I can’t just sit on the couch, watch TV and eat bonbons.

And over the years I’ve explored different ideas, followed opportunities and then I became a special-needs mom, which meant (to me) that I had to find something that I could do from home so I could be present when my kids needed me.

And here we are today!

And I also know lot’s of my friends have gone down a similar path and maybe you are ready to figure out how to create a living being at home with your kiddos, or while drinking coffee sitting on your deck.

We all had different reasons for starting down this path.

  • Escape corporate and find more satisfying work
  • Find jobs that allowed us to work from anywhere so we could travel more
  • Discover flexibility so we could be there for our families when they needed us
  • Identify any skills (other than cleaning and laundry) that could provide some disposable income.

Whatever the reason that brought us here, now we’re looking for work + life balance and how to be more focused on our work so we can spend more time with our family that we dreamed of.

If it sounds tough, I have something to make it easier for you.


What if I told you someone had already put together a carefully vetted package to get you up to speed on finding real work-at-home opportunities (AND making your work + life balance better once you’re working from home)?

Well, you can stop looking! It’s here…And I gotta tell you, that I wished something like this existed 15 years ago when I started to venture into being in business for myself. But there’s always something to learn and I am excited that this bundle exists to help people like you and me, become the CEO of our lives.

You really are only one decision away to a completely different life.

  • Create simple work routines to fit your family’s schedule.
  • Master the art of squeezing more work into the time you have.
  • Identify your marketable skills and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Turn your business & entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.
  • Learn legal and accounting best practices to keep you worry-free.
  • Develop clear work and home life boundaries, so you can plan your days for success.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit their website, take a quick look at all the goodness that comes in this package, then click the “Get my copy now!” button to go through their simple and secure 3-step checkout process.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a login to their online access portal, where you’ll begin downloading your eBooks, signing up for your eCourses, and redeeming your free bonus offers.
  3. Use their Getting Started Guide to pick the topic you want to tackle first and achieve your work-at-home dreams!

You deserve to do the work you love. You shouldn’t have to wait any longer to finally find the work freedom you’ve been looking for, or the work + life balance you’ve been waiting to achieve. Because seriously, some of us really have to forge our own path. And just think you can show other people what IS possible!

How I created my life and business

How I created my life and business

There are so many people in this world telling you how to create a life or run your business or what how to fit in with society.

Somewhere deep down I always knew that I am not meant to just exist but to really figure out what lights me up and how I can make an impact in this world that encourages you to create a life with purpose and passion.

Today I want to give you a glimpse of how I arrived at a place where I get to do whatever I want, every single day.

It’s not been easy that’s for sure. As a person who grew up in foster care, there were always limits placed based on someone else’s view of foster kids or limits I placed upon myself based on someone else’s story. In hindsight, everything I experienced in the foster care and afterward, guided me and moved me in this direction.

Nothing became more clear about my life and my purpose when the day came and I became a special needs mom to a medically fragile child and I was smacked into the soul foundation that life is too short and that I am in charge of how my life is going to unfold.

In 2007, I started to act instead of just talking about all the things I wanted to do one day.

I started writing and publishing books to share my message.
I went to college to become a therapist to help families at risk.
I started a brick and mortar business supporting artists in the community.
I made art that called me, learning and perfecting my skills.
I worked as a therapist until I was ready for 100% entrepreneurship.
I created active and passive income streams.
I created a web design and virtual assistant business.
I created coloring books to cement positive feelings from within.

And when I first became a full-time entrepreneur I followed what the experts said, but in truth, it left me frustrated and annoyed because it didn’t feel good. And after a year I had about enough of the bullshit that was my business and decided to get some clarity and what I wanted my life to look and feel like.

And that is where I found my personal mission and secret to make my vision a reality.

I simply wrote it out.

In 3, 5 or 10 years, what did I want my life to look and feel like, and the emphasis is on what I wanted it to feel like.

I decided to no longer feed the shoulds or have to’s and simply just be in each moment and follow the ideas and actions that felt good. Those feelings feel like an energetic party on the insight.

I tuned into how I wanted to serve the creatives and multi-passionate without sacrificing my energy and myself in the process. I created the Rebel’s Academy to help you build a business the same way I am making all of my ideas flow. You can have a service or product based business or a combination of both. It’s doable and I am loving every minute of it.

But just having the Academy wasn’t enough because it’s just one part of the whole picture. I created coloring books, I wrote books and tuned into what I wanted to do every single day that would support my overarching goal but also give me 100% satisfaction.

And that’s how the Rebel Shine Bootcamp came into play. It begins with the vision and then each following module and lesson to support that vision so you can have the best year every year.

Here’s the thing, you can have a service-based business that does not require 1:1 coaching calls. I am still very much involved in helping you build a business or create a life that feels amazing. And I am able to do it through the membership platform as well as through private community Facebook Group.

I get sad every time someone makes excuses for why they can’t do what they want to do and making all the pieces fit for them. You can start now and you can start small. There is no right or wrong way, there’s only YOUR way.

Every year I write a new vision for what I want my next year to look and feel like and based on that visions I develop my goals and the things I want to do during that year. It’s my foundation and literally allows me to “do whatever I want every single day”.

So if you are struggling and feeling frustrated, write out a vision.

Write it out for 10 years, 5 years and then 1 year.

Ask yourself who you want to be, how you want to feel and who is part of your life.
Write about the things you are doing from the time you wake up until you go to bed.
Write about the things you want to achieve and celebrate in your life.

Get into the nitty-gritty of your feelings. How do you want to feel when you do all the things. How will it look like when you follow your passions and live in your purpose?

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