You’ve probably heard that you need an email list, right? And I know there are some that you don’t need one to build your business, but truly email is not dead!
There’s very little advice in the online marketing world that I think is universally true, but, honestly, this is a rule that really doesn’t have an exception. Anyone (bloggers, coaches, consultants, etsy shop owners, direct sellers) will benefit from growing an email list. It’s the place and space where really connect with your people.
But how do you actually get more than just your friend and family to sign up for your email list?
You offer a free gift (or opt in offer) to people who sign up. If you are wondering WHAT you should offer that will have your ideal audience ready and eager to deliver their email to you or HOW to create it, I’ve got just the thing!
My friend, Laura, from I Heart Planners grew her list from 0 to over 60k using printable downloads, and now she’s spilling the secrets she used to create thousands of those downloads to grow her blog into a six-figure business!
You can create your own printable downloads without learning graphic design or paying lots of money for designers or fancy software, but they’ll still look like you did! (Don’t worry – your secret is safe with me.)
Laura has created a course that walks you through step by step how to create printables even if you have no prior experience and aren’t that tech-y (like yours truly).
Her course covers:
  • Where to go for design inspiration so you’ll never be short on new ideas
  • Where to find color codes and eye popping color combos (This was probably my favorite part! I had no idea these tools existed, and I’m using it all over my business now.)
  • Where to find inexpensive and free high-quality graphics to use in your printables (I love how doable this is even for someone who is newer in business and can’t afford expensive graphics)
  • The best places for free fonts that are professional quality
  • How to save on printer ink to use for yourself and share with your readers so they don’t have to worry about the cost of printing those pretty printables
I was able to follow along and create my first printable in less than an hour!
The course costs less than a one-month subscription to the adobe suite or hiring a designer to create just one printable.
Can’t wait to see all your printable creations.

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