A guide to help you rise above from what is holding you back, so you can have the best year, every year. What would it mean to you to have a clear vision of the direction for your life and the dreams waiting to be unleashed?

Forge your own Path

Forging your own path is framework to read, learn and mold from. It’s part of the blueprint that you use to map out the adventure of a life time. It’s knowing that even the best laid out plans, sometimes fail.

Calm Yourself Colorful

Calm yourself colorful with 30 Mandala Style Designs, perfect to relieve stress and help you relax while creating beautiful images.

Rebels Guide to 90-Day Goals

Get the clarity and strategy to achieve your goals 90 days at a time. This workbook is practical to help you shift you from dreaming into doing.

The Rebels Gratitude Planner

Do you take the time to think about what is going right in our lives. Or do you focus on the negative.

Stop getting discouraged and find your happiness through gratitude

Dream, Believe, Take Action

Dreams help us feel alive and excited because we are going after the thing we absolutely believe in.

Be, Do and Have

Be, Do Have Affirmations Coloring Book

What would you like to be, do and have?

Start a Business

Start a business and share your passion with the world. This workbook helps you decide the kind of business you’ll create complete with worksheets and a planner.

Rebels Productivity Planner

Do you struggle to stay on top of your day to day tasks.

All too often it seems there is just no time left to work on things that will move us toward our goals and aspirations.

Lennon Steps

Lennon steps are similar to baby steps, except that these are infused with spunk and spirit in Lennon who sneezed himself into the world.

Tap into your Heart

Use the coloring pages to reflect on you, where you are and who you want to become in the process.   

Affirmation Coloring Book & Journal

Coloring can help you Relax your mind Switch your brain off Connects you to your inner source Boosts your creativity Helps you unplug.

Rebels Goal Planner

Do you find it difficult to achieve your goals?

 Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s and start taking action one goal, one day at a time!  

Betrayal: The Journey

I grew up in foster care finding my way through the tunnels of abuse and figuring out how to fit in.

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