Getting clear on your goals

Challenge, situation or circumstance I have been asked: How do you do it? This is a simple enough question, except that I have struggled to give the answer because I just do. It is such an automatic process because it is something that I have always done. I have very...

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14-Day Coloring Page Challenge

Do you pay attention to that inner voice that tells you to just be who you already are? Does the inner voice also tell you what action to take but you make excuses and end up playing it small? Do you wonder what can happen when you not only listen to your inner rebel...

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Cut Through the Bullshit

How many excuses a day are you making to avoid healing taking action confrontation setting boundaries being uncomfortable If I had a guess, I'd say a lot, like all day long. I know because I have been there. I avoided looking at the stories I told myself, keeping me...

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It’s a time to connect and a time to release

Do you sometimes wonder what in your life needs attention and where your mind overshadows all the things? Do you wonder what is ready to burn down and what will ignite within you to go the next step? Do you wonder what adventure is opening up for you and what message...

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What’s it going to take before you will take action

You have this amazing dream of writing a book, starting a business and perhaps even lose some weight. And yet, here we are at the end of May and you're looking everything, realizing you didn't get very far. What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the perfect...

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A challenge for change – You won’t know until you act

Last months I attended an author event. It was the first time I had entered a writing competition and pushed myself into the lion's den of being judged. I didn't know the outcome because winners weren't announced until the night of the event. I've been writing aka...

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Working from home was the best decision I’ve ever made

I've had what feels like a gazillion jobs over the years but the reality is that it's only ever been 8 or 9, and I struggled with not being able to stick with ONE job. But something I've realized over the years, some of us aren't wired that way. Some of us...

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How I created my life and business

There are so many people in this world telling you how to create a life or run your business or what how to fit in with society. Somewhere deep down I always knew that I am not meant to just exist but to really figure out what lights me up and how I can make an impact...

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Money Bootcamp and my journey with mindset

Do you ever wonder why you are stuck in life exactly where you are right now? What is that missing piece that will help you level up? It's mindset. But more specifically it's your money mindset. I have always believed there is a way to make things happen and that life...

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Hi! It’s me Petra!

Petra Monaco Rebel in the Night

When I am not serving up my wisdom on how to embrace your inner rebel, I create art, write paranormal fiction while getting lost in the latest episode of Criminal Minds and savoring a cup of coffee.

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