On doing things differently

If I am honest with myself, and you, of course, I have never liked the approach of creating packages and developing services for the work I am here to do. It feels stuffed, identical to what everyone else is doing, and incredibly boring. Part of the...

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Rebel Spark Collective

I've been feeling the call to do things differently, to really engage in my life and your life at the same time. I crave a deeper connection with people that could use love, guidance, and support. I wasn't sure what that looked like but I knew what it felt...

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Conformity is a death sentence to your soul

There’s nothing wrong with you.  Somewhere in this journey, you were told who to be.  Someone told you that you that life is a linear path.  And somewhere along the line, you’ve molded yourself into that person.  You’ve caged yourself without really meaning to.  And...

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5 Minutes to Freedom Email Coaching

Why 5-minutes to Freedom is an email coaching program. 1. Express Yourself Writing is an art form with magic because it helps you tap into your mind and in your heart that is often left unspoken. It helps to clarify your thoughts and feelings and really helps you...

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Can you name your struggle?

You know your life isn't what you want it to be but can you name your struggle? It's easy to put your head in the sand and just become complacent about what is happening. It's easy to just resign and tell yourself this is what your life is supposed to be. What is not...

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#12MinRVConvos with Engel Jones

I am a huge fan of meeting my online friends and connections in real life and when I heard that Engel Jones was taking his 12-Minute Conversation on the road, I could not pass it up. I met Engel online a few years ago when he set a goal of getting in the Guinness...

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How Fear shows up in your life

Fear is a bit of a tricky beast every now and again and it shows up in different ways and from different places in our body. Fear is a signal of danger but the challenge is that you don't always know if it's real or fake. If you are going hiking and standing on the...

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How to get things done that are important to you

I know what it feels like to have these ideas and dreams and struggle to get started. Figuring out what is important and how to get things done can be challenging. I have 3 kids, am a multi-passionate and run 3 businesses. It wasn't until I discovered how to create...

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Dream Life Creation Marathon

Join {Dream Life Creation Marathon} A live online summit with 36 speakers, who will bring value and inspiration to everyone trying to make their dreams come true. They will give you guidance, tools, and techniques you can use to start immediately, to enjoy the journey...

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Hi! It’s me Petra!

Petra Monaco Rebel in the Night

When I am not serving up my wisdom on how to embrace your inner rebel, I create art, write paranormal fiction while getting lost in the latest episode of Criminal Minds and savoring a cup of coffee.

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