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How imagination can help you win at life

For as long as I can remember, I've always been an artist, embracing and expressing myself in different forms. But it's also held me back and as I dove more into personal development it showed me how much. Especially when I sold my artwork at...

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How to own your own power and be unstoppable

You are a powerful being and you probably don't even recognize it. You've been conditioned to think that being powerful is wrong and that it's fueled by masculine energy and riddled with control. But what if for just a moment you challenged the definition of owning...

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Stop setting resolutions and have your best year

Resolutions are a crap shoot of setting yourself up for failure. For years and years, I set resolutions about writing that book, or be more healthy and even have better relationships with people. And it was only a matter of weeks when all of my resolutions flew out of...

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Step Forward and be Judged

Whether you have done really well in your life or have done some big mistakes, you are always going to be judged. Someone will always want to dig at your mistakes. Someone will always question your success. Someone will always challenge your integrity....

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It is time to reclaim your worth

This morning during my journal session, I uncovered a deep-rooted pattern that I knew was present on the surface but haven't really ever explored in depth. When you are addressing patterns, thoughts, and believes it takes a certain amount of willingness to...

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Want to remove the pain? Follow your heart!

I've gone and done it again and totally restructured my life and therefore my businesses. And that's just it, life and business are never straightforward or linear, it is whatever you make of it though. The rules of business say that you need to niche down but what if...

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The handmade revolution + you!

Snow’s about ready to fall in the Northern hemisphere or so we hope, and what will you be doing when it does? Sitting by a crackling fire… A hot cup of tea or cocoa nearby… Soft yarn and smooth needles in your lap… Sounds like you’re ready for colder weather 🙂 and...

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When I am not serving up my wisdom on how to forge your own path to freedom, I’m writing paranormal fiction, getting lost in the latest episode of Criminal Minds while savoring a cup of coffee.

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