believeTo achieve the success, you desire, you must work hard, keep your goals visually present and be true and real always. Furthermore, however, you must believe in yourself.

If you are riddled with self-doubt and uncertainty it will be challenging to achieve your dreams and goals and even feeling inspired.

About a year ago, I had sort of given up on Three Times Chaos, my Art of Handmade business. I still crochet but I didn’t wood-burn as much. I limited myself to only a few art events a year in where I would set up and sell my creations. It is as if I not only had given up on my dream about my art business thriving but also, I didn’t believe I could.

I did a lot of work this year, on me and what dreams and goals I wanted to achieve. I realized that my creative heart was damaged because of closing my brick and mortar store that I viewed as a failure. What I should have done is use it as a learning experience. What could I learn from this?

For one, I didn’t really have a plan to succeed. Having a plan is so incredibly valuable to your dreams because your mind will continue to work on how to make it all happen in the subconscious and one day your brain will go “A-HA” this is the ticket to making it happen.

For another, I don’t really love retail. I love creating but I don’t love the selling part of it – and so now I create, I added it to my shop and have a few shows I attend throughout the year. But something else happened.

Yesterday, I was at an impromptu holiday event. It was short notice, but I was glad I could help and fill a spot. But it did more for me than it may have done for them because they would have still had their sales.

But I believed in myself by showing up. I believed in myself that my creations that I chose to display would sell – and they did. Not all of them, but enough to feel successful and validated by continuing with my Art of Handmade concept.

But there is another thing that I learned about myself. I know things. I know things that other artists may not be so fully aware of. Here I was, having done shows for a few years, and was able to accept credit cards and have an online store. Next, to me, a lady who perhaps was just stepping into the world of selling and I could share my expertise.

It could help her, but it also helped me, which is continue to guide me in what I should offer but ale to continue to believe in myself and to show up.

I will show up because I was so excited to help her get going on selling online and use credit cards, something that I wonder how people not know… and here I am knowing how to help others.

I will show up because other parents may wonder how to make some extra money to help them support their family without spending too much time away from work – because of family and kids, well they are important.

So, I will continue to believe in myself and I will help you believe in you!

I have amazing things planned for 2015 – and I hope you will show up too!

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