Rise above your own BS and Excuses

Rise above your own BS and Excuses

The other day I was re-reading my Reiki Bible and something that I didn’t see before was how each chakra emerges and is impacted by life experiences and this isn’t a post about chakra’s but more about synchronicity and being in alignment with what I do.

In this last year, I learned to pay attention to synchronicity as a way to affirm that what I am is what I need to be doing. I first through about Rebel Shine as a digital subscription box but something was way off… so I let it marinade a bit… I even wrote the words keep or let go underneath it on my whiteboard.

And then one day, as I was mulling it over it became clear to me that it is so much more and bigger than myself. And I needed to Rise above the Stories I told myself.

The irony is that the theme is You Rise Above!
And it starts with the stories… the mumbo jumbo that clogs your perception of who you are and what you are capable of.

You underestimate yourself because someone else did not believe in you!

You don’t take action because someone said you are not smart enough!

You are not who you are deep down because someone told you that you weren’t good enough just being you.

These stories that started from the moment you were born shaped you, your motivation and dare I say your ambition.

These stories are the reason

You’re not where you want to be
Do what you want to do
Love the way only you can love

And isn’t it high-tide that you start rewriting those stories?

That you start living life on your terms?

Be who you are even it means you walk alone? (You won’t, promise!)

I created a mini-workshop to help you do just that, to rise above.

It’s a three-part video series where I get straight to the heart of the matter, so you can start forging your own path!

So if you are ready to rise above those stories, sign up below to get access to the training!

My favorite books that I’ve read or listened to in 2017!

My favorite books that I’ve read or listened to in 2017!

Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers – Steven Spielberg

Making time to read can at times be challenging for me, so I added audiobooks to my arsenal of how I obtain information.

The 5-Second Rule definitely has been a must read and I highly recommend it, if you are stuck in procrastination mode. It can really transform your life and your work through one simple action called the 5-second Rule. Mel Robbins get’s into the heart of the matter for sure.

The Success Principles generated new visions for myself and cemented what I wanted to be, do and have in my life and the kind of work that I do. I listened to this book when going on my walks and often found myself in tears because the stories that Jack Canfield shared reached the core of my soul.

How I raised myself from Failure to success in Selling – while the book was a little dry at times for my liking, there was some valuable information I was able to gain. If you’re in business, then selling can be the most challenging thing on the planet, especially if you don’t want to feel like a can of Spam. It highlights the message of there is an art of conversation that happens, by asking why.

I hope I screw this up – I didn’t know what to make of this at first but through listening to Kyle Cease, I learned to appreciate his message and even his humor. There is no right or wrong answer to do this life and screwing things up can often lead you to the path you want to be on in the first place.

Unfu*k Yourself … and it was and wasn’t what I expected. Certainly, I expected the cursing but I didn’t expect to hear the Scottish voice to be so … I don’t know… it was funny and real and true. It was like the wakeup call I needed and just keep doing my thing – whatever that may be.

Rising Strong is what I am currently listening too and only a few chapters in, it already resonates and affirms that I am on the path I want to and need to be on.

The only physical book I read was Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson and I love the way he talked about stepping into leadership. Just prior to reading his book, I read She Means Business and there was a definite correlation between the two books for me. Sometimes we don’t see the leader we are until we are ready to.

What one book has changed your life that is not on this list and I need to be listening to or reading?


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Why the Vision board isn’t as good as it used to be

Why the Vision board isn’t as good as it used to be

Vision boards become all the rage this time of year and yet I can’t get myself to make one anymore.

Yes, there once was a time where I would diligently find my vision in pictures, glue it to posterboard and infused it with intention.

And in the end, all it did was piss me off.

I get that for some vision boards are the best invention since sliced bread, but I think it’s okay to not have all the feels for them.

So why does the vision board not work for me and maybe even you?

It is lacking in the way I infuse feelings into my vision and transfer them to my goals.

I have experienced more success by simply writing out my vision and reading it often to get the feeling that I supposed a vision board could be doing for you.

By writing out what the year feel be and feel like by reserve engineering, aka looking back, I am giving my soul the position of leadership to guide me. Intuition is its right-hand man, confirming that this is the way to go.

The thing is, visions change… dreams change and therefore goals change.

I can literally write a new vision, during my writing hour in the morning, but a vision board takes way more time and to me feels a little inconvenient.

If a vision board works for you, that’s fantastic! Like seriously, I love that you have found something that works for you.

But if a vision board isn’t working for you and you are trying to find a different way in how to create the life you want, the goals – the dreams and so on, check out my “Create a Vision” Workshop.
Create a vision with the Rebel Soul Handbook
It’s a 45-minute video where I share with you how I’ve brought my vision to life and share with how to use the Rebel Soul Handbook – the tool I use every year to create my be, do and have goals.

You will also get the downloadable PDF file of the Rebel Soul Handbook, so you can print it and start your journey using your soul guidance to bring your vision to life.

Not only do I get to embody the person I want to be based on my vision, but I set goals that feel good in every fiber of my being… and it’s based on my inner guidance.

There is power in writing it down and if you’ve struggled with vision boards, it’s time to give the Rebel Soul Handbook a try.

It’s the end of the year as we know it

It’s the end of the year as we know it

and it’s really just the beginning… because what if you could

  • Write that book and get it published
  • Start selling your artwork
  • Start a service-based business

So I decided to bundle up a few of my courses to help you on your path!

Holiday Bundle One

  • Walk on the level of your Soul
  • Book Writing
  • Mindset on Fire

Holiday Bundle Two

  • Nurture Yourself
  • Art Entrepreneur
  • Mindset on Fire

Holiday Bundle Three

  • Create a Vision (Rebel Soul Handbook)
  • Rebel Entrepreneur
  • Mindset on Fire

Check out the Bundles below

Soul Walk

Journal yourself into Self-Awareness and embrace the soul walk

Remove Self-Doubt and Fear

Squish your fears and doubts to achieve your goals

Write your book

It’s time to write your book and get it published!

The Art Entrepreneur

Learn how to build your business and sell your art

Remove Self-Doubt and Fear

Remove Doubts and Fears so you can forge ahead

Nurture Yourself Challenge

Discover what nurtures you and embrace self-care

Create a vision with the Rebel Soul Handbook

Call in the vision of your life and set goals that are in alignement with you

Remove Self-Doubt and Fear

Eliminate those doubts and fears and take action with confidence

Build a business being your rebel self

Create a service-based business being you doing what you are called to do

These Bundles will go away on December 26th, 2017!

And then you would have to get this courses individually!

Calling all ambitious women (Free training inside)!

Calling all ambitious women (Free training inside)!


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