New Video: Not taking Action

New Video: Not taking Action

Every week I am coming to you unscripted but with thought and topic in mind. There will be no styling and no make-up but what you will get is me fully and unapologetically!

Today I am sharing with you what not taking action can mean and where it can hold you back.

I share my personal story of getting on an airplane at the age of 18 and not looking back but it was that one single action that ended changing my life completely.

Sure I could have returned home but that one action leads to another and another. Life is about experiences and taking actions even if you don’t know what happens in the end.

The thing is you don’t have to do a thing. You can stay exactly where you are with the life you currently have but are you having fun?

Life is about experiences and sometimes you have to through spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks… yes I am talking about trial and error. You can’t know what to act on if you don’t go on an adventure and explore what excites you or even makes you tick.

Sure sometimes not doing anything may just be the thing you need to do but if you’re feeling frustrated with life, your job or your relationships, just maybe it’s time to do something about it.

And if you don’t know what you want to do then check out my free guide. The woman who had a spark in her soul will help you uncover what lights you up and can help you create a life that’s less boring.

You only have this one life to live so let’s make it a good one with doing the things you’ve always been dreaming about!

So let’s do this!

When you feel good there’s no room for overwhelm

When you feel good there’s no room for overwhelm

The best things happen when we are not attached to the outcome and allow us to be guided in ways that feel good. When you feel good then there is no room for overwhelm, stress or other little inconveniences.

On this last day of the year, reflect on your experiences not just for the year but those of your lifetime. Everything you’ve lived through and experiences has been your initiation to fulfilling your purpose. Take in those little moments you felt the overwhelm and the moments you felt good. Acknowledge the difference and take some notes on how to move through it in the future.

Don’t forget to take time to rest and allow yourself to take it all in so you can give honor to those moments that made you grow in ways you’ve never imagined.

During your resting period, take a moment to yourself with your favorite drink and write out your intention as clear and detailed as possible. Keep it close by where you can read it and reflect on it and stay focused on moving towards your goal. Really acknowledge on how you want to feel and decide who you need to be in order to achieve that feeling.

But as you do to stay in the flow and ensure that you have times of getting out in nature so you can stay grounded. If you are feeling overwhelmed or too fragmented take that as your cue to stop and step away.

Sometimes the best clarity comes to you when you take the time to nurture yourself. And maybe that’s in a form of a new adventure. Where you kind of make a plan of where to go and what to do but you’re not restricting yourself and instead give yourself the flexibility to allow intuition to guide you.

Just a Ripple in the Ocean – A testimonial

Just a Ripple in the Ocean – A testimonial

This week I received beautiful messages from my readers and my heart is full. One message specifically I want to share with you.

I am merely a ripple in the ocean but this is without question the stuff I live for.

Whether you read my blog, my books, my emails or choose to work with me if I have just helped you in some kind of a small or even a big way … it fills my heart with so much gratitude.

The book in reference in my latest book I published earlier this year… Rebel Shine.

A guide to help you rise above from what is holding you back, so you can have the best year, every year. 

What would it mean to you to have a clear vision of the direction for your life and the dreams waiting to be unleashed? 

It’s time that you own your own power and release the stories and belief patterns that have held you back until now. 

It’s time to tap into your imagination and embrace self-care while embodying an attitude of gratitude. Opportunities will emerge as you elevate your life and embrace vulnerability.

New Book Release: Rebel Shine - The guide to have your best year, every year

Get your own copy today

On Moving on instinct

On Moving on instinct

Something that I absolutely believe in is to believe your intuition and move on instinct. 

We all have gut reactions to situations and people and it took me years to honor that and actually listen to what it was telling me. 

It’s that inner knowing of when to remove yourself from something, someone or somewhere. 

It’s the wisdom on when to go within to reflect and ask yourself the hard questions about life. 

It’s the physical reaction when someone enters the room or the feelings that emerge at any given moment. 

Far too often we seek the answers outside ourselves when in reality we need to go within. This will allow the hidden pieces to emerge that you’ve so carefully bundled up in the corner of your heart. It will guide you on how to embody your own self-care and nurture you and bring healing into your being. 

For too many years I had ignored my instincts until my son was born – and yes in some way I believe he came to me on purpose. So that I could learn to trust my intuition and fully believe in me and stop seeking the validation and support elsewhere. 

Funny how events and people can bring that clarity to you. 

What do you need to do to trust yourself more and your own intuition?  

Trust your Creative Spark

Trust your Creative Spark

Every time you ponder your life purpose or a specific situation, pay attention and use your intuition and creative spark to help guide you. Sometimes we need to just pay attention to signals from others and our own intuition.

This can throw things out of balance and may need more of your attention. Perhaps a shift in your exercise routine or your nutrition is in order. Your body knows things and your intuition will share this with you. And it could also be the people in your world, the job, the family and maybe friends too. Your intuition is your own inner personal wisdom center. Make it your best friend!

Of course, sometimes we need to stay in the background rather than trying to control the tide. Just being present doesn’t require pushing your own agenda on other people. And it doesn’t mean to stay stagnant but sometimes simply observing the world around you can give you exactly the information you are wanting and perhaps even needing. And then infuse it all with compassion and maybe forgiveness.

Trust your Creative Spark because it is in that process her you can acknowledge your feelings and express your thoughts. That intuition, your own inner personal wisdom center, will guide you so give it permission to exist. Journal about what your body needs or your mind needs and maybe what you need overall. Free write this without judgment and censoring. This can be not only revealing but give you the release and healing you need to move forward.

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