Creating More Ambitious Goals

Creating More Ambitious Goals

Has the people in your life or significant other recently pressured you to show some more initiative in your life? Are you losing touch with your buddies because they are smashing through their goals and you’re not? It might be time for some ambitious goal-crafting.

Sometimes, when everything seems to be going well, we can become dangerously content in life and it doesn’t challenge you. Maybe you’re content living a simple life. 

Maybe you feel more confident in a routine where you might not have to make many big decisions. Whatever reasons you have for what other people might call “slacking” or “stagnation,” there are some strong incentives for creating more ambitious goals.

Find Your Passion

Maybe you like where your job because it allows you enough time after work to engage in your favorite hobby. Sure, during the day your job isn’t too exciting, but the hours allow you to practice an activity that you are passionate about.

Most pass-times, from art, to music, to researching whatever you are interested in, even playing games, have opportunities that could allow you to make money doing what you love. Plus, if your day job gives you time to do what you enjoy, it should give you time to find a band and play out or find a community center that showcases or even sells local art, or a job online that lets you write about what you’re passionate about. Check out my guide to help you start blogging.

Find Something That Uses Your Experience

Some people like entry-level jobs because they don’t need to make a lot of decisions – all of the tough calls are made by someone else. Sure, you have to listen to someone else all the time, but if anything goes wrong up the ladder it’s not on you.

If you’ve been in one of these jobs long enough, you’ve probably noticed that things go wrong up the ladder all the time. Most of the time, that is because someone up the ladder got the job because of their experience somewhere else and they have shockingly little experience where it counts – where you are.

Management positions do mean more responsibility, but they also mean better pay. Also, the decisions that management struggles with might not be such a struggle for someone with real first-hand experience with the work – someone like you.

But if that doesn’t call to you and if you’re tired of where you are, doing the job you’re doing, perhaps it’s time to figure out what it is you would do for free because you’re so passionate about it that you just can’t help yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with being more ambitious in your life. Let go of the inner voice that people will judge you and judge you.

Find A Job That Pays More Than Bills

But if you like where you and you like the company you are working for, then, try talking to HR or looking more closely at the company’s hiring site the next time that a job opens up. Even middle-management positions often come with benefits like stock-options, better insurance, a retirement plan, and opportunities for travel. Many businesses with more than one location have opportunities for travel, especially for advanced positions. Sometimes it might be just to the next branch, but sometimes it can mean meetings or retreats in big cities all around the country.

Having a more advanced job or just some impressive projects or initiatives under your belt also makes it easier for you to change careers should something more exciting come along down the road. I write about forging your own path and designing the life you want quite a bit – and this includes the work you want to do.

Having a job that doesn’t feel too taxing can have its appeal, especially earlier in life, but as most people grow older, they often find that they want (or need) some more challenging or more lucrative work and that they wish that they would have taken advantage of more opportunities earlier in their careers. 

And I’ve been down the path of having a job that gave me what I needed in that moment and time. I worked retail in order to pay the bills and spend hours of my free time doing research on things that interest me.

I spend hours at a job that allowed me to do good in this world – one client at a time – and still work in my art business because I was able to use the free time I had to make that happen.

I am not one to say that everyone should be a business owner – although if that’s what you want – it’s time to set some goals – what I am saying is that you don’t have to stay where you are if you feel like you have more to give that you are currently able to show off.

Whether it’s for the challenge and fulfillment that more challenging goals can bring, or for the financial security that such goals often bring with them, consider creating some more ambitious goals sooner than later.

Reinvention: Purposefully Forging A New You

Reinvention: Purposefully Forging A New You

I don’t know the number of times I had to reinvent myself over the years and always for different reasons. Reinvention is usually driven by a few prominent emotions: boredom, restlessness, dissatisfaction, even fear. Sometimes reinvention rises out of personal chaos. 

The first reinvention that I was aware of happened when I caused a DUI when I was 23. I realized that I was heading down the path I didn’t want to walk on i.e. I didn’t want to be like my parents and that is exactly what I was doing. And I had to face some cold hard truth about myself.

But I think the most profound and yes life changing reinvention happened when my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, I became a special needs parent and I was sick and tired of the life I was living – except I didn’t know this until after my son was well on his way towards his recovery. During the 3 years I was fighting to keep him alive and simply just going with the motions of what was going on but when I came out of the other side, I didn’t know who I was but what I did know was that the way I lived before was no longer acceptable.

And here’s what I learned since then: We are always reinventing ourselves sometimes we just happen to be more aware than at other times.

Proactive Reinvention: Purposefully Forging A New You

Proactive reinvention can be the toughest to experience because we are in that safe and comfortable space.

Major life changes aren’t immediately required. We might even be able to keep on coasting just as we are, but that’s not a satisfying place for us anymore. Even though reinvention can be scary, we still have the desire to do it because seems better than where we are. 

Maybe we’re simply tired and unfulfilled in our lives, our work, or our relationships. Proactive reinvention is not urgent in most cases but allows space for you to be deliberate in your choices.

Ask Yourself “What do I need in my life now? What do I want? What’s missing?”

To answer this question, we must dig deep dig deep, and it’s not a quick process in most cases. Proactive reinvention tends to arise out of a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration about where we are in life or even who we are. We may only know that we want something different.

The challenge here is that you may judge or criticize yourself too harshly. When this happens to me, and it does, I simply remind myself that this life is a journey and that perspective has helped me out of a downward spiral numerous times.

Identify Your Loves and Passions

  • What do you value?
  • What gets your engine running?
  • If you could make a living at a hobby, what would it be?

Getting a handle on what you enjoy and what you love to do, how you love to feel, and whom you love to be around lets you set some big, broad goals. In all cases and steps of reinvention, ask yourself questions like:

  • How can I make my passions a way of life? 
  • How can my loves and passions help me stay financially sound?
  • Do I have any support to make the changes to become congruent with my passions?

Sit with this. Spend time dreaming and writing about it and don’t stop until you have nothing else to say about the matter!

Explore Your Immediate Options

Immediate options generally include things like your skill set, your finances, your contacts and social links in life. These can be springboards to the new you. Think of these as assets you already must dedicate to your renewal.

Get a teacher, mentor or sounding board

If you’ve got a general idea of what you want to do, you can start homing in on sources of information and expertise. Those sources can be people who are knowledgeable or experience with the subject matter, profession, hobby, whatever it is that’s appealing to you. If you know you want to reinvent yourself, but haven’t got a lock on a destination yet, there’s no worry. Many people go through the renewal process without any hint of a fixed destination or end-point in mind when they start off.

That said, it’s good to have someone around who can give you ideas, feedback, and support that’s related to your journey. And this is what I offer you in the Rebel Spark Collective.

Consider the Unknown

The unknown is scary, but it can also lead to some great discoveries. There are two big sources of it, too. There’s the unknown out there in the world external to us, and the unknown inside you.

When you change your life, there’s bound to be internal changes that you didn’t plan for. If planning were all it took to reinvent one’s life, it’d be much simpler. And we’d experience less heartache and heartbreak.

Let the possibility of change flourish in you. If you try hard to hang on to everything that you’ve got now, that you are now, nothing will change.

Learn to live with fear while always going forward

Reinvention requires embracing uncertainty. It means getting comfortable with discomfort. Doing new things, trying new ways to be is scary! Allowing fear to stop us from changing is always the biggest block to proactive reinvention. 

Always. Unlike reactive reinvention, when you must make big changes or face even worse situations than self-renewal, proactive reinvention seems optional when we get scared, so we have the option to retreat into safety. Safety is great. However, clinging to the safety of the familiar ensures you will never reinvent yourself.

Something that was shared with me about how people view me is that I am fearless, which is probably accurate but I didn’t always see it this way. But I’ve come to see the benefits of growing up in foster care and then getting on an airplane at 18 without knowing a thing about where I was going.

But I do understand fear and that it is necessary for us to push through because stepping into who we want to become requires living with fear.

Consider as an example the situation of leaving one career for another, more ideal career. Common wisdom says you must have another job before leaving your current job. 

That wisdom in this situation kills any chance of getting that ideal job. It’s very hard, maybe impossible, to prepare for a completely new profession while working a full-time job.

Making a jump from the known into the unknown safely, with no risks, doesn’t happen. There is always some element of risk. Learning to live with risk in order to get something you dearly want is one of the biggest rewards of reinventing yourself.

So are you ready to say yes to reinventing yourself? Ready to say yes to you?

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5 Key Reasons To Design The Life You Really Want

5 Key Reasons To Design The Life You Really Want

You don’t have to let life happen to you, you can create it however you want it. You can design the life you really want. It starts with the decision to take control of your life and going after the things that are important to you. It’s time that you let go of fear, learn the things you want to learn and open the doors to opportunities. And you can start today!

#1. You can learn to identify what makes you happy in life.

Get in touch with your strength, your gifts and what brings you joy and also energizes you. When you have this knowledge than you’re already on your way to forging your own path.

Take a moment to assess yourself and your life. Write about what feels really good and what doesn’t and then make a list of your strength, gifts and the activities or people that bring you joy.

#2. You can learn to appreciate failures and mistakes as learning opportunities.

When you design your own life, you learn that all the missteps and obstacles that you face in life are not setbacks or failures. Instead, they are opportunities to learn and grow from. Being happy in life and achieving your goals is a process. It won’t happen all at once, even the Romans didn’t build their empire overnight.

Something that I became super clear on these past few years that sometimes you have to throw Spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks because all that learning and growth to figure out what makes you happy becomes knowledge through the process of trial and error, and keep making and learning from mistakes.

Designing your life allows you the freedom to set your sights on a goal that makes you happy and be at peace with the process of learning and evolving that must happen in order for you to achieve that dream.

#3. You can find a fulfilling career. And then find a new one.

Designing your own life means you don’t have to be stuck in your current job and that you can reach for new aspirations at any point in your existence. Years ago I thought being a CPA was a thing I need to be doing only to realize I am not a cubicle type of person which then let me down the proverbial rabbit hole of “what do I want to be when I grow up”. This means tapping into your imagination and envision different futures for yourself all of which could make you happy and fulfilled. Finding the career that brings you joy and energizes you is filled with passion and doesn’t have to be out of your reach. Where there is a will, there is a way!. 

This means you pick the one job that fulfills you today, and when that stops being your passion, you know you have the skills and mindset to find the next great opportunity. After my stint in accounting, I ended up working with people who have intellectual disabilities and it was awesome. And then life threw a curveball in my way with my son’s illness and liver transplant and I chose to go after my degree in Counseling. And yes, working as a therapist was definitely fulfilling and filled my passion, at least for a little while.

And today, I am doing what I love and am passionate about in every way – whether it be through coaching and mentoring, creating art, or moonlighting as a virtual assistant.


#4. You can learn to navigate the biggest decision points in your life with ease.

Designing your life teaches you how to assess, make evaluations, envision multiple outcomes, and select among many different choices. 

These are all essential life skills because you’ll be making tough decisions along the way. Once you feel confident that your process works and is bringing you happiness, you’ll start to see many ways these skills are transferable to all the decision-making points in your life.

My own biggest challenge was in embracing my multi passions and realizing that I get easily bored doing the same thing over and over again and that I thrive on variety and the ability to use all of my skills – maybe not every day but definitely most of the time.

#5. You can imagine multiple futures for yourself, then decide which to pursue.

Design is a process that involves choices and options with the believe that it can happen for you and when you take the time to imagine multiple futures you can also see the varied pathways ways to get there.  

You see that several different options could bring you joy, and you are reminded that there is not one right future or path for you. Knowing this is freeing, allowing you to change directions in the future or start again when you find your passion and joy waning.

Rebel Spark Goal Book
Rebel Spark Goal Book
It's time that you find a different way to set goals and make them happen. It's time that your intuition works hand in hand with your heart and soul because you have a calling and it's time to stop being afraid to go after what you want. Use this Goal Book to help you step into awareness of what has or hasn't worked, and be honest with where you are in your life right now. And then make a decision to change it by calling in the vision of your future self and the life you desire. The monthly pages are here to help you map out actions while the inspired living pages are here to support you to be in the moment. Use the mind maps to work through any problem and move through frustration or just simply understand your world through visualizing it on paper.
Price: $17.00
New Video: On Setting Goals

New Video: On Setting Goals

Every week I am coming to you unscripted but with thought and topic in mind. There will be no styling and no make-up but what you will get is me fully and unapologetically!

Today I am talking about about how to start taking action towards your dreams and goals.

The reality is you aren’t going to know all the actions steps that are going to take you to the end. And that can often lead to the struggle of getting started.

And it always starts with a goal.

It’s often that decision to actually do that thing that will reveal each action step that has to happen. Even when you don’t know it all – and do we ever? – you’ll notice that you know the step but you don’t know how to go about it.

This was true for me when I started writing my first book. I have had this dream for the longest time but I didn’t know how to go about it.

Well, I knew how to write but I didn’t know how to get it out into the world. And I was challenged because English is my second language and but what really stopped me from moving forward was the publishing aspect of my endeavor.

And here’s the thing, when you talk about your goal or dream to all the people you come across, eventually you will find someone that has the know-how and they’ll reveal that step to you.

And that’s exactly what happened to me. Now when I published my first book in 2009, I didn’t have an online business per say (I had a website for my art business that’s it) and I didn’t rely on my own ability to hang out on the search engine to find out what I needed.

But nonetheless, I met someone who shared with me on how to go about publishing my book and in a two months time, it was done.

The Moon Shift Journal is here

The Moon Shift Journal is here

I am incredibly excited about the Moon Shift Journal.

It’s been no surprise to me that my energy and my monthly cycle is fine-tuned to the phases of the moon. I’ve noticed it move this past year and I realized that I needed something that would help guide me but also tap into the awareness of how I am being affected.

I literally experience this energy bursts of can’t stop/won’t stop and then the lethargy of just wanting to sleep for days on end – which when you’re a business owner is a bit challenging. And funny enough (at least to me) I don’t necessarily have the same energy flow as other people.

So I decided that it was high-tide to create something that I could use throughout each moon phase. And so the Moon Shift Journal was born.

So what exactly is the Moon Shift Journal?

Well, it’s a monthly journal and coloring book noting the 8 phases of the moon.

March Mandala

Each month starts with a Mandala Coloring Page and Journal page to get started with intention and reflection. The journal is not dated so that you can enter dates and track it yourself – and if you choose the pdf version print as much as you need! Each moon phase has its own coloring page and journal page that comes with prompts

Monthly Moon Journal Prompts

Why coloring?

Well, for me this is meditating in an active way and it feels good to me. When I try to meditate any other way I tend to fall asleep and then I am no good for the rest of the day, so I reserve those for the evening hours or just before I fall asleep.

Coloring allows me to take a break, and go within allowing my thoughts and feelings to emerge as they may. I started this process 10 years ago when my son was lying in the hospital bed fighting for his life and it’s an activity I always return too when I need a time out, get grounded or seek peace and even clarity.

The more you know about how you connect with the moon, the more in flow you can be with its energy. 

You can get your copy of the Moon Shift Journal here

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