On doing things differently

On doing things differently

If I am honest with myself, and you, of course, I have never liked the approach of creating packages and developing services for the work I am here to do. It feels stuffed, identical to what everyone else is doing, and incredibly boring.

Part of the amazing journey of life and business is figuring out, exactly what makes you tick, how you want to be in this world and then working through to make it happen. And it will be work without questions. All too often, that inner dismantling of what and who you thought you were is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding.

And I am on this journey every day even because I am human, not some alien force despite carrying around a card that says, resident alien.

I crave a deeper connection with people in this world through a more closer connection where I share my journey with you while at the same time offering you the support you crave.

And so here were are, in Rebel Spark Notes has been unleashed and in a matter of a week it already has taken on a life form that I couldn’t have imagined. The words, the assignments, the challenges – they are flowing with ease. It’s like I gave myself permission to operate from that deep level within my own soul.

In choosing to make the space for you so you can decide what you want and how to go about it, this feels big to me. Big because we get to work through the hard stuff together, at your pace. I fully expect for you to outgrow Rebel Spark Notes at some point and when that happens, I am going to celebrate you so freaking hard because I can then with a full heart say “My job is done here”.

I fully expect for you to outgrow Rebel Spark Notes at some point and when that happens, I am going to celebrate you so freaking hard because I can then with a full heart say “My job is done here”.

Sure, I will be sad when you leave but I am not meant to be a permanent fixture in your life. I am here to support you and guide in your journey, to help you turn the spark into a fire – so you can leave your old trail behind and keep forging ahead in your journey.

Here’s what you can expect depending on the spark you choose!

Rebel Spark Reader: 

  • Every month I will write 3-4 notes per week, perhaps more.
  • There will be weekly assignments.
  • There is a get stuff done section, where you get to tell us your goals and action plans.

Rebe Spark Partner:  

  • Every month I will write 3-4 notes per week, perhaps more.
  • There will be weekly assignment and monthly challenges.
  • There is a get stuff done section, where you get to tell us your goals and action plans.

Rebel Spark Collective:

  • Every month I will write 3-4 notes per week, perhaps more.
  • There will be weekly assignments and monthly challenges.
  • There is a get stuff done section, where you get to tell us your goals and action plans.
  • Every month, depending on the path you are on, there is an opportunity to get your questions answered in a personal video by me, at least for now.
  • Every other month, I am hosting a connection call where we will get together and hang out. This is to build those connections with one another but also I am available to help you through a challenge or something.

 You have a choice:

Stay where you are right now OR make a decision to do the work to create the change you are craving!

Rebel Spark Collective

I’ve been feeling the call to do things differently, to really engage in my life and your life at the same time. I crave a deeper connection with people that could use love, guidance, and support.

I wasn’t sure what that looked like but I knew what it felt like and truly it feels like bliss. The kind of bliss you can only get when you are operating from the level of your soul that sets the world on fire (not literally though, that be bad, really bad).

It’s my purpose and mission to:

  • heal, use my voice, shift the world through writing with what is on my heart and nudged by my soul that is real, raw and vulnerable.
  • remove struggle, frustration, and lack through teaching and engaging with people who are ready to commit to their own transformation.
  • connect with myself and people on a level that allows us to go deep into the discovery of who we are as individuals and how we can help shift the world as a collective.
  • expand on the capacity to love and remove the barriers that get in the way of who we are and extend this new way of being in our families + communities.

I’ve lost the desire to be someone’s inspiration some time ago because it does nothing to help us move forward in our own lives. This means I have to take on a different approach in which we all walk through the mud together, challenge ourselves to new levels all the while exploring the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that get in the way of achieving our dreams and goals.

Allow me to introduce the Rebel Spark Collective! 

A community where I share 3-4 Rebel Spark Notes per week, weekly assignments, monthly sessions + personalized Q&A videos.

My mission is to impact + connect with people through my writing, teachings & presence in this lifetime. I am passionate about helping you to not only get started with changing your life but moving forward one step at a time.


Conformity is a death sentence to your soul

There’s nothing wrong with you. 

Somewhere in this journey, you were told who to be. 

Someone told you that you that life is a linear path. 

And somewhere along the line, you’ve molded yourself into that person. 

You’ve caged yourself without really meaning to. 

And you didn’t even see it until one day you had a thought, an experience or came across and article that made you think for just one moment.

It made you think about the kind of life that you want but haven’t allowed yourself to believe it’s possible. It made you think about the career you have been dreaming about and the relationships you crave.

And yet something inside of you stopped you from acting on them because your entire life you were told on who you should be.

The time has come to break free.

It’s time to be who you have always been deep down inside and allow that person to emerge in all its glory.

It’s time to stop hiding that incredible person you are and pave your way your heart is calling you too.

It’s time to remove the mold and see that beauty that shines from within you and let it brighten the world one ray at a time.

Do not allow other’s to tell you, who you are for they too have been molded.  

The mold is fear keeping you chained to a life that is dull and boring.

Conformity is a death sentence to your soul. 

You are amazing free-thinker and deserve to share your thoughts to make the world a little brighter.

You have opinions and perspective that are worthy of being heard to help the shift towards healing.

You have something amazing to give to this world and you owe it to the world to unleash them.

You have an amazing soul and it’s time embrace it so others may be inspired and motivated to live a life according to their own rules.

Don’t wait for things to happen to you, start making them happen.

Join my course Rebel Shine Bootcamp to take your life to a new level. 

There are always things that don’t make sense but yet you keep on traveling

Life isn’t supposed to make sense all the time. Life is a journey and when you travel along the path, you will see things and wonder and question it. 

There are always things that don’t make sense but yet you keep on traveling. 

But it’s hard, isn’t it? So incredibly challenging when you try to understand why something is happening or how it even got to this point.

Sometimes when you try too hard to make sense of something, in order to find the closure, you’re only going to confuse yourself even more. 

The painful experiences and memories that haunt you don’t always make sense as you wonder why did this happen to me? What did I do to cause this? 

It’s so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in all of that. And yet, sometimes things happen for no rhyme or reason but you have the opportunity to look and see who emerged because of those experiences. 

But in the moments when nothing makes sense to you at all, you will want to give yourself the space to say goodbye and let it all go. You can’t change your life by always trying to figure out what it all means. 

Take some time and think about the events that don’t make sense. And then take some more time and write out what you appreciate about those moments. And then make the space to see what you have learned because of them. 

Even when it was painful. Even when you want to just yell and scream about them. And in the end, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve made it through them despite whatever challenges may have stood in the way. 

You can’t let go without compassion towards yourself. Give yourself that. When you feel compassion and love for yourself you have the ability to unfold the hands around your heart and let go. 


5 Minutes to Freedom Email Coaching

Why 5-minutes to Freedom is an email coaching program.

1. Express Yourself

Writing is an art form with magic because it helps you tap into your mind and in your heart that is often left unspoken. It helps to clarify your thoughts and feelings and really helps you ponder what it is you need to convey.

2. Convenience

Space and time don’t get in the way because email coaching is not limited by location or time-zone. This is perfect for people who struggle to set another appointment in their already overbooked schedule. No time to schedule, no app to load just shoot off an email to communicate.

3. Transformational Records

Paper trails or rather email trails – a written record of your journey. Imagine looking back on your transformation and seeing how far you’ve come? Imagine looking back on all the breakthroughs and a-ha moments!

And through our records I can create a library of knowledge that strengthens me to show up for others on a similar journey.

4. The way of the quiet wolf rising to the top

For the introvert in you, this means you can be a little more brave, a little more courageous behind the safety of email. Something that is a little bit more challenging when face-to-face!

5. A different way of guiding and supporting

I can think about my answers and allow each of your questions or challenges to marinade if needed and yet the first thought that is the one led by instinct is the one needed to be given. Intuition is my moon.

6. Benefits of writing

There is power in your words and when you write them down and send them in an email, you will experience the same benefits as if you were to write them in your journal every day. You get to explore and marinade on your thoughts that helps you open up to your own pace of the creative process.

7. Tapping into Intuition

This is my strength! Tapping into my intuition that allows the next step unfold and allow my soul nudges to guide you with ideas, resources and possibilities to explore.

8. Access on demand

Forget waiting until the next session, instead jump into my inbox with your struggle, frustration, and questions.
No more waiting for the next call to get your answers.

9. I get to serve you in the way that works best for me

As a creative multi-passionate person, mom and partner – this works for me. It give me the time and space to serve you in the best way possible when my energy is in it’s prime.

5-minutes to Freedom is a 6-week program that guides you step-by-step through the process of choosing a goal and achieving it.

At the end of our time together, you not only know what you want but you are heading into the path of achieving it!