2016-10-01-10-19-34Creatives work hard chasing their dreams and are ecstatic when they come true.

When I first started wood-burning, I thought it would be super cool t have my work in a Gallery. But like many thoughts, it was a fleeting one because I had just begun and really needed to hone in on my new found craft.

The biggest struggle for most of us is feeling good about our skills and talents and for some of us that don’t come easy. We fight hard with ourselves to validate that we have skills that are totally valuable and help us feel validated.

We are our own worst critic and downplay and minimize those things we are so incredibly good at. And so we wait for others to sing the praises of our work until one day we realize that we can do things that well frankly, not everyone can do. Although, I do believe that all people are creative and talented just don’t bother to try and so downplaying just becomes easy.

One of the things I started doing in 2009, is selling my work at Festivals and Farmer’s Market, although I am doing less of that as my focus has shifted. But I still do two main events a year.

Last Winter, I participated in an annual holiday event at a local winery and was able to show off some of my artwork. 8 months later I received an email, asking me if I wanted to have my work in a Gallery.

2016-10-01-10-37-44There were a lot of gremlins talking to me, trying to hold me back from displaying my work. There were a lot of gremlins wrestling with the prices I was asking for my work.

But for heaven’s sake, 15 years of wood-burning, learning and mastering the skill, I was already validated by simply being asked and well all the custom work I do for people.

So here I am, with my artwork in a Gallery!

Dreams, my friends, do come true.


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