April was for spring cleaning and more organization

I literally spent April refining, organizing and revamping my life and my business to stay true to my vision. It’s been daunting and a few things fell to the side while other’s emerged to the forefront. This is life. We are always working towards that vision of what we want it to feel and be like.

April Review

  1. Release a new offering! Not sure what that looks like yet! I released Rebel Kickstart – a monthly membership for planning, accountability, masterminding and co-working. It’s time to stop saying what you are going to do one day and start doing it today! 
  2. I am developing the Rebel Incubator into another program that will focus on blogging and writing. The release date for this is not yet determined as I am working out the modules and content! There’s been no progress on this so far as I am still marinating on the flow and feel of this. But I will keep you posted! 
  3. Rebel Shine Book – edit the chapters to make this a cohesive book – still a work in progress! I had an idea and realized I didn’t like it so I have to make some major changes! I am hoping the end of May I will be able to tell you that I did publish another book! 
  4. Three Times Chaos – update the photographs for products and the copy of each item. This continues to be a work in progress. Now that my office has taken shape and I am able to really get a grasp on my inventory this turned out to be a huge project. 
  5. Client Work – three days a week is set aside for clients and that averages 2-3 hours per day. And their goals and actions that need to get done are on my priority list. This is working really well. I am excited to support my clients with their business endeavors. 
  6. Go out and sing Karaoke – I love going out even if I make a fool of myself singing off key. YES! Totally had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with my friends. 
  7. Play soccer and improve my skills. Yes, so much fun being part of the team! We made it into the playoffs, let’s see how we keep growing and become a more solid team! 
  8. Run the April Goal Setting Challenge and Set up May Challenge – you can find them here So much goodness right there. I am excited about offering this free content every single month! 

May Goals

I am going to keep this pretty simple this month because I am still in the re-organizing, re-doing and revamping stage of it all.

  1. Rebel Shine Book – edit, edit, edit
  2. Exercise – Running & Soccer
  3. Create at least one or two new pieces of art
  4. Support my clients as needed (VA work and Courses!)

What are your goals for May?

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