Do you like affirmations?  Up until a few years ago, I didn’t even know what they were, to be honest.

And two years ago, I went through some difficult times and despite my natural optimism, I was negating negative energy.

I did 30-days of affirmation to help me through an unknown time and help build confidence within myself. Too often we rely on what other’s think of us rather than what we think of ourselves. let alone believe to be capable of. There are moments when we ask ourselves based on our personal history on whether we can or we deserve better.

Of course, you do!

We are not the image that our past has painted. We are the thoughts and feelings we can express in the moments and the new decisions we make – based on past experiences and even mistakes. Those tend to impact our self-esteem however and we believe that we can’t or we shouldn’t.

It’s all rubbish!

You can and you should follow what your heart and soul scream so loudly at you if you are willing to listen. My hope is as you read the affirmations that I am sharing with you that you will read them out loud, perhaps even write them down. refer to them as you need and in time you will notice less I cant’s and I shouldn’t s and all those reasons of why not.

My hope is you will start to see yourself in a positive I can and I will attitude!


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