Do you feel pulled on whether to act on an idea or not? Sometimes it can be hard to decide if this new idea is the *thing* you have been looking for!

But I know that the only way you’re going to make anything happen is by taking action!

Because the reality of is that you can’t wish, hope or just dream about your ideas and then magically create the life you want. You will need to do something about it!

No excuses!

But fears creep in, the doubt, the limiting beliefs and thought patterns. I remember talking about writing a book about my life in foster care. I believed it was a story worth telling, but I didn’t want it to be a story that would bring pity into my world.

I wanted to share it because I want to tell people, that you can without a doubt make the change you want, and that every idea is worth following. Even if you don’t know how which is exactly the problem I ran into.

I didn’t know how to get published.

And then one day, a friend told me about self-publishing.

This seemed to have been the missing link for me because now I had no more excuses for not writing that book.

Except now I had a new problem!

I wanted this to be a book about rising above, about showing up for the challenge and really what would be the beginning of my own awakening.
And I realized that, even if others didn’t like the story, even if it wasn’t perfect, it was worth telling.

I wrote the book and I published it!

Did it become a best-seller? It didn’t, but I am so okay with it because I finally started taking action on all those things in my head.

  • Every idea deserves exploring.
  • Every dream deserves to be believed.
  • And you get to create each moment!

And as we are at the end of 2016 and heading into a brand-new year, give yourself permission to go to new heights.

  • Your vision is your GPS!
  • Your actions are your scenic overviews.
  • Your goals are you’re the destinations on your journey.

Don’t let this be you as we are in the last days of 2016. I have no doubt that you been contemplating, wondering and doing some hopeful planning.

But why not create a map of where you are going, with intention, clarity, and focus?

And knowing what you are doing to achieve the results you want?

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