Acknowledge yourself during difficult moments

It is sometimes quite difficult to not be a team player when we need to acknowledge our anxiety. There are moments when I am able to push through the anxiety, participate and be what would be considered a team player. But then there are the moments that make my chest hurt so badly and tears creep into my eyes.
I don’t like to be vulnerable or show what at times I feel like is a weakness – but amazingly enough I was able to find my strength within that moment, acknowledge that I am having a quite difficult time and I am choosing to not participate in the “Human Pretzel” activity.

It took mucho guts to state that I will not and that it is causing me tremendous amount of physical pain just of the thought of being in such close space with 6 other people, holding hands and figure out how to end up in a big circle.

In my head I was arguing that I “should” participate because well you know its team building. But not just before this activity we did the ice breaker activity of tell one truth and one lie and see of your peers can figure it out.

Those activities are hard for me and it is something I continuously work on and trying to figure out what coping skill I can utilize to help me through it because you know choosing alcohol to help isn’t really the option.

After the meeting, a few people came up and expressed that they appreciate my honesty and the professional stance to acknowledge this difficult moment for me. I acknowledged their compliment and moved on with my day.

I think too often we get hung up into the notion that we absolutely must participate in activities that make us so incredibly uncomfortable. For me its close and I mean close human contact – being able to acknowledge this I am able to have my space respected more freely.

How have you acknowledged a difficult moments in your life?

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