Reclaim your Spark and be YOU

You want to follow your spark (ideas, dreams + goals), be who you are and create a life, living from your heart and soul.

You want to embody adventure and experience life because you know deep down that the time is now.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, lost and confused and have lost your sense of direction.

Maybe you struggle with confidence and have given fear and doubt the upper hand.

You’ve just forgotten who you are under the rules of the world around you. It’s time to remember who you are and decide to embrace your inner Rebel.

As a coach + mentor with a lifetime of experience, I work with women who are

〉ready to embrace who they are and be comfortable with themselves 

〉choosing to follow their sparks – the dreams that keep showing up begging them to take action

〉rewrite the stories that hold them back and acknowledge the habit and behaviors no longer serving them

〉willing to keep going even during challenging times because they have a plan to turn dreams into goals

〉serious about shifting their life into the direction of their vision so that it can be their reality

My start in life was rougher than most. I didn’t have a safe home with parents who loved me. Without a solid foundation, I was forced to create my own.

Watching my son fight for his life made me realize things have to fall apart in order to rebuild a better house on top of the foundation I spent years painstakingly building.

I firmly believe that anyone can create a life that feels good, take action towards their sparks, all the while being true to themselves.

Because when you embrace who you are, rewrite your stories that hold you back and are willing to work on the dark side, you will create a shift in your life towards greatness.

But what’s the real story right?

I give it to you in short in quick facts!

〉I grew up in foster care from the age of two until 16, when I decided to move in with my mother and then later with my father.

〉I visited the US on a whim when I was 18 and decided to not leave. I now have lived longer in the US than I did in Germany.

〉I earned two college degrees online, did in 7 years and as a reward made the National Deans list three years in a row and Honor Society.

〉Four years of that college experience, my son received three liver transplants over the span of three years.

〉I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 23 simply because it wasn’t needed in Germany.

〉I love coffee and I celebrate my birthday on National Coffee Day.

〉I love music because more often than not it conveys how I feel a lot better than I can do with words.

〉I love getting lost in romance shifter novels and crime shows.

〉I am living proof, that no matter your history or the stories you tell yourself, you can rewrite them and heal the parts that feel broken. You can follow your spark where it may lead you and enjoy the journey, even if the outcome is unknown. It’s the experience and lessons throughout that help you move into a fulfilled and simple life.  

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