Dear Rebel,

it’s incredibly challenging to stay in your own lane when you are bombarded with what everyone else is up to and you are seeing them succeed with their own dreams and goals.

When I started my coaching and mentoring business in 2015, I knew what I wanted to do. I felt called to help people that were struggling because yeah I have been there. And somewhere along the line I too have fallen into the trap of making the big and quick cash money every month.

Even though from my experience and my education, I know that a sustainable business takes a tremendous amount of time to build and grow. And yet, I went down the rabbit hole of investing into programs of how to make money in Facebook groups or signing up for all the freebies and challenges.

The lesson in all of this for me is to stay focused on my own dreams and goals and stay true to the work I want to be doing. Of course, we are either in a job or in a business to make money but that is so not the be all in the big scheme of things.

And here in the recent month, I found myself to be less on social media. I actually forget to post what I am up to or engaging in conversation with people.


Because I am in my office writing these notes, mapping out future content for you and creating art – whether it is wood-burning, crochet or writing. And I may also be knee deep in client work helping them get their website just right or write a blog post for them.

You see, when you know what you want to be, do and have in life it’s a lot easier to know what to focus on. It’s almost like you purposely have to put blinders on because falling into the trap of someone else’s journey is way too easy.

So on this day

  • make a list of all the dreams and goals you have right now at this moment
  • brainstorm the actions to make them happen, one dream/goal at a time
  • give yourself a deadline of when the dream/goal is going to be your reality
  • map out the actions and schedule them in so they don’t overwhelm you

And then do the work.

  • Close that facebook tab
  • Turn off your phone
  • Get some help to watch the kids if you need to

Whatever you have to do to make them happen, give yourself permission to take that leap.

You will find more of these kinds of notes in the Rebel Spark Collective. Sometimes these notes are personal reminders to myself and I am called to share with you or, sometimes these are challenges I am experiencing and they need to be shared with you and sometimes these are just things that pop in my head I want to share with you.

Wherever you are in your journey, you do not have to do it alone EVER!

We are in this together!


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