The 2019 Rebel Spark Goal Book is now available and yes, if you were aware of the workbook from last year, I created a smidgen of change.

This is how ideas and creative works for me. I start with an idea and then over time, it evolves until it feels right and I’ve been in a transition this last year to really narrow down my work and have all of my content reflect all parts of me.

But back to the workbook ūüôā

This year’s Rebel Spark Goal book comes with:

  • Reflection
  • Thank you 2018
  • Flower of Life
  • 2019 Vision
  • Be, Do and Have Goals
  • Quartley Goals
  • Monthly planning Pages supported by Inspired living pages and hashing out goal pages.
  • Problem-solving mind map and a blank mind maps
  • Blank pages

The goal book has 97 pages to help you and support you in reflecting on this past year and give thanks to the good and the lessons.

The flower of life helps you give some thought of where you are and where you would like to be that you will incorporate into your vision.

Once your vision is complete you can use your intuition to decide on your goals for the year.

The monthly planning pages are here to help you note the dates of actions and deadlines for each goal, while the goal pyramid and goal worksheet are here to guide you on the action steps that you will want to take to achieve your goal.

I’ve included a problem-solving mind map this year because it’s not fun being overwhelmed and frustrated but you can solve them by weighing all the options. This can be great working in partnership with a friend or accountability partner.

And last but not least, the pages are meant for you to personalize them by coloring them in and adding your own doodles and sketches as you feel fit. The coloring is helpful for active meditation i.e. think about how you want to feel and then color in a page and tune in on what’s need it to make it happen.

Get your copy here

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