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14 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

We are always looking for ways to improve our lives. We want things to feel good, peaceful and joyful.

And it doesn’t have to be an outrageous¬†event to make it happen, instead, you can use all or some of the 21 ways to help you improve your life.

  1. Declutter

Decluttering your home will raise your vibrations. There are always areas in our home that get neglected but making time to bring harmony into your home by getting rid of things that no longer feel good, or have just piled up, will always leave you feeling good.

  1. Gratitude

The more grateful we are the wealthier we become. By creating a daily habit of listing 5-10 things you are grateful for you will be able to see the abundance that already surrounds you. Gratitude starts within!

  1. Change your thinking

Every time a negative thought enters, tell it to stop and replace it with a positive thought. You are in control of your thoughts, not the other way around.

  1. Read for expansion

Grow your knowledge and self-awareness through reading personal development books and make it a habit of reading daily for an hour or a chapter!

  1. Stop complaining

The more you complain the more frustrating your life is and the more you attract the same. Make a conscious effort to stop complaining.

  1. Don’t just track your expenses

Tracking your income will help you acknowledge your work you put out into the world. All too often we get caught up in tracking our expenses without really tracking what we are bringing in.

  1. Don’t buy anything you do not need

When you are out and about and something catches your eye, don’t decide to buy it right then and there. Go home and allow a week to pass and see how you feel about the item, and if it truly is a need, then go get it.

  1. Start a journaling habit

Every day make time to free write to declutter your mind. This can include ideas, thoughts, feelings and of course everything you need to do.

  1. Pay attention to the time you spend

Knowing where you are spending your time, will help you see where you can stop doing some activities and replace them with the things you really want to do. Spending too much time on Facebook? Limit yourself to 15-30 minutes.

  1. Start a new food relationship

All too often, we beat ourselves up over the foods we eat. Instead, start a new food relationship! You can still have your favorite chocolate and desert but acknowledge the foods you want to eat more of and plan them into your meals.

  1. Become Active

Start walking, hiking or take an exercise class. Movement not only helps you physically but also mentally.

  1. Do something nice 5 days a week for your partner

This can be coffee in bed, doing a chore or running an errand. Whatever will help your partner feel loved and cared for.

  1. Do an activity with your partner

This can be a weekly date night or nightly walking but make your relationship a priority and spend quality time together away from home.

  1. Spend time with your friends

Social beings need social interactions. Invite your friends out or have a movie night.

Do a little bit or all of them and watch your life slowly improve over time.