Do you pay attention to that inner voice that tells you to just be who you already are?

Does the inner voice also tell you what action to take but you make excuses and end up playing it small?

Do you wonder what can happen when you not only listen to your inner rebel but also act on what she says?

During the 14-Days you will tune into your own transformation and know that you are okay in all that was and all that is. Becase when you listen to your inner voice, you can see that you are a Unicorn amongst horses.

Sometimes it can be challenging to know what our purpose is but it will be easy enough when you make space through coloring meditation. A picture of who you need to become in the process will emerge.

During this challenge, you will ask yourself if you are really committed and how you can seek refuge to honor yourself and your own needs. You know that love – love for yourself – can heal the pains of the past and pave the way to the future. But coloring helps you maintain present in the moment.

You will tap into your bravery and get clear on who you are – although I already know you’re a masterpiece.

Tune into your inner Rebel and embrace what she wants you to know and what it will take for you to leap.

Every day for 14 days you will receive an email with a new coloring page and a few thoughts to tune into the intention for that day!

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