Here you are!


You’ve discovered there’s more to life than just existing but you lack the clarity that will remove the stickiness from your life.

But you’ve made the decision anyway to

  • Create a clear vision
  • Get yourself unstuck
  • Start moving towards a fulfilled life

And you found me!

I’m Petra and I will help you unlock the doors of the starting box because I know how painful and frustrating it can be when your dreams feel so much bigger than you.

Nothing saddens me more than seeing someone caged because of self-doubt, overwhelm, judgment and old stories.

I have absolute faith in you and I believe it’s your time to unlock your power of your creative soul and declare freedom.

And it all starts with the vision quest


The mission if you choose to accept is to take the Vision Quest Challenge.

A FREE Video Training and guide with easy to follow exercises to help you set achievable goals without losing steam on your journey.

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