Striking the match for women to help them find their spark in the pursuit of their vision in life + business!

Meet Petra

My start in life was rougher than most, I didn’t have a safe home with parents who loved me. Without a solid foundation, I was forced to create my own.

Watching my son fight for his life made me realize that sometimes, things have to be broken in order to rebuild a better house on top of the foundation I spent years painstakingly building.

I firmly believe that anyone can create a life that feels good and taking action towards their ideas, visions, and dreams.

I have made it my mission to empower you to take control of your lives by mastering your own mindset by eliminating excuses that get in the way of you taking the first step.

It’s time to choose your own rebellion.

A rebellion that is driven by your vision for the future because you are relentless and ready to take back your power.

When you dive into your deeper self and have a greater understanding of who you are, you can use this information to create dreams + goals that support you on a level of your soul.

Rebels are the strongest when they are together because they can see the spark in others and help fan it into the flame.

Receiving support never got easier!

The Rebel Spark Collective is about personal development that meets you where you are in your journey to create a life that feels good.

Warning: Being part of the Rebel Spark Collective changes lives through small and large radical changes while being surrounded with people that get you and only want you to succeed!

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