It isn’t just a downright shame, but a crime to not live exactly the kind of life that you really want.

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Let me ask you a question.

If you could do absolutely anything and there was no risk of failure, what would you do?

The answer probably won’t surprise you all that much, but what it shows you is just how much you have allowed fear to hold you back. Fear causes you to bide your time, to wait, to wonder about what you should be doing with your life.

If failure isn’t an option anymore, what would you do?

  • Would you make more time for your family?
  • Would you quit your job and chase the career you always really wanted?
  • Would you start a business?
  • Would you go to college and get a degree?
  • If there was nothing standing in your way, what would you be doing?

There’s a good chance it’s wildly different from what your life looks like right now.

We often lay blame on external circumstances. You can’t do what you want because the economy is too unpredictable right now. You can’t start a business because you don’t have enough spare time to get it up and running and you certainly can’t leave your job before it’s turning a profit.

You can’t make your idea a reality because it isn’t marketable enough. We are guilty of shifting the blame. Then we’re stuck living a life that we didn’t really sign up for, we’re left languishing in an unhappy existence where we’re merely treading water.

In that, we start to tell ourselves lies about how we’re too lazy to do better, we become careless and lose the faith.

So, ask yourself the question again – what would your day look like if you could do whatever you want without worrying about failure?

  • Would you act with courage?
  • Be friendly?
  • Exercise your imagination?
  • Embrace your dreams?
  • Chase after your goals?
  • Make plans?
  • Redesign your life?

You can do it, you can do anything…, and the only thing that’s stopping you is yourself. And I am here to help!

I’m Petra and I will help you unlock the doors of the starting box because I know how painful and frustrating it can be when your dreams feel so much bigger than you.

Nothing saddens me more than seeing someone caged because of self-doubt, overwhelm, judgment and old stories.

I have absolute faith in you and I believe it’s your time to unlock your power of your creative soul and declare freedom.

40 Principles to Live by


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40 Principles to Live by

It isn't just a downright shame, but a crime to not live exactly the kind of life that you really want.

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