Let’s be very clear: You can have the life you want!

Be who you are.

Unchain yourself and feel amazing.

Fuel your power and remove the voice of conformity.

You owe it to yourself to feel joy and have a life you will never need a vacation from.

No one can change your life but you.

And the longer you live in the realm of conformity you are slowly bringing death to your soul.

Embrace the fear for its good but don’t allow it to rule your life.

Instead, decide you are done making excuses and cut through the bullshit.

It’s time to remember who you are by looking inside and unchain yourself from the stories that keep holding you back.

Make a decision – and act.

It’s not easy walking your path because more often then not, you are alone. Chances are people don’t get you and you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere.

But why do you have to?

Why can you not just be you, do the things you love and embrace all that you are.


I believe in transparency and integrity because without them – why bother?

Work with Me

As a creative rebel, mentor and coach I can help you embrace your own inner Rebel, start loving your story and do the things you love to do!


I whisper words of wisdom and shenanigans and whatever else comes to my mind.

Let’s work together

If you are ready to stop existing in a world that suffocates you and live in a world that helps you breathe.

Because you are enough.

You are powerful and the moment you believe this to be true your life will change.

Be raw, real and a walking contradiction.

The world needs you.

You already know what you want – you’ve been dreaming about it through endless nights of tossing and turning.

The time has come to stop hiding because the only way your pack will find you is if you are willing to howl at the moon.

Imagine embracing your power and no longer being afraid of what the world thinks of you!

I believe in you – even if you are not ready to believe in yourself just yet.

Our paths have connected because I can show you what is possible – you just need to be willing to show up for yourself.

I know conformity brings misery and it’s time to shed the cloak of darkness and feel your own inner light.

Isn’t it time that you embrace your inner Rebel, release what’s holding you back and achieve your vision, one goal at a time?