The 2019 Rebel Spark Goal Book is here!  

Dear Rebel,

you are relentless, ready to take back your power and live according to your own rules. You are ready to dive deeper within yourself and have a great understanding of you, your world and how it all fits together.

The challenge, however, is that people already think you’re weird and different. And over the years started believing there is something wrong with you.

There isn’t and it’s time for a rebellion!

Conforming and being boring beige like everyone else, never has been your thing. And it’s time to stop¬†holding yourself back! The world needs you to shake things up a little!

We all have sparks (ideas + goals) nudging us but the question remains how are you going to make them happen?

The woman who had spark in her soul!

What’s the story?

I whisper words of wisdom


Here’s how I can help!

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